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STORM - the Author's Cut, by Vanessa Grant. free until Dec 31
« on: December 30, 2011, 09:54:18 am »
STORM, a romance set in the Haida Hawaii islands

As a special year-end thank you to my readers, on December 30 and 31st Ill be giving away one of my favourite novels, my recently released romance STORM.

Storm is the first of three novels I wrote which were set on the Pacific Northwest islands of Haida Gwaii - and it's always been one of my personal favourites. Earlier this year, I decided to release STORM, but in the editing process, I realized that to give the full flavour of the Haida Gwaii islands where the story is set, I needed to bring the story forward into the present (See my December 26th blog at, where I talk about my decision to prepare this Author's Cut of Storm.)

When I first wrote Storm, I was very new to the business of publishing, and unprepared to learn that my title, STORM WARNING, had been used by someone else. The idea for the book had grown out of my personal life experiences on the remote Pacific north coast. While living on an isolated British Columbia lighthouse, I'd followed a number of life-and-death searches for vessels in trouble, and one lengthy search and rescue operation for a downed Coast Guard helicopter. Many of these emergencies were triggered by the stormy weather, and my search memories are punctuated with marine Storm Warnings issued by Prince Rupert Marine-Air Radio, as it was then called. Later, I sailed the islands of Haida Gwaii with my family, and visited Hot Spring Island (Gandlakin) one wonderful summer. This island, now part of Gwaii Haanas National Park, is the most romantic, isolated coastal treasure I've ever visited. Sitting in that hot spring at the top of the world, looking out over the islands of South Moresby I won't describe it here, because I've already done that in this book.

But back to titles. After I'd floundered for a while, coming up with half-baked titles, my editor suggested that we simply call the book STORM.

Perfect! And thank you, Elizabeth, for seeing the obvious and perfect title, when I couldn't.

I was pleased that the book's original cover evoked the stormy night I'd envisioned, but a few months ago when I engaged Angie of to do the cover for this Author's Cut of the story, I realized I'd stepped into author paradise. After years wishing I had a voice on covers, I was overjoyed to work with an artist eager to share my vision of the book. Yes, this is exactly what I wanted! Thank you, Angie!  You're a joy to work with.

Enough rambling about the author. Click on  Storm - the Author's Cut   Free for 2 days: Dec 30 and 31 - and get your copy, compliments of the author.

Other Vanessa Grant books set on the magic islands of Haida Gwaii

  • Jenny's Turn (Stray Lady, the sequel to Jenny's Turn, is set partially on remote Green Island Lighthouse, where I once lived)
  • Stranded Heart (set in various Haida Gwaii locations, including Queen Charlotte City which has approximately 948 residents! The heroine of Stranded Heart is a pilot flying for QC Air, the fictitious charter company owned by the hero of Storm)
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    Re: STORM - the Author's Cut, by Vanessa Grant. free until Dec 31
    « Reply #1 on: December 30, 2011, 10:16:12 am »
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