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Golden Age detective novels on Amazon
« on: February 21, 2011, 09:06:26 pm »
I was looking around on Amazon today and saw that Langtail Press is epublishing some more Golden Age mystery novels by various people such as Ellery Queen, John Dickson Carr, Fredric Brown, etc. They are a very small specialty press, and it's nice to see one of them offering the ebook as well as trade paperback version of long out-of-print classics. I did a search on Amazon on "Langtail Press" and came up with 49 titles.

I bought one of the John Dickson Carr books a few days ago, and the formatting is excellent, including footnotes and chapter markers. Pricing is about half the trade pb price.

It's about time, these are the books I love to read.

Obligatory statement: I have no connection with those guys.


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