Author Topic: An Easy-In/Easy-Out Oasis Case--Not for Reading  (Read 493 times)  

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An Easy-In/Easy-Out Oasis Case--Not for Reading
« on: December 30, 2017, 10:44:15 AM »
I wanted a case to protect my Oasis. I never want to read with the case on (adds too much weight). I couldn't find a suitable slip case, so I bought this one instead.

It's a snap-in case. With the right pressure at the right places, it pops out of the case, but the process is not as easy as pulling it out of a slipcase or removing it from a folder.

HOWEVER, the protection is quite good, so here's what I do:

1. I don't snap the Oasis all the way in. I just put the heavy side in, close the case, and put the whole thing in my pocket. That way, I can just open it and take the Oasis out.

2. I may modify the case by clipping off the plastic at the folding side.

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