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I wear two hats. I was a consumer of books on KU long before I published.

La Esposa and I are what's considered 'whales'. We read fast and we read a lot. From that perspective, KU has performed perfectly. We have an almost unlimited number of titles and authors to chose from at an unbelievably low price. As readers, we love KU.

As a recently published author, I don't have the experience to quibble with any of the above posts. I can say that the KENP reads are a nice bonus to my sales. Paperback sales, and revenue, lead by a factor of 5 to one. If I were in any other program, there wouldn't be any read payments.

I think it's an established fact that KU was rolled out with no idea that it was going to be so easy for the get rich quick crowd to game the system. I share the opinion of GeneDoucette that Zon is trying to clean up its act. Heavy handed...Yes. Unfair...Yes. Are they seeing results...Unknown.

I also believe that Zon has an ongoing plan for KU. It's my understanding that Amazon provides a subsidy to the KDP Select Global Fund each month. I don't know what the ongoing plan is, but there certainly is a plan or they wouldn't be pouring the cash into our pockets.

Now before you jump out of your seat and shout at me that it's only to bring in customers for the other products that they sell, think about it for a moment. Are there so many potential customers of trinkets and housewares among book buyers that they feel justified in funding KU on the off chance that the prospect will jump over to 'childrens shoes'? I don't think so. The Amazon brand of having your choice of products all in one place is very strong.

If it was a business decision to shut down brick and mortar book sellers, KU was not needed. The convenience of online book shopping was enough. So, the question for me is why was KU dreamed up in the first place. What is the purpose of the ongoing funding of the Select fund? There is a reason. I just don't know what it is.

I feel for those of you who have lost revenue because of the loss of page reads. I wish that there were things I could do to help, but I don't know what they would be. I also understand the resentment and the feelings of abandonment many of you have shared. If you feel that you should move your books out of KU, then you should do so. If you are undecided, please know that you aren't alone.

And please, please, don't stress out over this situation. Do not ruin your health or happiness. Just stop with the stress. Go read a book. Better yet, go write two books. That'll show 'em what you think of their bots 'n such.


Not whales. A whale is a big spender who requires only ego-based tokens to continue to spend. KU is designed as a lure for fish...some of which will be small and others large.

The smaller fish are those that provide data, lots and lots of data. Once tied in, you'd be amazed at what you're giving Amazon to sell. The larger fish are those that realize they can avoid trips to the Whole Foods and hobby stores. Hobby stores? Yep, you'd never guess it, but that's a huge margin for them. It's complex, but what people will suddenly become obsessed with and buy outrageously large quantities of in order to try it themselves is amazing. Amazon has it on lock...and it all starts with information.

A reader who sticks with a cheap KU membership and doesn't enter the ecosystem is a loss for them.

And yes, there are that many customers who wind up buying everything from yarn to shoes to vibrators on Amazon that it more than makes up for any book loss. Just look at anyone's Affiliate records and you'll see. The point of entry is books, the money is in everything else. Why do you think newsletters use affiliate tags? Most of the money comes from there.
I know someone, who has been looking for an illustrator for her children's books.  She wants a cute little witch with a green face and purple hair.  Not bright green, just a light green complexion and around 8 years old.  Any recommendations?

She also has Christmas and animal stories.  Thank you for any help you can give me and I'll pass them on to her. :)

Katie Stewart at Magic Owl Design does wow-factor illustrations and is fantastic to work with. -
This thread is so surprising (to me). I was fully expecting people to say it took 10, 20, 50! books, before they hit four figures so to read 1, 2, and 3, is pretty inspiring. Congrats and thanks for sharing.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Amazon reviews glitch/weirdness
« Last post by KL_Phelps on Today at 03:36:59 PM »
The first rule with disappearing reviews is, "Don't panic right away." (I know that's hard advice to follow.) Over the years, I've had a few actual review disappearances and many more temporary glitches. Likely, some bot has malfunctioned.

This does sound larger scale than some previous incidents, but I'd still wait at least a week before thinking the issue is permanent. Kboards is filled with revew-panic threads that often end with, "Oh, my reviews are back."

true indeed. I scratched my head when I saw all my reviews had disappeared but figured I'd give it a day or two to see what was up, especially when I noticed another book that I know had over 1K reviews suddenly only had 1 as well. And sure enough a few hours later I was happy to see the reviews had returned. initial gut reaction is always THE SKY IS FALLING, but I've learned to ignore that.
Writers' Cafe / Re: For Cozy Writers
« Last post by Amanda M. Lee on Today at 03:28:38 PM »
I quite enjoy the puns.
Me, too. The puns are the second thing that attract me, right after the cover.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Has anyone else been disappointed by D2D?
« Last post by aimeeeasterling on Today at 03:28:28 PM »
I am direct with Nook and have enjoyed a Nook Free Friday promo --- it was great! However...they've never actually responded about any of my promo requests in a timely manner (that promo came about nearly a year after I applied). So even if you were direct, you're highly unlikely to be able to coincide an in-store Nook promo with your Bookbub.

On Kobo, it's both easier and harder to set up a promo to coincide with Bookbub. There are in-store promos you can apply for (which I highly recommend), but they have very specific dates attached to them that aren't likely to match your Bookbub's date. I do recommend going direct there later, though, so you can take advantage of the 30%/40%/50% off promos, which I sign up for every month and which are a big driver of sales on Kobo.

My advice? Enjoy your Bookbub...then go for the in-store promos later.
Kevin Kneupper received an email from a lawyer representing Hopkins this afternoon, saying he was going to file for a temporary restraining order in federal court. Tara Crescent and Jennifer Watson are also named in the lawsuit.

Here's the link to a draft of the TRO filing:

I don't have access to PACER, so I can't verified that it has been actually filed.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Dissatisfaction with Kindle Unlimited
« Last post by Rosie Scott on Today at 03:16:47 PM »
I picked "no, but I may pull some of my books out." I have had nothing but good luck with KU. It's 2/3 of my income. I haven't received any threatening emails or had page reads pulled.

In saying that, I am all too aware of the myriad of issues other people are having, and I've heard the horror stories. I'm not a "three strike and you're out" kind of person, once I'm burned I leave, and I leave for good. At this point, I'm just waiting for them to give me a reason. I'd like for things to stay as good as they are, but at the first sign of trouble, I'm out. I agree quite a bit with Crystal_ on this one; I will do what is best for my career. For now, that means staying in KU, but I have no undying loyalty to it.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Has anyone else been disappointed by D2D?
« Last post by danpadavona on Today at 03:14:55 PM »
Not sure what you're so disappointed in and suggest that maybe you tone down the expectations and the impatient emails a notch.

D2D can only suggest that retailers take a book up for a promo. They can't do anything else.

I'm not direct with B&N either (I can't, not in the US) and they have literally NEVER taken up my promos for none of my 14 Bookbubs.

Kobo has a direct promo dashboard which is excellent, but to get a major promo together with Bookbub is hard. They schedule their own promos and you're much better off going with their schedule. The front page promos are extremely hard to get. As in, they almost accept every promo request I send them, sometimes moving hundreds of copies in a week (yeah, on Kobo), but I've never gotten into that one.

Hi Patty. I assume you just manually change prices through D2D/Kobo for Bookbub deals? BTW, I'm reading "Going Wide Unboxed" right now.   8)
Writers' Cafe / Re: Author Reboot - Advice Requested
« Last post by Amanda M. Lee on Today at 03:08:10 PM »
If I was looking for an audience and a strong launch of a new series without a dedicated following I would wait until I had three books to launch. Period. That's the way most people are finding new success these days.
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