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This is a great thread! It's interesting to hear what other writers are up to in their day jobs (or former day jobs). In my day job, I'm the director of a 72-year-old nonprofit interfaith student/community center. This jobs has many ups and downs.

Ups: meeting plenty of interesting and sometimes inspiring people; feeling like I'm (usually) engaging in meaningful work; getting plenty of ideas for characters, plots, and settings. (Both of my books include a community center somewhere fairly significant in the plot. This is obviously not a coincidence.)

Downs: dramatically underfunded and underpaid; "volunteering" extra hours to the point that a part-time job becomes a full-time job; frequently being distracted from my writing and especially my promotional work.

I'm actually fairly happy with my day job aside from the low pay. Eventually, though, what I would like to do is write full time and transition from being a nonprofit staff member to a nonprofit board member. That way, I can still be involved in my community in a meaningful way without having to dedicate 40 hours per week to the task.

The Book Bazaar / GOODBYE MIAMI: Tales Of An American Climate Refugee
« on: April 06, 2015, 10:39:36 PM »

Goodbye Miami:
Tales Of An American Climate Refugee

By Treesong

June 6, 2030. Hurricane Florence makes landfall in Florida -- and the entire city of Miami goes underwater.

Like most people who grew up in Miami in the 21st century, Kass knew that this day was coming. Unlike most people, she took some serious steps to prepare. Her stash of food, water, and other supplies will see her through the first few days of the fall of Miami. But what then? Where can she turn now that the city she loves has gone underwater for good?

Goodbye Miami starts as a story of personal survival through a major catastrophe. Through Kass' first hand account, we find out what it's like to watch the city that you love sink beneath the waves. As time goes on, the scope of the story gradually expands. Her status as a refugee and her love of her home city lead her to become intimately involved in the push for national and global action on climate change. Can Kass and her allies rally enough support for change before it's too late?


by Treesong

It was a day like any other. Sarah Athraigh was walking to work when suddenly she found herself in the path of a runaway vehicle. With no time to react, she reflexively willed the car to stop. To her surprise, it worked. She was still standing. Tragedy averted.

And then things got weird.

Change is the story of one woman's journey into a hidden world of modern-day magic and mystery. After her unusual experience on the day of the accident, Sarah finds herself on the run. She travels across the country searching for answers and meeting strange new friends along the way. But even as her world becomes stranger, her goal remains the same. Powerful forces both magical and mundane are grappling with a global crisis that threatens the future of humanity. And Sarah's journey may play a deciding role in the outcome.

Somehow, some way, she must find a solution to the climate crisis -- before it's too late.

Thank you both for the warm welcomes. And thank you geoffthomas for the detailed response! I think I already found the links to most of that information last night while I was exploring the site, but it's helpful to have all of it in one location. :) Now I know where to start when I get home later!

Hello World!

My name is Treesong. I'm an author, community organizer, real life superhero, and talk radio host living in Carbondale, Southern Illinois. I found this forum while reading about ways for authors to connect with their readers and promote their books. I'll be doing some of that promotion on other threads specifically related to my books in the appropriate section of this forum. In the meantime, I'd like to share a bit more about myself.

I've been an author since sometime around the fourth or fifth grade (ages 9-11 or so). Back then, I was writing Danny Dunn fan fiction and love poetry for my grade school crush! Nowadays, most of my writing is speculative fiction with an emphasis on climate fiction, science fiction, and contemporary fantasy. So far, I've published two full length climate fiction books: Change, a contemporary fantasy novel, and Goodbye Miami, a near-future political fiction narrative told in a first person blog/journal format.

I became a community organizer during my undergradute studies at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. After attending a talk by an out-of-town speaker, I became involved in the student environmental group and eventually other groups. I'm currently the director of Gaia House Interfaith Center, a 72-year-old student and community center at the heart of Carbondale, Southern Illinois.

I'm also a real life superhero. Real life superheroes are people who adopt a superhero persona and do various forms of community service work. It's a way to see community involvement as something exciting and inspiring rather than a chore, punishment, or reluctant duty. Some conduct public safety patrols. Others do outreach to the homeless and hungry or participate in other charitable or activist causes. My personal emphasis is on climate justice and environmental justice, a specialty that is rare among real life superheroes.

Last but not least, I'm a talk radio host on our local community radio station, WDBX. My friend Aur "Da Energy Mon" Beck has been hosting a show called "Your Community Spirit" since about 1999. I've been the co-host for most of that time. We discuss some very serious environmental issues, but we always approach our topics with humor and a search for positive actions that our listeners can take.

That's a good start to my introduction! I look forward to talking to some of you on this thread or other threads on this forum. In the meantime, let me know if you have any questions, comments, or recommended reading! I'm here primarily as an author, but I'm always on the lookout for good fiction (and occasional nonfiction) related to my interests.



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