Author Topic: Javoedge MiMo Book-Style Teal Case- Kindle 3. *with pictures*  (Read 2769 times)  

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The Javoedge book-style teal case was nice. For the first day. On the second day, I noticed a small scratch on the edge of the case. I thought it was nothing, painted it over with nail polish, and left it. After that, I stopped paying much attention to my case. There are a few scratches and nicks, nothing that contributes to the detriment of the case itself.  I have also noticed that the kindle slides out of the case a little bit too easily. After hanging out in my purse for a day, it would slide out about a centimeter or so. It gives me shivers.

P.S. I also scratched the case with my fingernail lightly to pry a stubborn crumb off of it, and when my fingernail came away from the case, I noticed a scratch, just from picking a spot *lightly* with my fingernail!




file://localhost/Volumes/Untitled/DCIM/117_0514/IMGP1234.JPG <=== not sure if you can see here, but the orange bit is from the "leather" being rubbed off.

file://localhost/Volumes/Untitled/DCIM/117_0514/IMGP1235.JPG <== in this picture, you can clearly see the loose threads.



**EDIT** this review was written in a fit of craziness. my javoedge is really not that bad.
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    Re: Javoedge MiMo Book-Style Teal Case- Kindle 3. *with pictures*
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    would like to see the pictures. Can you reload or something..............

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    Re: Javoedge MiMo Book-Style Teal Case- Kindle 3. *with pictures*
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    Re: Javoedge MiMo Book-Style Teal Case- Kindle 3. *with pictures*
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    oops! sorry guys, the links worked on my computer earlier, but i guess they must not be valid. and yes, i did try to search how to upload pictures, but i couldn't find anything for technologically stupid people like me. so i tried to do it myself and completely botched it. will reload later.

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