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Sendy Questions
« on: April 11, 2019, 05:50:24 am »
In an effort to cut expenses (since sales are basically flat, and I can't justify spending $70/month for mailchimp anymore), I decided to switch over to Sendy.

It's been a process, and a learning curve (a lot more of one than the website, demo and testimonials made it seem, I have to say).

I managed to put together a decent-looking newsletter, figured out the proper settings on my webhosting to create the cron job to allow the emails to be sent, and yesterday around lunchtime I hit "send" on my list of 6,500 subscribers.  I have (per the Amazon SES settings) a send rate of 14 emails per second.  Some quick math tells me that 6,500 emails at 14/second should go out in 474 seconds - a bit under 8 minutes.

It took 8 HOURS for all the emails to finally go out.  And the response from the developer is that I should switch over to hosting on the Amazon Web Services system, because everything is slower on shared hosting such as I have (my website is hosted by Go Daddy; well, a company bought out by Go Daddy a couple of years ago, anyway).

Can anyone who uses Sendy tell me if there's any way to get better performance without switching to AWS (and paying someone to do the install for me, and paying an additional monthly fee for it), so that it doesn't take all day to send an email out to my list?

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    Re: Sendy Questions
    « Reply #1 on: April 11, 2019, 09:31:19 am »
    Your developer isn't lying, it is your server, unfortunately. I couldn't use Sendy on my server because they didn't like the script it was running for my drip campaign, however, before the drip campaign took down my entire website (it was tagged as malicious code) by MediaTemple, my host, my 12,000 emails were going out in a few minutes.

    I use at the moment and a pay-per-email option on MailChimp for my BookFunnel/StoryOrigin activities.

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