Author Topic: Ever been fobbed off by a publishing house?  (Read 1873 times)  

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Ever been fobbed off by a publishing house?
« on: December 15, 2011, 06:01:02 am »
O how I love the Kindle for helping undermine the ivory towers of old publishing, wherein dwell snooty tooty gatekeepers with their smug preconceptions.   
English is the river which courses through us all and though which we live every aspect of our lives. It is 'all a river should be', to lift a line from Cannery Row. If we English speakers are lucky in our language, then those of us who write in said language are doubly so. To be in the language, in the wordfall, is to be part of a great natural force. Yet we think little of it for the most part. Yet how would it be were it to crumble in us through injury or illness, or be ripped from us by forces malign? We must guard it well for it is our greatest inherited common wealth, this river which stretches into our past through time out of mind and which we have a duty to instill in our children. Blimy, now where did that come from? London calling.

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