Author Topic: Kindle Keyboard 3G is still at the top of the heap  (Read 28852 times)  

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Kindle Keyboard 3G is still at the top of the heap
« on: October 22, 2015, 10:05:56 am »
... that is, my heap of Kindles.  The heap goes - K3, DX, Basic K4B, Touch, then all "the others".  As you can tell, I don't dispose easily - I collect, put them all in the rich and reverential Oberon covers, and line them up in my bookshelf.  But the one I frequently pick and choose is the Kindle Keyboard.

This is my short review:  For all intents and purposes, my Kindle Keyboard 3G is still my favorite - perfect size, layout, feel, page turn experience, keyboard layout, zippity and reliable 3G, clarity of screen.  Partnered with several Oberon covers, it is a clear winner. 

So who took a back seat?  The front-lit ones.  The Voyage went to my Dad and the PW went to my son.  I am not "old", so this is not a case of aversion for new technology.  I just don't like the impact that the reflected light and additional layer has on the font display.  It has nothing to do with resolution or ppi (of which the Voyage stands out), at least for me.  The non-lit ones look crisp and clear to me.  The front-lit ones look digital and unnatural to me.

For devotionals and non-fiction books, my Kindle DX is perfect, but I use it less than the K3 above.

For travelling out of town with increased risk of leaving my device somewhere, the Kindle Basic (the black one - K4B) is my default disposable device.  It also has very dark fonts, which is awesome.

For mysteries and thrillers, I use my Kindle Touch since it is in a mysterious looking wine-colored Oberon. 

For my old BN and other ePub purchases, I still use older Nooks or Sony.

Anyway, this review is being posted for those who are curious about the multitude of K3's whose presence is still strong in the market.
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A few of my thoughts and reviews are posted here:

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    Re: Kindle Keyboard 3G is still at the top of the heap
    « Reply #1 on: December 31, 2015, 09:40:50 pm »
    Hey! That's my Kindle!  ;)

    It's really the only one that I have read a lot on, though the first Kindle that I read a book on was the DX. One day, I announced at dinner (very randomly) that I wanted to read Lord of the Rings, and my dad said, "Well, if you read Lord of the Rings... I'll let you read it on a Kindle." So I did. :) But I found with such a book I preferred print (with all the maps and appendices... flipping between pages was too difficult on Kindle). Now LOTR is one of my favorite books. I think the magic of reading on a Kindle may have had something to do with it. ;)

    Nowadays most of the books I read are on my Kindle 3... it's a good one!

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