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Hi everyone! I was kindly referred to post about my website here. :)

I am Zhina, an editor based in Toronto, Canada.

I have in-house experience working with traditional book publishers (US/UK English), and I have loved working alongside independent authors and businesses.

While at Harlequin Enterprises (a division of Harpercollins Publishing), I had the opportunity to proofread hundreds of romance and commercial fiction novels. This was an inimitable learning experience, which I have enriched by working with independent authors in many genres, particularly romance, womens fiction, and memoir.

I offer two editing services, and you can read about them in detail on my website, at

With me, lines of communication stay open, feedback is clear, and critiques are thorough but kind.

I will nurture your project as if it were my own. And together, we will refine and polish your story to its full potential.

Please write to me directly on my website if you have any questions!

Thank you,
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