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The site All About Romance is running their (semi?)annual poll to determine reader favorites for a Top 100 list of Romances. In round one, they have 50 books they've selected, and space for adding 10 write-ins to go toward selecting the round two voting list. Many of the books are trad-pubs that have been on the list for years - write-ins are a chance right now to raise up deserving self-pub authors. If you're a romance reader and have some favorites, take a minute to go and vote.
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When they did it in the past everyone got to pick 100. That was hard enough. i have way more favorites than 100. When one reads a lot over the years, and romance readers tend to read a lot, then there is no way to quantify that.

But only picking 10? No way could I do that. Even if I did, they would still all be trade published and from years ago. Because those are the greats for a reason and that doesn't really go away just because I have read 1000's of more books since. I'd need those 10 slots just for one author, so I'll pass on this.  :P

The list has been fun though to look over, over the years.

I envy those that can narrow down a lifetime of favorites to just 10. I am in awe really.  :o. Cause the list is favorite of all time, not just favorites of one year. That I might be able to do. But all time? Holy moly  :o :o :o

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