Author Topic: Givling - the trivia app that is paying off student loans!  (Read 394 times)  

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Givling - the trivia app that is paying off student loans!
« on: October 09, 2017, 04:27:56 pm »
Hey everyone,
Some of you may have heard of Givling, the company that is doing wonders to pay off individual student loans, but did you know they're really taking off? They have paid off 6 loans this year, and the numbers just keep going up!
In case you didn't know about Givling, this is a site (an app, really) where you have the opportunity to contribute towards the funding process, but most of their money is made from ad interaction, which means it doesn't cost you the user at all. When you watch a 30 second video, that ad money goes towards the funding process. They have over 170,000 registered users, and if everyone watched just one video per day, they could pay off a $50,000 loan every 3 days.
When you register, you're giving yourself a chance to be put into the queue to have your own student loan (or mortgage) funded. But there's also a daily trivia game. You get two free plays every day for the chance to win real cash (I've won 3 times already).
I'm asking everyone who's reading this to give this a chance and help Givling soar. You will NOT give out your credit card number, you will NOT be put on some spam caller list. You WILL be helping reduce the nation's ridiculous student debt.
When you register, please use my referral code: JP599098


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