Author Topic: Problems with Kindle Fire (not every day)  (Read 710 times)  

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Problems with Kindle Fire (not every day)
« on: October 11, 2020, 05:32:41 am »
Hi, I purchased a Kindle Fire a few months ago. After testing it for about a month (it worked perfectly), I gave it to my mother for her birthday as planned. She gave me the device back about two week ago because it keeps rebooting or sometimes freezes completely. The help and customer service page of Amazon was only of limited help to me. Even resetting the device to factory settings did not solve the problem. However the device often works without problems for two days and then the problems start from the new one without having changed anything on the reader. The next day it is possible that the device works perfectly again. The problem occurs with a full battery as well as with a nearly empty batterywhat could be the problem? Have you made any similar experiences? Thanks in advance for your help and answers!

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