Author Topic: Considered as The Giant of Contemporary African Republic Writer!  (Read 68 times)  

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View an insight of this Nigerian Author of Love and Relationship. Look, feel and unearth this Nigerian Author Profile Page I got stuck up with some days ago. Truth is,  He's good at this. His write-ups is spectacular with winsome choice of words.
He's flaunting his fan base with dose of swift writings. He's young at a good age Chinua Achebe started writing.
Genre: Relationships & Dating
This quote from his Authors Interview with the Awesome Gang got my asseverations for his works. I believe some of you might get the best out of his writings.
He said, It's hightime we stop hiding by our fears and admit that Life and relationship is a mystery. No size-fit-all. You failed today, gets up tomorrow. Got broken today, find shield of love the next.
Get cheated on, find the special lover sooner or later. The sooner we admit this fact into our lives, the easier we find life creates it's true meaning in us. Let Love Lead!!
Here's the few links I got that can connect you with this Genius: ;

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