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Professional beta reader - MM specialty *updated 03/2018
« on: May 03, 2017, 04:43:25 pm »
My job as a beta reader is to give you valuable content feedback to help you improve your finished product. I come to your story with a fresh set of eyes, representing the reader's point of view. My feedback is intended to help improve and polish your draft before it is ready for editing and/or publication.

What you can expect from me as your beta:

Knowledgeable - I am an avid reader and have read from just about every sub-genre and trope imaginable. Contemporary, BDSM/kink, shifter, omega/mpreg, sci-fi/futuristic and menage to name a few.

Experienced - reading a story and figuring out what works and what doesn't comes naturally to me. I have been blessed to work with some amazing publishers and authors, both brand new and established, and each encounter has given me new insights, challenges, and victories. I've been a part of the writing process from brainstorming/first draft to publish-ready.

Quick turnaround - most projects are completed in 2-5 days (including weekends). Depending on the level of feedback you are looking for, this could change.

Thorough feedback in addition to my comments within the document file, I'll send you a summary report with expanded thoughts and overall feedback. I will consider plot, pacing, characters, dialogue and point out any holes that need to be filled. If you're looking for specific details, I'll make sure you get the answers you need. Obvious spelling and grammatical errors will be noted as well.

Ongoing support - if you've rewritten something, or added a new section I'm happy to re-read for you at no additional cost. For large rewrites, I'm happy to negotiate a discounted 'return' fee.

Respect, Honesty, and Privacy - whether my feedback is glowing or constructive, any communication will be honest and respectful. Your work in progress, any personal details we share, and any challenges we face will be held in utmost confidence.

Affordable pricing -
Standard beta read, with extensive comments, light proofreading, some line edits, feedback report, and ongoing attention is just $0.003 per word.
'One & Done' read, with reactionary comments, fixing obvious spelling/grammar, and feedback report is only $0.001 per word.
Developmental, start-to-finish support is available too, at a negotiable rate.

Update - Since originally posting my service listing almost a year ago, I've teamed up with some other incredible author support people and we've been offering service to MM authors and their books full time since August 2017. You can check us out at or on Facebook at
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