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heya- okay, I took a quick stab at tightening this up-- without knowing more, it's tricky to figure out what you need. the biggest thing missing here, is the stakes.  who or what opposes your main characters, and what happens if they fail?

Dalthea- where sorcery and science collide

Ex-solider Tyson Gallows works as a lowly thief-taker, so he's no stranger to the dark underbelly of life. With the shame of betrayal hanging over him and haunted by his ghosts, death feels like a better option (something).  When tragedy erupts (be specific here) during Daltheas Remembrance- he finds himself in the middle of a blood conspiracy that connects to his past.

Rebellious orphan Serena hauls water aboard an airship- the closest she'll get to being captain. When people around her start to die, she suspects something is wrong with her—inside.
Serena must survive long enough to discover the mystery of her origins before the fearsome power inside her explodes. Amid all of the destruction and death, can a haunted man bent on killing himself help her find hope?
Writers' Cafe / Re: kindle x-ray
« Last post by C. Rysalis on Today at 05:06:00 PM »
On the author end, you click the ... button in the KDP dashboard and choose to add x-ray. After a few hour wait, you can go back to the ... button and should see an editing tool. You use that to browse the list KDP generated for you, and review them, add definitions, and choose to publish or exclude. You can also add new terms.

This would actually be awesome for my superhero setting. My books include a bazillion characters and some events of note that are only mentioned once. Readers tend to lose track of both.  :P

I need to look into this editing tool!
Writers' Cafe / Re: Google Play Question: "For mature audiences?"
« Last post by Mercedes Vox on Today at 05:05:47 PM »
They probably just don't display or don't allow them to be downloaded by people under 18 since Google has your age from your account I think.

Ah, that makes total sense. Google knows all.

Must say I didn't mind that so much a few days ago after misplacing my phone in the house. If not for Google's "Find My Phone" widget, I would still be looking for it.
Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: New Kindle Firmware Update 5.9.4
« Last post by patrickt on Today at 05:02:27 PM »
I have two Paperwhites. Both are running just fine with the update. I bet if, instead of reading books, I looked really hard I could find something, though.
Who cares if it has been published elsewhere?  That part makes no sense to me.   

If it's been published elsewhere, the right to publish it could be currently held by someone else.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Sensitivity Beta Readers?
« Last post by Tizzy on Today at 05:00:15 PM »
These kind of subjects are a minefield in most no matter how sensitive you are, because for most things that make people special there are all kinds of experiences and personalities, so what one individual/parent/friend might consider an excellent portrayal might well be awfully offensive and cliched for somebody else.

I'll give you a personal example - I have asperger's syndrome, which puts me in the high-functioning side of the autism spectrum. Over the last year or two, several tv shows have been released, with two of them being particularly centered on the case: A Netflix show called Atypical and an ABC one called The Good Doctor. In both cases the protagonists themselves are autistic. You can add to this several earlier portrayals, perhaps the best known being Asa Butterfield's character in X+Y/A Beautiful Young Mind and the infamous Dr. Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory.

I won't put my hand on the fire for the last one. While I don't find him particularly offensive (and I've been compared to him more times than I can count,) the character has over time become more of a running joke, to the point where these days he's just a caricature. Which is fine for what they're doing - I might be one of the few engineers who watches the show regularly and enjoys it, but then again I see it as popcorn entertainment. I wouldn't look at any of those characters for realistic depictions of, well, about anything in the world.

The reactions to the other media is more complicated. While generally one of praise, each of them has been also met with decry: Parents of lower-functioning autistic children get angry because autism, for them, is not like that. However, parents and families of high-functioning autistic children often feel represented, and I myself like the characters for I see a lot of myself in them. Yes, Shaun says things so outrageous in The Good Doctor I often want to punch him in the face. But I'm aware I've often said things that have made people want to punch me in the face, so I couldn't possible get offended by this. Sure, Sam in Atypical is somewhat exaggerated, and some of the situations portrayed there stretch credibility - but ffs, this is a comedy. Even through the exaggerated situations and at times cliched reactions, I can put myself in the protagonist's shoes, which is basically the point. As for X+Y, well, that film triggered a very nice anxiety attack in me. And it wasn't out of rage.

However, while I see these portrayals as somewhat spot-on with myself, I understand how people whose children won't utter a word or whose kids will never be able to go to College, let alone become doctors, can feel misrepresented. But that's the thing - all special people are different. We all react differently to things around us, and limitations vary wildly among people, so in truth it's quite likely that no matter how much you strive to capture what being a Down syndrome patient is like somebody will tell you it is absolutely not like that. Some of those people will get passionate, even angry about it. It will happen.

That's not to say you can't be offensive, of course, but I can see in your post you're trying your best not to and I'm sure you'll manage. A few weeks back I ran into this book in goodreads that promised a coming-of-age-like story (I'm a sucker for those) starring a trailer park kid whose brother was autistic. I almost bought it on impulse, but decided to check out the look inside first. On the first chapter alone, the protagonist's older brother was described as:

- Barely functional. Can only utter a few words, and all he says is baby speak, saying things like "meatball fell to floor!" after throwing his food to the floor.
- Ridiculously clumsy, to the point where they'd rather push him around on a wheelchair because he'd make a mess otherwise.
- Regardless of how clumsy the kid was, he was also portrayed as freakishly strong, to the point of being described as "muscular" and "ripped." Yes, an autistic kid who couldn't even walk without making a mess had muscles that would put Schwarzenegger to shame.

Needless to say, I found THAT portrayal poorly researched and downright offensive. I didn't buy the book and had to resist the urge to leave that guy a 1-star review out of sheer indignation.
Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Can't email file to Kindle
« Last post by Atunah on Today at 04:58:41 PM »
The .mobi (kindle) should work just fine.

What happens when you try? Does it just not get to your Oasis? Or do you get a error message? I usually use the "sendtokindle" program on my kindle and right click on the downloaded file, but emailing to your oasis email address should work just fine.

They probably just don't display or don't allow them to be downloaded by people under 18 since Google has your age from your account I think.
Writers' Cafe / Google Play Question: "For mature audiences?"
« Last post by Mercedes Vox on Today at 04:51:41 PM »
I'm in the process of uploading my catalog to Google Play. On the SETTINGS page under the heading of DISTRIBUTION SETTINGS, there is a question with a checkbox: "For mature audiences?"

What is the result of checking that box? Obviously, I know what it's for, and I'm certainly not trying to dodge using it for applicable titles. But after looking at no less than 20 titles currently for sale on Google that I know for a fact are intended for mature audiences (like, for serious), I'm not seeing any indication of a warning on those listings or any evidence of some sort of dungeoning. So, merely out of curiosity, I'm wondering what, if any, effect ticking that box has on a title.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Which day of the week is best for release?
« Last post by Loosecannon on Today at 04:48:49 PM »
Clearly, my best results are on days ending with "y".
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