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« Last post by lmroth12 on Today at 04:58:15 AM »
FREE BOOK EVENT all weekend at Amazon!

Looking for an escape from a hot July day? Set off on an epic quest and take the road to adventure! I am offering Abelard and the Dragon's Vapor, Volume 1 of the Adventures of Abelard series, for free. Hope you check it out and have as much fun reading it as I did writing it!

The Kingdoms of Merdyce and Ryle have been placed under an evil enchantment by the wicked dragon, Dace, oldest and mightiest of his race, whose slimy green vapor leaves his victims changed forever. The only way to break the spell is to slay the dragon who cast it. But only the bravest and boldest of knights with a pure heart and a strong spirit can slay the dragon Dace, and only Abelard, a simple farm boy, alone escaped the enchantment. Before his path to knighthood is complete he must face and overcome 10 perils: only then can he slay the dragon and free the Kingdoms from the spell.

From L. M. Roth, author of the Quest For the Kingdom series, Cinderella's Shoe A Fairy Tale Murder Mystery, The Princess Who...series, and Dragon Slayers and Other Tales From the Perilous Forest, comes an enchanting tale of a young farm boy in pursuit of a dream who finds himself tested on an heroic quest.

A magical and whimsical tale that begins the Adventures of Abelard series. The complete series is available at and includes Abelard and the Witch's Vengeance Volume 2 and Abelard and the Knights' Vow Volume 3.

Click the link below to begin the adventure:

Part I of the Quest For the Kingdom series isr free on Amazon all weekend. Join the Quest and travel through 16 fabulous lands and encounter seers and sorceresses, and magic and mystery, and thrill to eternal feuds, epic romances and exciting adventure.

The book description and link is below. I hope you join the Quest and enjoy the journey!

Quest For the Kingdom Part I The Legend of the Great Pearl

"All may seek, and all may buy, the Great Pearl of price so rare, But it costs all you possess, So let the buyer beware."

Thus begins the riddle that leads young Marcus Maximus on the quest of a lifetime. In a single day his world was destroyed when he was seized and sold into slavery, his father's estate confiscated by the government, and his parents thrown into prison. And he discovers that during his slavery his one true love has turned to another: his closest friend, who is now a rival for her hand.

Now a ruthless Empress demands that Marcus find and bring to her a legendary and costly Pearl as the price for his life and the freedom of his beloved parents. The quest takes him to fantastic lands where he meets extraordinary people and is joined by unusual companions, but he finds more questions than answers along his journey. For he will learn of the mysterious and powerful Dominio, be haunted and hunted by the evil Astra, and receive the gift of a fabulous sword that must never be used in violence.

Quest For the Kingdom by L. M. Roth is a 7 book series divided into 2 sections.

Books 1 through 3 comprise the Empress Aurora Trilogy and the tale of the young Marcus Maximus. Books 4 through 7 consist of the Chronicles of Logos and recount the fate of the fabulous Sword, and reveals how the decisions of the next generation impact the Kingdom for years to come.

Writers' Cafe / Re: How is this NOT breaking TOS?
« Last post by WasAnn on Today at 04:36:47 AM »
To catch up on the book's evolving situation: It was removed from sale as noted above, although it's unclear whether the authors removed it or Amazon did. It was still up on other sales venues, which suggests Amazon pulled it. It then reappeared on Amazon at some point without any discernible changes to the cover, title or description. However, it had no rank as of mid-day (CT) on July 20. It then disappeared off Amazon again mid-afternoon July 20. Still up on the other venues.

It's back up now and the difference is that the links to the website are off the blurb. That's pretty much it.
Yeah, don't publish another volume just for a different ending. That isn't addressed in TOS specifically, but it will anger readers and *might* be construed as repeating material by TOS.

Instead, have a break in the book before the diverging material begins, then links for each ending. Perhaps make it a sort of game or challenge...picking their ending.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Stuffers, scammers, and bad mamajammers
« Last post by WasAnn on Today at 04:20:05 AM »
A lot of burglars think it's no big deal to rob houses because people have insurance.

A lot of shoplifters think it's no big deal because the stores aren't people, but corporations.

A lot of tax evaders think it's okay because the loopholes exist they can exploit, even if it's not meant to be used that way.

A lot of johns think it's okay to pick up a hooker that looks fourteen as long as he never asks her age.

The key is that they're all wrong. Doing what we should do rather than what we can get away with is the basis for being an actual human being, vice a human-shaped predator of other humans. I see absolutely no difference between cheaters of any stripe and the examples above. Bad ethics = bad person.
Essentially, its taking a raw story, and majorly rewriting in an edit mode. The story remains, but very few sentences remain unaltered.

In this case, I'd release it as a second edition, with a new cover.

But I will repeat, I've not read enough to know if this one is even salvageable.

I've done this 3 times already, but not with an already published book.

let's do it!
Writers' Cafe / Re: Writing and Isolation...
« Last post by levz on Today at 04:14:27 AM »
Wow your mum is awesome!

That's what I was thinking.  :)

i think one reason they are so helpful and do not mind is that we are normally talking about human issues or research questions rather than writing issues. So I am asking my son and his girlfriend things like, "So this gal has this x type of surfer dude boyfriend, and they are in y situation. How does he react? Then what?" Or I am asking a firearms or legal or car or climbing question, for instance. Making up challenges for a reality show. More human nature or research, not about craft.

This seems like a good way of going about it.
I have never known a trademark lawyer who didn't first send a copy of the proposed application to the client, asking him to go over it and verify this is what he wants, before submitting it.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Stuffers, scammers, and bad mamajammers
« Last post by she-la-ti-da on Today at 04:08:26 AM »
No, they wouldn't, because that would mean working for a living. They are not writers and don't want to be; all they want is a get rich quick scheme and if that means trampling all over honest writers, that is not a consideration.

This. There are always people looking for the easy money, the passive income that will make them rich with little effort. Amazon gave them an open till, but it seems even they have caught on to the scammers. Finally. If we're lucky, we'll see a cleaner environment and Amazon will be watching so it doesn't get like this again. The scammers will never stop, but at least you can whack them down to the roots.

The old scamming was bad books, scraped material, badly translated junk, $5 ESL stuff that nobody would read, and the bots and clickfarming. Some folks saw a better way and started putting out somewhat decent content, but they're still cheating with the old methods, so they get no slack from me for "improving" the content. They may be able to buy off some "readers" or "fans", but they're still stealing from people who are trying to build a real career as writers.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Can I use tables in an ebook or not?
« Last post by Al Stevens on Today at 04:07:02 AM »
I have tables in my music instruction books. They work okay for Kindles and .epub devices (I haven't tested with all of them, however.). But Smashwords refuses to distribute them to iBooks, saying Apple rejects e-books that have html tables. I don't know why. I sideloaded them into my iPad's iBooks app, and they display okay. If you have a lot of large tables, using images can produce a really big download.
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