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Re: 25 Random Things About You
« Reply #25 on: January 31, 2009, 05:12:48 pm »
25 things about  me

1.   I love sunshine

2.   I hate rainy, gloomy days.

3.   Many years ago, I uncovered a Title Company that had stolen tens of thousands of dollars by   
collecting taxes and recording fees and never recording a single document.  I kept a low profile for awhile after that one.

4.   Guitar playing and nature photography are a good escape for me along with reading.

5.   Ive got true friends all over this world.

6.   I am in trouble often with my kids because I dont like to see a wrong going on before me that is  being ignored or unfixed.  So I open up my mouth.

7.   I believe that to have good neighbors, you must be a good neighbor yourself.

8.   Housework is done only on those rainy & gloomy days.

9.   I find being out with nature is the best restorative remedy for almost any ailment.

10.   I wonder if I will ever be able to quit smoking.

11.   I do love to cut grass.

12.   I dont mind when one of the birds I foster poops on me or bites me.

13.   Some movies can sometimes turn me into a blubbering idiot.

14.   My kids can always turn me into a blubbering idiot filled with pride.

15.   I love to laugh but dont do it nearly as much as I should

16.   I love junk food and rare beef

17.   If I didnt pay close attention to myself, I could easily become a hoarder

18.   I love going to the shooting range and target practicing.

19.   I collect Fountain Pens and writing letters.

20.   I would be truly lost without my computer

21.   Speaking of which, I love all techie gadgets even though they frighten me at first

22.   Im addicted to a soap opera called All my Children

23.   Shook John Waynes hand and got a hug.

24.   On the other side I shook OJ Simpsons hand when he won the Heisman

25.   I always wish my days were longer.
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    Re: 25 Random Things About You
    « Reply #26 on: January 31, 2009, 05:20:18 pm »
    1. I'm a brown belt in taekwondo, and I'm going for a State Championship this year.
    2. I married my husband when I was 17.
    3. I have 5 cats named Corona, Tater Tot, Jaguar, Scamper Rex, and Perseverance.
    4. My first car was a 1996 Nissan Altima.
    5. My current car is a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and I love it!
    6. I have one of the largest DVD collections in the South.
    7. I have a race car, but I hardly ever drive it.
    8. My favorite color is pink.
    9. I have 2 Wii's, a PS3, an XBox 360, 3 Nintendo DS's, a PSP, a Gamecube, a N64, a PS2, and a Super NES, but I hardly ever play them.
    10. I don't make friends easily.
    11. I went to an all-girls boarding school for one year, and loved it!
    12. I graduated from a Gates Foundation school.
    13. I love Superbowl commercials, but I don't like football.
    14. I suck at buying presents.  
    15. I love my iPod.
    16. I teach at my taekwondo school.
    17. I have an unhealthy obsession with Febreeze.
    18. I love to read, but it takes me a long time to finish a book.
    19. My favorite show is Hannah Montana.
    20. I hate school, but I love to learn.
    21. My favorite subject is Latin.
    22. My favorite movie is My Cousin Vinny.  
    23. I hope to earn my black belt by December.
    24. I just turned 22.
    25. My husband is 21 years older than me.

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    Re: 25 Random Things About You
    « Reply #27 on: January 31, 2009, 05:22:22 pm »
    I sit in awe at my fellow Kindlers 25 random things.  What an amazingly diverse, and accomplished, group of readers we are!  It's also cool how much I have in common with so many of you, facts about myself that just didn't come to mind when I was compiling my 25...

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    Re: 25 Random Things About You
    « Reply #28 on: January 31, 2009, 05:46:00 pm »
    I loved reading every one else's lists - what a diverse group we are. Just noticed tonite that I was "tagged" so here goes:

    1. I was a premature baby and weighed less than 4# at birth (pretty interesting that I survived given this was almost 50 years ago and before NICU's existed).
    2. I have an original sketch in a time capsule at a local museum that will be opened in 2076.
    3. I have 3 cats - 2 siamese and 1 maine coon
    4. I love to travel to national parks with my husband - Yellowstone is our favorite
    5. I consider Key West my 2nd home
    6. I am a tech junkie like so many Kindle owners are
    7. I hated arithmetic when I was in grade school
    8. I consider myself a life long learner and just completed my 2nd Master's degree last July
    9. I like to make soap with essential oil scents
    10. I am terrified of spiders no matter what their size but couldn't care less about mice, snakes, rats, etc
    11. I find the sound of the ocean to be the most relaxing sound I know
    12. My favorite junk foods are potato chips, peanut M&M's, and Reese Cups
    13. I haven't won the lottery yet
    14. I have one brother and one sister
    15. My oldest niece is just 1 year younger than me and is my second "sister"
    16. I am a Leo
    17. I am a nurse administrator and college faculty member
    18. Reading and listening to my iPod are my favorite pastimes
    19. I like to antique
    20. My goal is to see every one of the 50 states
    21. I love to drive on vacation
    22. My music taste runs from Metallica to classical
    23. I'm a big Harry Potter fan
    24. My favorite drink is french vanilla latte
    25. I love to sit in the sun
    Love my Kindle!

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    Re: 25 Random Things About You
    « Reply #29 on: January 31, 2009, 05:52:06 pm »
    Content removed due to TOS Change of 2018.

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    Re: 25 Random Things About You
    « Reply #30 on: January 31, 2009, 06:15:13 pm »
    I got tagged, I have really enjoyed reading about all of you, and I do agree that I have something in common with just about everybody.  Way cool...good idea.
    Here goes.

    1.  I turn 50 this year.

    2.  I got married at 15, had my first child when I was 16 another when I was 19 and my last one when I was 29.  

    3.  My husband left me after 23 years of marriage for an older woman, 16 years older than me and 13 years older than him.  

    4.  My 3 sons the oldest (33) is a Maine State Trooper and a member of the Task Force and the father of 4 daughters. My middle son (30) is a self employed contractor, who is still doing very well, despite the economy, he is the father of 1 daughter and 1 son.  I work for him doing bookkeeping, babysitting and housecleaning.  My youngest son (19) is training with his father to do undercover private eye type work, mostly insurance fraud stuff.

    5.  I got married again at 40 to the love of my life, Mike.

    6.  I worked for 5 years as a Phlebotomist.

    7.  My first job was at 10 years old babysitting for 50cents - $1.00 an hour.

    8.  My real first job was at 13, washing dishes in a restaurant.

    9.  I don't drink alcohol, I have nothing against it, I just think I'm silly enough without it.

    10.  I'm the youngest of 3 children, but I'm the one that everyone calls if they need anything.

    11.  The Kindle was the most extravagant gift I have ever bought for myself,  we really couldn't afford it,
    But I talked to my husband about it and I said I thought I would start saving for it, He told me to cash in our change jug which had over $400 in it for "an emergency".  So I did. And I love my KINDLE!  

    12.  I haven't named my Kindle, but if I did I think I would copy some of the others and call it "My Ken Doll"

    13.  That reminds me I never had a Barbie doll, all of my friends had one, I felt very deprived.

    14.  I used to own a General Store, here in Maine.

    15.  When we sold The General Store in 2007, we put all of our money into real estate.  Wrong timing on that one, we still own 4 pieces of real estate, here in Maine.  Not worth much now.

    16.  I started writing my first book when I was 12 years old.  I never finished it.  I still feel that I have a book in me that is trying to get out.  I just need to let it out.

    17.  I have folders of ideas, thoughts, titles, peoples names, chapter titles etc. I just need to put it on paper.

    18.  My first car was a 1968 Ford Mustang.

    19. I did graduate high school, it was just 6 years late.  I went back to night school, I didn't want a GED.

    20.  I was a cheerleader in High School.

    21.  I have had a cat called "JC" - for Just Cat, a dog called "JD" - for Just Dog and a rabbit called "JR" - for Just Rabbit.

    22.  I don't do facebook or myspace, don't really have the time.

    23.  I love to cook, I love to bake, I love to take care of my house.  I would love to retire and cook, bake, clean and read on my Kindle, and maybe even find the time to write a little.....

    24.  When we owned the General Store we sold a winning Megabucks ticket worth 3.4 million and we got $30,000.

    25.  I enjoyed doing this a lot more than I thought that I would, Thanks for tagging me.  Cheryl
    Life is too short, can't we just be friends?

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    Re: 25 Random Things About You
    « Reply #31 on: January 31, 2009, 06:29:18 pm »
    1.   I dont swim but I love the water.
    2.   I hate roller coasters.
    3.   I hate housework.
    4.   I am a compulsive researcher and I love to learn new things.
    5.   I have 5 cats (Tucker, Sophie, Alex, Dulcie and Pewter) and 1 dog (Winston).
    6.   I laugh easily and a lot!
    7.   I have always loved to readI dont remember being taught to read and have no idea how I learned, but in reading skills I was several years ahead of my classmates when I started school.  It feels like something Ive always done.
    8.   I believe in reincarnation.
    9.   I am a geek and in my professional life I test software. 
    10.   Sometimes I am too analytical.
    11.   I volunteer as a Docent at our local zoo.  I give talks about animals and conservation and sometimes do animal watches for the keepers.  I love it!
    12.   I love animals.
    13.   I am mesmerized by gorillas.  :-)
    14.   I have one brother who is about 3 years older.
    15.   I enjoy being alone
    16.   I am an Aries
    17.   My Myers-Briggs personality type is INTP which pretty much explains #9, #10 and #15.  But everyone is shocked when I tell them Im an introvert (until I explain what that means).  For my part, I am surprised at how happy I can be in the presence of peopleas long as I get my alone time to recuperate and regenerate ;-)
    18.   I have absolutely no sense of direction.  But Im very intuitive so I always find my way, even if I end up taking the scenic route to get there.  For some reason people who travel with me do not find this trait endearing.
    19.   I am horrible at remembering the names of people.
    20.   I love the Sneaky Pie Brown (by Rita Mae Brown) and Joe Grey (by Shirley Rousseau Murphy) mystery series.
    21.   I also love books about spirituality, psychology/sociology, animals and historical fiction.
    22.   I recently decided to start compiling a list of 101 things Im grateful for.its not taking too long so maybe Ill just keep going beyond 101!
    23.   I love the changing of seasons and Im just about ready for winter to change into spring.
    24.   I am waiting impatiently for my Kindle.
    25.   This is my first post so please consider it my introduction :)

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    Re: 25 Random Things About You
    « Reply #32 on: January 31, 2009, 06:31:29 pm »
    I got tagged. I new my life was rather dull but after reading all of yours mine is really dull LOL.
    Ok here goes:

    1. I'm the middle child of 3, oldest daughter - boy did I get hosed as a kid!! 1 older brother (2yrs Older) 1 younger sister (5yrs younger)

    2. I'm 40 and always have to show my id to prove it because I don't look over 29. (at least I finally made it to 20 LOL)

    3. I live with:  36gal fish tank, 1 African grey that is 15 years old (got him just after he was born) 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 canary and occasionally uninvited fleas

    4. Born in Kansas City, moved to CA during the last have of my Junior year, no prom or dances for me :(

    5. Moved to Washington State July 1997

    6. I once owned a pet mouse- what's so special about that you say? I didn't get her from a pet store. Found her at Big lots (sort of a discount store) Mom and I saw her scurry across the floor, we captured her and figured we would let her go in the field and let the store manager know they need an exterminator. Well when we got home and really looked at the mouse it's eyes were closed and it was very young (guess that's why it was easy to trap) felt bad for it so made it a pet gave it a wheel. Loved that wheel and lived for two years.

    7. My mother can trace family to the French American revolution. Twin boys came over, they were the sons of a maid and the king of France. They were given a sword that was handed down from father to son for many generations. Then my mom's cousins hawked it :(

    8.I love the color of deep purple.

    9. Love snow

    10.  Won several ready contests during middle school (highest number of books read)

    11. I have my MCSE but the dot Com's went bust right after I got the certificate and my BA so I went into a different field of work.

    12. Get laid off work about every 5 years - and an appliance always goes out 1 month after I'm laid off. So I just started a new job (was laid of the other in June my fridge died in July) Every other appliance has been replaced during lay off's except the stove. So I'm saving money for the next 5 years so it can be replaced!

    13. Wow only at 13?  Ok well,,,, Never every tried drugs not even pot.

    14. I read sci fi and fantasy since 7th grade - drove my mother nuts.  

    15. I took my first drivers test when I was 16 in a standard. They person giving the test was so impressed that I did not borrow someone's automatic that he gave me extra points. Which helped me pass since I failed parallel parking.

    16. I was the class clown in school, which most people believe when they meet me, however I was also always the teachers pet as well. Guess I was a very enduring class clown.

    17. Not a fan of Elvis

    18. Cary Grant was my only movie star crush, Sean Connery was my first voice crush LOL.

    19. Never married, no kids....Haven't dated in 10 years... I'm just oblivious to guys hitting on me. Doesn't cross my mind until they are long gong...Like at the grocery store or another time when picking up my to go lunch. I've come to the conclusion that if God wants me to marry He's going to have to hit me over the head with a 2 by 4 to get my attention.

    20. I bought my first (only home) when I was 33. Got laid of the next month but still own the same home.

    21.  I'm in the process of getting my foster care licence and plan to adopt a little girl from the system.

    22. Love lemons. I eat them like any other fruit

    23.  I went on a singles cruise to Alaska, lost 15 lbs due to sea sickness but had the time of my life! also met Margrete Becker on the cruise.

    24. I have been to 40 of the 52 states.  Lived in 3 Missouri, CA, WA. Been to Canada and Tijuana

    25. While I was trying to think up 25 things worth writing about, 4 other people completed theres  ::)

    anywhoo it was great reading all of yours!  

    So many good books, so little time!

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    Re: 25 Random Things About You
    « Reply #33 on: January 31, 2009, 06:40:08 pm »

    12.  My entire family is car crazy.  I'd rather have a nice car than just about anything else, as long as it handles well.  Even my grandson has caught the fever, and walks around with a Pixar Car in each hand.  My husband has a 1958 XK150 stashed in the garage, collecting dust.  My son covets it.

    I can understand that. My very first car was a 1959 XK-150. There's a picture of it here on the forum in a "my first car thread" somewhere.,1859.0.html

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    Re: 25 Random Things About You
    « Reply #34 on: January 31, 2009, 06:46:59 pm »
    Welcome Anita and what a great intro!  ;D Glad you are here!

    I feel as if I have something in common with all of you and this is so coooool Harvey!

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    Re: 25 Random Things About You
    « Reply #35 on: January 31, 2009, 07:06:55 pm »
    1. I'm pretty good at languages: I speak French, German and Arabic, and have some really rusty Latin. I speak a little Spanish and a little Italian.
    2. I've been using computers for almost 30 years.
    3. I love to have things organized. If something isn't where I put it, it drives me insane.
    4. I don't collect anything (except maybe dust).
    5. I lived in Egypt for eight years. I earned my economics degree there, and started my career in publishing there.
    6. I went for four years without a date in my early 30s.
    7. I grew up in London, England, but I was born in Leeds, England. I lived there until I was 25.
    8. My first job was at McDonald's when I was 16. I needed the money to go nightclubbing.
    9. I've visited quite a few countries, including: England, Wales, Scotland, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Turkey, Egypt, Malta, Greece, Germany, Canary Islands. I've never been to Canada or Mexico.
    10. I really miss living in a big city.
    11. Large crowds in enclosed spaces put me on the verge of a panic attack.
    12. I should have known I'd be an editor when I corrected the spelling of my name on a birthday card when I was about eight years old.
    13. I did figure, dance and free ice-skating for ten years. Being in an ice rink still cures my migraines.
    14. I've never been on a diet.
    15. My (American) parents named me Elizabeth after the Queen of England. I was born in England on the anniversary of her ascension to the throne.
    16. I sometimes have problems telling left from right. Sad, but true.
    17. My great-grandparents/grandparents names are on Ellis Island.
    18. I have 12 fish tanks in my house. All running and with fish.
    19. I really enjoy gardening. It makes me feel connected to the earth. It's a real challenge in a desert.
    20. I hate camping.
    21. Sports I've tried: Skiing, ice-skating, roller-skating, water skiing, squash, tennis, netball, golf, badminton, water polo, volleyball, field hockey, track and field.
    22. I have an English accent.
    23. I lived in Florence, Italy for a year as a toddler.
    24. I was once paid $20 to appear as an extra in a TV ad for MSG network.
    25. I've never spent a night in hospital or been under general anesthetic.


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    Re: 25 Random Things About You
    « Reply #36 on: January 31, 2009, 07:37:32 pm »
    I guess it is my turn. Here goes.

    1. I was born to a 17 yr. old unwed mother. I have one sister who was also born to an unwed mother. (Our mother never saw the need for a man around the house.)

    2. I was married to the father of my 4 children for 16 yrs. until I discovered that he was never going to grow up. Divorcing him was one of the best things I have ever done.

    3. I am usually the smartest person in the room. (IQ is around 145.)

    4. I acquired a nickname for the first time in my life about 5 yrs. ago. A co-worker decided that I looked like a Tess. Now, I respond to that name at work quicker than my real name.

    5. My tastes in music and reading can only be classified as eclectic.

    6. I have a freakish ability to remember lyrics. I love to sing, but most people ask me not to as I never quite figured out that carrying a tune thing.

    7. My mother is one of 9 children. Our family reunions are huge.

    8. I started college right after high school. Went for 2 yrs. and never got my BSN (nursing).

    9. I became a LPN in 1987. I finally got my RN in 1999.

    10. I am a college graduate with an Associates Degree from Excelsior College (formerly Regents College of New York). I have never been to New York.

    11. One of my favorite things about my job is getting to bathing babies. There is something so therapeutic about hold a freshly bathed, warm and sweet smelling baby.

    12. I have been to many places here in the US, but never outside the country.

    13. I hate car trips. I love being other places, just hate the getting there if I have to go by car.

    14. I don't get the fascination with living in the country. I am a city girl all the way. My idea of living in hell would include the phrase "turn onto the gravel/dirt road" in the directions to my house.

    15. I always thought I was cat person until I discovered that I was allergic.

    16. I love computer games as long as they are adventure games.

    17. I learned to sew when I was about 9-10 yrs. old. My first job at 13 yrs. old was sewing puppets.

    18. I have mild OCD, although a dirty house does not really bother me that much.

    19. My favorite color is blue, although I have red moods.

    20. I develop passions for my hobbies which usually wear off eventually. My love for reading is the only enduring one.

    21. I am a chocoholic, and I never want to recover.

    22. I have a photographic memory.

    23. Being barefoot is my natural state. Even in the dead of winter.

    24. I have a weird ability to remember trivia. Other than Jim, most people will not play Trivial Pursuit with me more than once.

    25. I love to laugh and have a very bizarre sense of humor.
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    Re: 25 Random Things About You
    « Reply #37 on: January 31, 2009, 07:47:49 pm »
    1. All dogs love me

    2. I am kinda scared of owls

    3. I wrote a fantasy novel, Mighty Hammer Down

    4. I work out five days a week and can bench press 330 lbs

    5. I am brutally honest and it wins me no friends

    6. People have told me I look like Tim McGraw...I don't see it

    7. I am an artist, and have a charcoal drawing on display at The Reagan Foundation as part of the permanent collection at The Ronald Reagan Library and Museum

    8. My favorite author is Terry Goodkind, and I have spoken with him on the phone. He owns some of my artwork.

    9. I am not fluent, but I speak some German, French, Italian, Spanish, Latin...but I can read them much better than I can speak them

    10. I own rocks taken from the walls of the Roman Coliseum

    11. I designed a website for The Royal Bank of Scotland...but they aren't using it anymore

    12. I love physics and especially Relativity

    13. I play electric guitar and used to be in a band

    14. I don't like water and I stay away from it as much as possible

    15. I own a rather well-known, one-of-a-kind custom Ford Mustang named "Bucephalus" (after Alexander the Great's horse)

    16. I can read some ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs

    17. I only admire one artist, Michelangelo Buonarroti

    18. I am taking a break from my fantasy series to write a book on politics

    19. I don't drink, smoke or do drugs. Never have and never will. It's not a religious thing, I just choose to take care of my body

    20. I rarely sleep

    21. I can pick up a quarter with a forklift

    22. I watch or listen to the news up to 8 hours a day

    23. I think Calvin and Hobbes is just awesome

    24. If I don't know how to do something, I make it work somehow

    25. Stuffed Crust Pizza from Pizza hut is the best pizza ever

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    Re: 25 Random Things About You
    « Reply #38 on: January 31, 2009, 07:54:05 pm »
    1.  I'm a writer-- and have a new book available for the Kindle about rock 'n' roll pioneer Buddy Holly, called OH BOY!  Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2009, is the 50th anniversary of "the day the music died."  You can hear me being interviewed about the book--  and why I chose Kindle for its first edition-- by going to
    2.  When I was "tagged" and asked to write 25 random things about myself, I was thinking, "Never, never give a writer an opportunity like this.  She will shamelessly promote her books."   
    3 through 25.  My life isn't nearly as interesting as the lives of the people I write about--  and I like it that way.  But I do hope you read my books.  Thanks.  8)[amazonmp3][/amazonmp3]

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    Re: 25 Random Things About You
    « Reply #39 on: January 31, 2009, 07:55:11 pm »
    I'll play also

    1) I'm adopted
    2) I have 1 older brother
    3) I have always lived in Minnesota
    4) Plan on moving to South Dakota
    5) Quit smoking in 2006 =)
    6) Found out I had Breast Cancer in 2007 =(
    7) I have been married to the love of my life for almost 19 years
    8) I am owned by 4 cats (all 4 are solid Black and were all rescues)
    9) I love to read - mainly fiction, but of all types
    10) I also love all types of music
    11) I have work in Banking for the past 25 years
    12) My first job was at a Dry Cleaners
    13) I love all animals and have always dreamed of opening a shelter
    14) We don't have any children (other than our cats)
    15) I enjoy online gaming ( and Yahoo)
    16) I love shopping online (QVC and Amazon)
    17) I hate to drive
    18) I don't drink (I've never liked the taste of beer, wine, etc)
    19) I'm allergic to cats (I've gotten used to it)
    20) I'm a Leo
    21) I love my laptop
    22) I work as a programmer, and am completely self taught
    23) I prefer staying home to going out
    24) I hate hieghts
    25) I refuse to fly - ever


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    Re: 25 Random Things About You
    « Reply #40 on: January 31, 2009, 07:59:17 pm »
    1.  I'm a writer-- and have a new book available for the Kindle about rock 'n' roll pioneer Buddy Holly, called OH BOY!  Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2009, is the 50th anniversary of "the day the music died."  You can hear me being interviewed about the book--  and why I chose Kindle for its first edition-- by going to
    2.  When I was "tagged" and asked to write 25 random things about myself, I was thinking, "Never, never give a writer an opportunity like this.  She will shamelessly promote her books."  
    3 through 25.  My life isn't nearly as interesting as the lives of the people I write about--  and I like it that way.  But I do hope you read my books.  Thanks.  8)[amazonmp3][/amazonmp3]

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    Re: 25 Random Things About You
    « Reply #41 on: January 31, 2009, 08:06:23 pm »
    Hmmm 25 points? Dont know what I can come up with
    Im 45 yo married female
    I was on a childrens tv show when I was a child
    Married for 19 years
     With hubby for 26 years.
    Love animals
    Have 2 Wheaten Terriers whom I adore
    Am an orphan as both parents are now deceased
    Graduated with a BA in psychology
    Then went on to graduate with a MA in Psych
    Got licensed as a therapist
    Currently work in the mental health field
    Love fantasy books
    Started with the Hobbit and went on from there
    Bought a Kindle
    Lovin all the free books available
    I love Terry Goodkind books
    I love music and was a concert level clarinetist at one point
    I keep tropical fish and currently have a 55 gal tank
    I love Hyundai cars over Toyotas(yes Ive owned several of each) Buy a Santa Fe youll love it!
    No illegal drugs for me, afraid of getting hooked.
    Only in the hospital once to get wisdom teeth out.
    I like classical music or Yanni over hard rock
    I dont like to travel although I have been out of the country
    Ive been working on the same dragon cross stitch tapestry for 3 years and am not even half way through and my eyes are going on me-LOL
    Love to garden
    Thats my contribution to this thread-LOL

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    Re: 25 Random Things About You
    « Reply #42 on: January 31, 2009, 08:14:19 pm »

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    Re: 25 Random Things About You
    « Reply #43 on: January 31, 2009, 08:20:09 pm » turn!

    #1   I tend to see the good in everyone.  I have this ability to see the "bad" side of someone and understand them for it and love them anyway!

    #2    I am a techie junkie!  I am fascinated by all things technical!  I have never had any formal training in computers or the like, but I can figure anything out.  I think I get that from my grandfather who graduated top of his class at MIT!  (Also, my Kindle should be here in 2-3 days!)

    #3    I have one sister who is 6 years younger than me.  We fought like cats and dogs for the first 24 years of our relationship.  When she was getting ready to get married we spent about a month at our parents house planning and she became my best friend.  I cried when my hubby and I dropped them off at the airport for their honeymoon cause I knew it would be a long time until I saw her again.

    #4   I grew up in NJ.  My parents are still there.  My sister and her family live in West Virginia and I miss her and my nephew every single day.

    #5   I met my husband in June of 1993 when I was 19 years old.  We married in June of 1994 (I was 20).  It has now been 14+ years and I love him more each day.

    #6    My son, Mason, is the love of my life.  He is 12 and as smart as my grandfather (see #2)

    #7    I have absolutely no desire to have any more children and neither does my husband.  I love kids but one is plenty for me!

    #8    My husband, Martin, is in the Air Force.  He will retire in less than 4 years at the age of 40.  

    #9    In 1999 we moved from NJ to Arkansas.  I dreaded the move but now realize that it is my longed for dream come true.  

    #10    My husband is from Arkansas and his family lives less than 5 miles from our house.  They are wonderful and give us all the space in the world (in fact, almost too much!)

    #11    My sister and I are 90% sure that our youngest Aunt on our mothers side is really our half sister.  We have no proof but TONS of circumstantial evidence.  Nothing our mother says about her teenage years/teenage stories adds up.

    #12    If #11 is true, it would explain my mothers psychotic behavior and compulsive lies.  I cannot believe a word that she says to this day.  Learning this was a hard lesson.  But in so learning it, I healed many childhood hurts.

    #13    I am addicted to Facebook.  I am not on it all day long, but I check it from my iPhone about 100 times a day.

    #14    I love to read.  I gave it up for several years when my son was little due to lack of time and money (no library close by) but took it back up several years ago.  I get super excited when I find a series that interests me.  I LOVE SERIES!!!  (Mitford Series, Harry Potter, Twilight, Yadda Yadda Prayer Group, Miss Julia, Stephanie Plum, and loads and loads of others!)

    #15   I will get lost in a book and hate to stop in the middle.  I think this stems from my crap childhood where books were my escape.  I didn't want to go back to reality!

    #16    My great grandmother lived to the age of 94.  When asked what the greatest invention of her time was, she immediately answered "indoor plumbing".  If you asked me the same question, I would immediately answer "TiVo/DVR."  It has changed my life.  This country has evolved SO much between my great grandmother and me.

    #17    That same great grandmother came to the US from Denmark when she was 16.  It is an awesome story.  Her father came first and her pregnant mother stayed behind with the children so she could deliver the baby.  The traveled by boat and were caught in a storm at sea.  They wound up going to Ellis Island and were not supposed to.  Very few spoke their language so getting to Boston was hard.  A telegram was sent to my distraught great great grandfather but he never got it because it was slipped under his door and slid under the rug.  He thought that his entire family died at sea.  My great great grandmother found the telegram when she was cleaning that rug several months after finding her way to Boston and my great great grandfather again.

    #18     I was a dental assistant for over 8 years....3 1/2 at first, then break to have and raise son, then 4 1/2 years after that.

    #19    In August 2007 after a job move (from the one I was at for 4.5 years) I was fired and on unemployment.  By August 2008, I found myself as the head teller of the largest branch of the local credit union.  How I went from one to the other is a mystery even to me!  Life is amazing.  

    #20    If you had told me that I would go from unemployment to the highest paying job I have ever had in one year, I would have laughed in your face.

    #21    My goal is to retire when I am 50.

    #22    I discovered a love of camping in 2007 when we bought a camper (with air conditioning, running water/toilet, queen size bed and a TV!)  Some may not call that camping, but I love it nonetheless!

    #23    I have 2 dogs: a Toy Fox Terrier named Trigger and a German Short Haired Pointer named Daisy.  For 14 years, I had a cat named Stimpy but she died last fall.

    #24   I am very active in the Walk to Emmaus movement sponsored by the Upper Room Ministries (  I am currently on the board of directors for the Central Arkansas community, Noah's of Ark. And this past November, I was the lay director of Walk #138.  That was the pinnacle of my time with Emmaus.  I LOVE MY EMMAUS FRIENDS!!!!

    #25   I am a Christian through and through, although, I am not a big believer in "organized" religion.  This is a revelation that has come to me fairly recently and I am only just coming to terms with this statement.  But I do find it to be true....


    OK!!!  YEA ME!!  I did it!!!  I loved reading all of your facts and can't wait to read more......

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    Re: 25 Random Things About You
    « Reply #44 on: January 31, 2009, 08:24:37 pm »
    Tagged? Well, OK, then:

    1. I grew up in El Paso: bicultural, bilingual, bi-omnivorous, bi-bibulous, by George.
    2. Every time someone talks about the good old days, I remember assassinations, riots, Vietnam, and bomb shelters, and wonder if I missed the good old days.
    3. My philosophy prof in college was so ornery, he made students cry. He was featured on 60 Minutes twice and even Mike Wallace couldn't intimidate him.
    4. I resolved if I ever became a teacher, I wouldn't be like him. And I wasn't.
    5. I met my future wife in a "romantic novels from Thackeray to Dickens" class. Forty years ago and counting.
    6. I joined the Navy because I had to at the time and because I thought the ocean would be better than the desert. I didn't know I'd be seasick for a year and a half.
    7. My daughters grew up bilingual early readers. Now they're profs. Where did I go wrong?
    8. My wife says I'm more social online than in person. So sue me. Caesar was stabbed in a crowd.
    9. My dad, a WWII vet, taught me to shoot. I don't hunt, but I have a shooting range in my back yard.
    10. I was an English prof, but my graduate degrees were in linguistics. I always wondered if that was why my English colleagues gave me the skunk eye.
    11. I thought I might be a medical doctor or a musician, but I'm now glad I wasn't either.
    12. I like licorice, garlic, sausage, jalapeos, and strong coffee. See #8, above.
    13. I played in dance bands but never learned to dance. Go figure.
    14. I drive a chick car, a red PT Cruiser named after Celia Cruz: Celia Cruzer, of course.
    15. I make most of our glasses from bottles and I cut my own hair.
    16. My wife and I built our own house, out of cement. We'll never do that again.
    17. I have a bad back. See #16.
    18. My daughters--our daughters--are smarter than their parents.
    19. Half the characters in my books are based on people I know.
    20. I have ridden my bike for exercise while wearing my wife's "Fight Cancer" t-shirt and smoking a pipe. See #18.
    21. Our grandchildren are the cutest, smartest grandkids in the world.
    22. I don't want to learn to appreciate expensive wine.
    23. I'm funny about sea food. If you can't fry it, serve it to someone else.
    24. We're suckers for orphan cats and dogs...but not pigs, not javalenas, not possums, raccoons, or coyotes.
    25. I think music has gone steadily downhill since Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, and Scarlatti

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    Re: 25 Random Things About You
    « Reply #45 on: January 31, 2009, 08:38:18 pm »
    1.   Ive lived in three foreign countries, but cant speak the languages spoken there. (even after 5 year of Japanese classes)
    2.   I loved high school so much that I stayed an extra year, despite the fact I had enough credits for early graduation after 3 years of school
    3.   In my senior year of high school, I intentionally signed up for three English classes. (Composition, Creative Writing, and World Lit. Honors)
    4.   I spend my free time with my yellow lab at the dog park.
    5.   I allegedly stole my moms yellow lab that she adopted right before my brother and I left for vocational school, when I moved back to go to college near home.
    6.   I love coffee and have an addiction to caffeine
    7.   My hobbies are journal writing, story writing, reading, creating things, surfing the internet, and sleeping.
    8.   In the index of my high school yearbook, I am listed under five different names, because of the numerous nicknames that I acquired over my high school career. None of the pictures listed my legal name, which no one knew.
    9.   I like writing at night.
    10.   I was born on a US military base overseas and acquired a dual citizenship from my grandmothers native country. (I am only one of her grandchildren to have a citizen there, which is why I keep it.)
    11.   My daddy is my hero.
    12.   In high school, I recreated a model of the Japanese Golden Pavilion out of paper, cardboard, glue, sticks/toothpicks, and gold spray paint in two days time and won first place in the district for.I dont know what contestmy teacher entered me.
    13.   Ive started writing many stories, but only finished what was required for school and the two short stories I entered into district writing contest.
    14.   When I drive with my mom as my passenger, I have to ask for permission to change lanes.
    15.   When I lived in the dorm there was a rumor going around that I was gay, because I declined dates with every guy that asked me out. No one but my dorm advisor, my roommate, my friends believed that I made a promised my daddy that I wouldnt date until I get my associates degree.
    16.   Im the only girl in my generation on my moms side of the family to go to college.
    17.   I can play Wii Sports tennis in two player mode with one remote in each handwhile sitting/lying upside down on the couch. My longest rally is six and a half minutes. Eventually, I will try four player mode
    18.   Thought my brother was a loner although high school until he was nominated for prom king.
    19.   Im the youngest, but most people think my brother and I are twins or that I am the oldest. I baby my brother.
    20.   My brother and I graduated the same year.
    21.   My parents picked my prom date(it was my Moms best friends son. I wasnt allowed to go to prom, if I didnt go with him.)
    22.   Ive had the oddest roommates in the dorm. (1. Sent back home with drug and alcohol problem. 2. Never spoke a word to me. 3. Became my best friend. B.Jim knows the story about that roomy. Lol.)
    23.   When I got bored one summer, I built a model of my dream house out of cardboard, glue, and some stuff from a hobby shop. That same summer my moms new puppy (my current dog), developed a thing for cardboard and destroyed the model. (I never got to taken pictures of it.)
    24.   I prefer glasses over contacts.
    25.   I cant stand it when my family calls me on my cell phone and they are in the next room.

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    Re: 25 Random Things About You
    « Reply #46 on: January 31, 2009, 08:49:44 pm »
    You want random?  Here's random:

    1. I was called "Jimbo" as a child and my grandparents continued do do so through my teens.

    2. My name is on a NTN Showdown Championship trophy in Chapel Hill, NC.

    3. I once ate some ants.  On a dare.

    4. I ate mushrooms on my first trip to NYC and was terrified that the rest of the people I was with would ditch me during our trip into Greenwich Village and I would wake up chained to some guy's bed.

    5. I lettered in track in 9th grade and flunked a semester of P.E. in 10th grade.

    6. Bacardi Jim is a real-life nickname.

    7. I make the world's best chicken noodle soup.  This is not opinion.

    8. I grew up in a series of kennels.

    9. Gene Simmons (KISS) got me fired from a job.

    10. I only have six teeth.

    11. In college, an incredibly hot girl I knew offered to have sex with me if I would write a term paper for her.  As I was married at the time, I turned her down.

    12. I have small patches of excema.

    13. I despise Taco Bell.

    14. I have very acidic sweat.

    15. I type with two fingers.  And am very, very good at it.

    16. My father committed suicide.

    17. I play spider solitaire for hours at a time.

    18. I'm 3/4 Irish.

    19. Demi Moore, Salma Hayek and Jennifer Aniston are all on my "list."

    20. I love cats as well as dogs and wish we could have one.

    21. I hate the goatee LR made me grow.  It makes me look 10 years older.

    22. I never remained an entire school year in the same school until 7th grade.

    23. I eat no seafood except tuna salad and Long John Silver's.

    24. I like watching golf.  And curling.

    25. I love Mike and Ike candies.
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    Re: 25 Random Things About You
    « Reply #47 on: January 31, 2009, 08:52:49 pm »
    Hmm random things..

    1) Favorite music artist is a competition between Greg Dulli and Mark Lanegan.

    2) Favorite genre is horror.

    3) I play mmorpgs.

    4) Im a loner

    5)Like alot of people, Im an aspiring author, but not very good yet.

    6) I wasnt able to gain any kind of fat till i reached my 30s.

    7) Im single, and always will be.

    8) I hate cliques and people that think they are somehow better then someone else, regardless of the reason.

    9) I dont believe being poor is an excuse not to clean the garbage off your property. Thats just lazyness.

    10) Im a Florida Gators fan.

    11) Im a Detroit Tigers fan.

    12) Ive spent almost a year backpacking around Europe and Egypt.

    13) Ive traveled around the whole of the US several times.

    14) At one time, i was ranked 4th in my class in mountain biking.

    15) Im a certified SCUBA instructor.

    16) Ive pulled sharks out of caves by their tails.

    17) I purposely went into desert in Arizona with intent to get bit by a diamondback rattlesnake (no luck).

    18) Ive got such an extreme pain tolerance that I can set hand on fire and not feel it.

    19) Ive gone sideways in my truck at 70mph on a texas highway and was able to recover.

    20) Ive gone for a week with a broke hand without knowing it till I tried to type, and couldnt figure out why I couldnt type as fast as I normally do.

    21) Im good friends with the person that Danny DiVito played in the movie "Hoffa".

    22) Ive been to over 370 concerts.

    23) I cant think of anything else really.
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    Re: 25 Random Things About You
    « Reply #48 on: January 31, 2009, 10:44:32 pm »
    1. I spin my own yarn
    2. I weave my own cloth
    3. I like to ice skate and downhill ski
    4. I am a retired secondary art instructor
    5. I sometimes read trashy romance novels
    6. I live in Idaho
    7. Yellow is my favorite color
    8. I have three children
    9. I have been married for 39 years
    10. I am female
    11. I have 4.5 grandchildren
    12. I have a son and daughter-in-law working in Antarctica
    13. I decorate Ukarainian eggs
    14. I have a touring kayak
    15. I live on a lake
    16. I have all models of Nintendos gameboy from the original to the DS
    17. I play snood
    18. I like crossword puzzles
    19. I LOVE coffee and roast my own beans
    20. I like murder mystries
    21. I play the guitar
    22. I swim twice a week averaging 1 mile a week
    23. I waste a lot of time on the computer
    24. I went to an all-girl high school
    25. I can recite the alphabet backwards.

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    Re: 25 Random Things About You
    « Reply #49 on: February 01, 2009, 12:08:37 am »
    I love reading these, here goes.

    1.   I am retired from Social Services.
    2.   We have a grown daughter and son, and two of the smartest and most lovely grandchildren that were ever born.  (Of course!)
    3.   I rock climbed in my younger days.
    4.   Lived well above the snow line for almost 20 years.
    5.   I love to read.  My parents drank and fought and reading was my salvation.
    6.   My family members all know my Kindle's name. (Tyrella)
    7.   Love to play the old Myst and Riven series of games.
    8.   We have 4 cats, Matilda, Moline, Foible, and Bagheera.
    9.   So terrified of spiders that a close-up encounter can actually leave me out of control for a few hours.
    10.  I have been married three times.
    11.  I know all of the animals names in our neighborhood.
    12.  Can't remember most of our neighbor's names.
    13.  I feel pretty happy and gentle most of the time.
    14.  I lived in Alaska for 2 years.
    15.  Worked for a large animal vet for 8 years.
    16.  Very much a loner.
    17.  Groups of people make me very nervous.
    18.  Used to go backpacking alone in my much earlier years.
    20.  Spent a season as a Fire Lookout.
    21.  Love computers.
    22.  Have no need for a cellphone.
    23.  Can swim, but afraid of drowning.
    24.  I think sometimes that there is so much beauty in the world that I just can't stand it.  Whatever that means!!!
    25.  I laugh a lot, and have a bizarre sense of humor. 
    Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder, and by the way, Don't Scare the Animals.

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