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« on: September 15, 2010, 09:55:55 am »
Hi, gang!

I noticed that TaskRabbit has bought banner ads here at the Kindleboards. I've been running tasks for them now for a couple of months, and it's been great for bringing in a little extra cash. I'm not going to survive off of it, but the occasional airport run or what have you keeps me in Starbucks. And let's face IS the sweet, sweet nectar of the gods. And it lets me buy new ebooks to read (shhh...I tell my authors I only have time to read submissions).

If you live in either Boston or San Francisco, I highly recommend checking out their site at If you don't have time to do something yourself, it's a great and CHEAP way to find somebody nearby to get it done for you. Or, if you want to run tasks and make a little extra money you can do that too.

Since I'm already a runner, they give me a coupon code that I can pass on to all of you, which is PAL211980. If you need a task run, that code will give you $10 off the first task you post. I also get $10 once the task is completed for referring you. However, I'll turn that $10 into either credit for ebook purchases at or an Amazon gift card. You get to pick!

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