Author Topic: My foray into cookbooks... not so much  (Read 863 times)  

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My foray into cookbooks... not so much
« on: December 28, 2008, 09:39:18 pm »
Well, as I have some extra cilantro this week, I decided I might try a cookbook or two for my Kindle. Having looked at some online recipe sites, Thai recipes were making me hungry. So, I went to check out what was available for Kindle.

I downloaded two samples: 200 Thai Recipes (Sally Lam) and Cooking the Thai Way (Supenn Harrison and Judy Monroe)

The first sample had some of my favorite recipes in the sample. Unfortunately, the formatting made them impossible to follow. The columns from the print edition had somehow gotten jumbled in the Kindle edition. I e-mailed Kindle CS, in the hopes it will get fixed.

The second book had some nice maps of Thailand, some history on the cuisine and culture... but sadly no recipes.

I think it's important that you can see at least one recipe, to see if it will be easy to follow, to get an approximation of how complicated the recipes will be and how exotic the ingredients will be. I decided not to link either of these books, because I simply can't say if they're any good. :) It would have been nice to be able to use up the cilantro in the next few days.  :'(

Anyone else with good cookbook experiences, or a recommendation for a nice Thai cookbook (DTB, if need be) with some nice standard Thai dishes?

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    Re: My foray into cookbooks... not so much
    « Reply #1 on: December 29, 2008, 05:13:18 am »
    I never thought I would be responding to a cookbook thread as I have a hard time making an egg. However my wife is a great cook and loves cookbooks. However she does not like cookbooks on the Kindle (she does all her other reading on the K). First,  she says she likes to see a picture of what the dish looks like. Next, she likes to put the book down with all or most of the recipe open on the page. Her hands get messy while cooking sometimes, and she doesn't want to have to turn Kindle pages all the time, going back and forth as she changes and improvises.


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