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Six men receive a letter, challenging them to seduce the lady of the house and in return will inherit her fortune. But what these men dont know is that the Lady of the House is not what she seems and carries a much darker secret. Slowly the secrets of the Blackwell family unfold, love blooms and hearts are broken and who will be the one to inherit the Blackwell Estate?

We set our story in England, 1902. A poor Irishman by the name of Elliot ODwyer receives a letter from the wealthy Oleus Blackwell, the letter entitles a challenge, a challenge to seduce his beloved daughter whom he very much wishes to find a suitable husband for, but alas he is not the only one who is sent a letter, five other men also receive this letter. Unaware of what awaits him at the Blackwell estate. Lucille Blackwell soon introduces herself shortly after they arrive, some are even in disbelief when they see this young woman before them. This young woman who isnt as young as they all think, soon bewitches all of them with her kind heart and free spirit, secrets unfold, and dark mysteries are revealed. However, one of these men is not like the others, a man from Lucilles past, is he nothing but trouble? Or does he wish to rekindle the flame between them both? Hearts are shattered in these twisted love triangles, whose side will you be on? Who will be the one to inherit the Blackwell Estate and the riches along with it?

(UK) E.V. Browne is a Canadian author. Throughout her young years she focused on her creativity. Evelynne is a storyteller and an artist, she enjoys painting, drawing, and everything horror. Writing had helped her through some tough times in her life. Throughout her life, Evelynne was discouraged by some for pursuing her artistic dreams but those closest to her encouraged her to pursue her lifelong dream. Do not let anyone ever tell you what you can and cannot do. From a young age she's wanted to share her stories with others and inspire others to be creative. Evelynne is an example of a young writer who sticks up for what she believes in and what she is passionate about.

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