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Belkin Grip Case Review
« on: January 18, 2011, 04:05:43 pm »
This is a copy of a Review I posted on my blog Bookaholic Does Blogging of the Belkin Grip Case for the Kindle 3.  Click here to see this review with my pictures.


Belkin Grip Kindle 3 Case
Color: Coral Pink
Sold by:

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Initially, I had wanted a left flip style cover case that would make my Kindle feel like more like a physical book.  After playing with my Kindle, however, I discovered I really didn't want that anymore.  I love the feel of the Kindle and how I can easily hold it in one hand if I want to.  I felt a flip cover case would eliminate that option for me.

So instead, I opted for a zip around padded case to keep my Kindle safe during travels, but from which I could easily remove my Kindle when I wanted to read.  My choice?  The Belkin Grip Kindle 3 Case.

This case comes in four colors: Black, Midnight Blue, Coral Pink, and Perfect Plum.  Obviously, I went with the pink case!

One of my favorite things about the design of this case is the pattern on the front.  It adds visual interest while providing a texture grip for carrying the case.

This case has been l-o-v-e since the beginning.  It does everything I could ask for.  The padding in superb.  I am wishing now that I would have kept the Styrofoam insert for additional screen protection, but it's certainly not necessary to do so.  The zipper cover exactly one half of the case, so when open, the opening is more than wide enough to slide the Kindle in without worrying about scratching it on the zipper.

I did have concerns about the zipper and my Kindle, but in addition to the wide opening, there is extra padding along the sides, so the concerns needn't arise.  It's a perfect fit.

Overall, I am incredibly happy with my choice in this case.  I am contemplating a silicon case that will protect the Kindle while I am reading it (it would add minimal width to the Kindle, so fit won't be an issue inside this case).  If I do, I promise I'll review that one too! =)
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