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James Gunn: THE WITCHING HOUR, from ReAnimus Press
« on: November 21, 2020, 12:14:23 pm »
New from ReAnimus Press: THE WITCHING HOUR by James Gunn

ReAnimus Press Store:  (available in both ebook and paperback)
Amazon: The Witching Hour

"WE SUMMON THEE, PRINCE, RULER OF DARKNESS, LORD OF EVIL: YOUR WORSHIPERS SUMMON THEE TO RECEIVE OUR SACRIFICE..." SFWA Grandmaster James Gunn applies the principles of science and science fiction to the realm of the unholy with the Witching Hour, three novelettes of satanic scenery and devilish deceit.

Not every witch intended to be one; there's more going on with beer than you might imagine; and there's devilish doings at the magicians conference.

Mischief abounds. Demons, death and disbelief will haunt you at every corner. Macabre rituals of darkness will creep up your spine until your fragile mind tingles with fear.

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