Author Topic: Week one begins! Prologue to chapter 10, location 2757.  (Read 646 times)  

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Week one begins! Prologue to chapter 10, location 2757.
« on: January 11, 2012, 04:37:55 pm »
Here is the reading list for A Clash of Kings. I kept it to six weeks since this book isn't that much longer than AGOT and I didn't want to take up 2+ months of folk's time. Remember that even though some of us discussed ADWD last summer, keep the discussion, if possible, to only AGOT and what we have read in ACOK to date so we don't spoil anything for our new readers. If you haven't read AGOT but did see the HBO series then I think you could jump in as the show is pretty faithful to the book and most important plot points have been covered. The page numbers are just what the kindle tells me, I've no idea what paper book they correspond to. As usual, the table of contents just lists chapter numbers, while the text just has chapter POV names, so locations are probably the easiest way to know where to stop. I'll post the first set of questions next week!

Week 1: Prologue to Ch 10 (Davos), location 2757, page 124.
 Week 2: Ch11 (Theon) to Ch 20, (Tyrion) location 5400, page 243.
Week 3: Ch21 (Bran) to Ch 31 (Cat), location 8083, page 363.
Week 4: Ch 32 (Sansa) to Ch 45 (Cat), location 10999, page 497.
 Week 5: Ch 46 (Bran) to Ch 56 (Theon), location 13441, page 610.
Week 6: Ch 57 (Sansa) to the end! (last 5% of the book is appendices and family trees).
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