Author Topic: What (if anything) would I get from spending a thousand a month?  (Read 2571 times)  

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Re: What (if anything) would I get from spending a thousand a month?
« Reply #25 on: July 19, 2017, 05:21:21 pm »
I focus on fast releases, myself.  If I was just starting out, I wouldn't spend more on ads, I'd spend more on professional edits or a good cover. 

Right now, I spend 20-30 a month on ads, and I recently had to bump up my MadMimi costs to the ~40/range. 

I personally think organic subscribers are difficult to the point of nearly be impossible to get these days.  When I first started adding a link to the back of my books, I got lots of subscribers, but when Amazon changed the ways books open and close (they go right to the end for a star rating, on modern kindles, instead of taking you to the backmatter most of the time), people don't see or click the link, and those sorts of subscribers became a lot rarer.  Of course it could be a combination of causes, but that was when I noticed the sudden drop-off.

Writing a free story in exchange for signups, doing a giveaway of some kind, those things can work.  I do wish I personally had started a mailing list much sooner (especially since I didn't know it would become more difficult to get new subscribers after a while).

I'm still learning, obviously, and it's interesting to see how other people do things.  But I don't, personally, think it would be wise or useful to spend $1000 on ads as someone with three books out.  That's just  p*ss ing money away.  Spend your money and time on getting out good books, and figuring out ways to get subscribers or learning an ad system that works *for you.*

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    Re: What (if anything) would I get from spending a thousand a month?
    « Reply #26 on: July 20, 2017, 07:54:33 am »
    I agree with this. Release fast, or advertise. Too many books, otherwise, to get noticed.


    I think it's alluring to believe that if one had a certain amount of money - be it $500 or $5,000 - to spend on ads/production et al., all one's problems are solved. I've certainly thought this way. But, the thing is, you still have to spend it correctly. This is much harder than it sounds. I recently ramped up my PPC budget to ~$1,500 a month or so (a mix of mailing list ads and sales ads). Did that suddenly vault me into the 5-figure range? No. I scaled it too fast, actually, and incinerated a bunch of money on losers. As Anarchist mentioned, pick a few platforms that work with your skillset/personality and start small. Build. Even if your goals are to spend $1k a month or $100k a month, learn how to get a $5/day ad working on one platform first. A $5 loser doesn't magically become a winner just because you're spending $500 instead.

    This (in fact your whole post) sounds shrewd and extremely useful. In fact the thoughts and advice that have been stimulated here are all helpful. I feel I need to go into a darkened room to absorb them all! I'm still not sure what the right way forward is for me, but all these comments are helping.

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