Author Topic: Until June 8th: $100 credit for new members on Ting Wireless (US only)  (Read 2846 times)  

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First up, here is the referral link to get $100 credit on your service or for buying a new phone for your new service as a new member. You have to activate by June 8th in order to get it. You can still use the link after that, but the credit will only be $25 instead of $100:

Ting is a "pay what you use" service where you are charged by how voice+text+data you use each month. People who don't use much of one or the other can really save with Ting. Ting uses the Sprint (CDMA) and T-Mobile (GSM) networks for their service.

I've been a Ting network user for the past few months, and I'm thrilled to pieces with it. I now spend $18 a month for my cell service instead of the $76 I spent with Sprint with my employer's discount. I have never gotten my money's worth from an unlimited plan because I work from home and am usually on wifi, but I needed to have the option for the months when I do need to use more minutes/text/data, etc. My bill is extremely low, but a lot of people who aren't heavy phone users could still save a lot with Ting.

If you've thought about changing your wireless provider, you can check out their savings calculator at:

There is lots of good information on their site, including how they calculate their rates and a compatibility check for your current phone.

I really think highly of their service so far. The best thing is NO CONTRACT. If you hate it, you just get another provider! Plus, if you have to tether once in a while, go ahead and tether. You just pay for the data you use. No extra charge.

Here's hoping someone gets a nice discount out of this!


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