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One of the Best Reviews I have Ever Read
« on: January 16, 2020, 12:11:33 pm »
I may have posted this in the wrong place a minute ago. So, I'll try to delete it there.

This review just appeared on Amazon today, although it is dated earlier. I hope that it is okay to reprint it here. With no money to market my debut novel, I was about to give up on writing for others and just sink into the option of writing for my own enjoyment. After reading this review, I'm having second-thoughts about quitting.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great storytelling.
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on May 2, 2018
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
I read once that the foundation of Science Fiction was captured in the two words; what if!
I�ve also heard these words used as a therapeutic tool; what if you woke up tomorrow and things had changed, things were better, what would that be like? So, what would that tomorrow be like if you were a very smart 12-year-old girl called Lacy Dawn, and you lived in a rundown farm property in near poverty. In �Rarity from the Hollow�, Robert Eggleton has some very surprising answers to that question.

But here�s a few more what ifs to help set the scene; what if Lacy Dawn�s war traumatised dad spent half his day stoned on weed and regularly beat her and her mother? And what if Lacy Dawn�s best friend Faith had been beaten to death by her abusive father, but was still keeping her company as a spirit that could jump from object to object? And what if, somewhere along the way, Lacy Dawn had learned the magical ability to transport herself telekinetically, skimming across the ground at great speed? And what if Lacy Dawn�s secret friend, DotCom, was a super intelligent shape-shifting alien bio-android who lived in a hidden cave nearby? And what if Dotcom was here on earth for a very specific reason, a reason that probably makes Lacy Dawn the most important person on our planet!

The only way to find out the answer to how things might get better for Lacy Dawn is to read this book. With hints of Heinlein, Kornbluth and Pohl, and the golden age of SF, I found this a gritty, challenging, often too honest, and always entertaining story. No rose-tinted glasses here folks; just great storytelling with challenging adult themes.
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