Author Topic: A Book That Enlightens A Young Adolescent Lady About Sex trafficking  (Read 91 times)  

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Have you ever watched the news and been so haunted by a story that you had to know more about those involved? In the documentary film Irreclaimable, this is exactly what happens to Justin Toppins.

For more than a year, he sets to learn about the dark world of sex trafficking. He sits down with the victims, sex workers, and even law enforcement. He starts with the hope of simply learning from each person's story but soon finds it impossible to separate the harrowing tales from the kind and thoughtful people who lived through them.

Two positive reviews so far on amazon kindle:

MISS NOW MRS: This book really tells truth that needs to be told. Eye-opening and heartbreaking are stories of these women, women that could be any of us. Highly recommend. A must read for everyone to truly understand what is happening in our cities.

BRAD: MUST READ!! Very insightful on the reality of sex trafficking and crimes. Im a huge murderino and this was right up my alley!

Get to know the feel of the victims of sex-trafficking and how you, as a person can help in fighting it off in this masterpiece. Happy reading!

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