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Syncing Echos
« on: May 07, 2020, 08:46:04 am »
I have two Echo Shows gen 1.  Ever since it's been available I've been syncing them for music and radio.  After I'd been listening to a radio station for a while this morning I started hearing a reverberation.  At first I thought it was something at the station.  No.  The Echos weren't quite synced out of the blue.  So I deleted the group and wanted to sync / create a group again.  Now Echo app is asking me tech questions that I don't understand. 

I usually use Alexa app on my computer.  Want to try it on my iPhone.  I can't find where to set up a group on the app on my iPhone???

ETA:  I used the Alexa app on my iPhone to sync them again.  (Figured it out.)  So far Echos are not echoing.  :)
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