Author Topic: After 7 books w/trad publishers, going Kindle route with No. 8, Finding Juliet  (Read 773 times)  

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If you're a fan of Shakespeare in Love and Nicholas Sparks-type novels, you might enjoy my new novel, Finding Juliet, a fun summer-read love story available for under a buck as a Kindle edition. If you check out the Discussion on the book listing page, I've posted the first two chapters for you to read and help decide if it's worth the investment. My previous 7 books, including two well-received novels, have all been published the traditional route, so I'm very excited to give Kindle a shot and have such direct reader contact. If you do give Finding Juliet a read, please let me know what you think. Hope the weekend's treating you well. Summer has finally sprung here in Chicago.
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    Thank you.  I will definitely check this one out.  Welcome to the Boards.
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