Author Topic: What's the best way to announce a free KDP Select ebook to my newsletter list?  (Read 206 times)  

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I've had an ebook perma-free but I've never used a KDP Select free day. I'd like to make a book free and let my newsltetter list know. I love my list but I also anticipate some of them saying they missed the promotion blah blah blah. So what's the simplest way to let them know? Say I want to have the free day on Saturday. Send the newsletter Saturday morning? Friday morning? Friday night? And what do I tell them if they write me to say they missed the free day? Thanks.

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    Finally the social distancing thing freed up the time needed to publish my book. Next I posted on ACX, and am overwhelmed by the response, and wish to supply a free read to all those that auditioned. Recently I began KDP Select.

    Anyway my plan is to reply, thanking everyone and let them know my website is at last functioning. Those that have Kindle Unlimited can read my book for free, if I understand correctly. I'm thinking to make an upcoming Friday be one of my free days, or is Saturday better?

    Maybe a week to sign-up for the newsletter, then send out my first newsletter mid-week?

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