Author Topic: Thinking About an iPad or Tethering on AT&T? Better Get in Before June 7th...  (Read 632 times)  

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AT&T is about to get rid of their unlimited data plans but it seems like you can be grandfathered into the old plan so long as you don't change anything after June 7th.  So anyone on the fence about an iPad better decide to get it now or wait for it to hit a more reasonable carrier because after June 7th you (and AT&T) will be counting your MegaBytes.  And if you want to use the newly available tethering on either device (iPhone or iPad) you need to add that to your contract before June 7th as well.  Not only is the amount of tethering data available going down, but it's coming from the same pool as your wireless data.  So they'll be charging you $20 extra just for the option to use your available data with a tethered device.
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    This is being discussed in the Apple forum here:,56.0.html
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    This hurts my head, as I have no idea what "tethering" means...

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    This hurts my head, as I have no idea what "tethering" means...

    Tethering allows you to use the internet on a laptop, etc, using your cell phone to connect.
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    Thanks.  I had no idea what it meant either!  ::)

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