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Twist of Fate by Anita Fisk
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Twist of Fate by Anita Fisk

A young woman escapes the clutches of a human trafficking ring. Fighting against forced drug addiction, memory lapses, and unsavory handlers, Soleil, aka Sunny Gardner, flees for her life. Her journey home is as exhausting as it is perilous. She trusts no one with her secrets not even those kind souls who helped her on her way. Always looking over her shoulder expecting the worst will Sunny ever find her way home?

About the Book
Sunny Gardner, the protagonist, rises like a phoenix out of forced addiction and captivity. She seizes the opportunity to escape her captors and try to make her way to a home she only remembers in flashes, leading to a journey fraught with dangers, everyday heroes, and unexpected twists.

Is her vision of home a wistful dream or illusory reality? Discover the dramatic and life-threatening events of Sunny Gardners journey.


1. A dark SUV slowed behind her. She pushed harder on each pedal. Still it followed. Panic rose inside her chesthow could they have found me already?

2. Her exhausted conscious mind warned her that she could slip and lose her tight control if she were to fall asleep.

3. A person is most vulnerable when asleep, but Sunny slowly let go. Less than 30 feet away the man who meant to end her life stood in absolute silence

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