Author Topic: I will submit your ebook to 25 kindle promotion sites for only $5  (Read 314 times)  

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$5 book promo service: I will submit your 0.99/ free ebook promo to 25 Kindle book promotion sites (Site submission is confirmed to your email) I will also research the top ten keywords for your book on Amazon which you can use in your page description, KDP dashboard and website to improve your ranking. The book promotion sites I use have audiences for: Romance, Erotica, Mystery, Thriller, Fantasy, Paranormal Science Fiction, Young Adult, Literary Fiction, Children's Books.

the sites I submit to are:  "Indie Book of the Day", "I JustRead.It", "eReader Girl", "Ignite Your Book", "Book Boost", "Free Stuff Times", "Its Write Now", "Discount Book Man", "Free Discounted Books", "Free99Books", "Armadillo eBooks", "Bookzio", "One Hundred Free Books", "Awesome Gang", "eBook Bargains Today", "Frugal Freebies", "eReader Cafe", "eFreeBooks", "Book Deal Hunter", "Mega Book Deals", "Choosy Book Worm", "Pretty Hot" "eBooks Habit", "Free Books", "Book Circle", "Your New Books", "eBook Lister", "eBook Saurus"

Visit me here:

Please feel free to ask questions but send them via my fiverr account thanks! :-)
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    Re: I will submit your ebook to 25 kindle promotion sites for only $5
    « Reply #1 on: July 22, 2020, 09:41:25 am »
    Hey Nicky

    I see you submit to a few sites I own. If I can be of any help let me know.

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