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Proofreading - Reading to catch and correct obvious typos (spelling and punctuation errors, duplicated or missing words, inconsistently spelled proper nouns, etc.). Basically, the sorts of things that a careful reader is likely to also catch.

Proofreading Plus - All of the above, with the addition of: checking for incorrect grammar and either correcting it or suggesting corrections (via comments); making note of anything that I personally know to be factually inaccurate, such as if you're talking about a gun and say "clip" when you mean "magazine" (note: this is not fact-checking, only noting things which I, as a non-expert, recognize as incorrect); noting anything that's confusing or unclear; making note of anything that seems to be inconsistent characterization ("Why does this character do/say X, when you've previously established Y?"); noting anything that really stands out as illogical plotting; any other comments I happen to think of. This isn't a detailed edit, only noting things that I, as a reader, would notice and have an issue with if I were reading for enjoyment.

Beta Read - Read the manuscript and give a summary of my overall thoughts on things like pacing, characterization, character development, plotting, and genre-appropriateness (in genres that I'm familiar with). No detailed line notes.

With any of these services, I will not try to rewrite your prose or change your style. Anything that's not an obvious mistake/typo/error will be noted with a comment rather than a correction.


While I'm open to the possibility of handling any fiction genres, the ones below are what I'm more familiar with and personally like more:
Fantasy (pretty much any subgenre except grimdark Game of Thrones type stuff)
Sci-Fi ('soft' sci-fi mostly, not so much hard sci-fi)
Romance (most subgenres, but not gay/lesbian stories or stories heavily involving things like BDSM)
Young Adult
Middle Grade

I have a reasonable familiarity with:
Mystery/Thriller (not really cozy mystery, but I'm certainly open to it)
Christian variations of any of the above genres

I'm not really a good choice for:
Horror (most of it; psychological horror is something I'm open to)
Literary Fiction, Women's Fiction, or Chick Lit
anything intended for a male-only audience (such as harem stories or male-aimed erotica)

If I haven't listed a genre/subgenre and you want to know if I'll do it, just ask.


Proofread - $0.0075/word

Proofread Plus - $0.01/word

Beta Read - $0.005/word

Payments via PayPal, paid in full after I see the manuscript and agree to the work. If I receive the manuscript and think it needs more work than what I provide, I may decline the work. (Manuscripts for proofreads should be nearly ready to publish. Manuscripts for beta reads can be a lot rougher.) If you'd like, I can do a free sample of up to five pages.


A .doc (not .docx) Word document or a .odt (Libre Office Writer) document. (I don't have a newer version of Word, so I can't do .docx.) If you'd prefer a different method, just let me know. I'm open to pretty much anything as long as it doesn't require a program I don't have. (Epub format would be great if you're only getting a beta read. PDF or Mobi works, too.)


[email protected]

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