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Title: Good opening to a book to drag people in?
Post by: TJBlake on April 04, 2013, 09:48:21 am
Hi there. I'm new to all this but I'm T. J. Blake, aka Tom (it's easier to type) and I'm a new English, self-published author.

My new book is called Endurance. It's a novella (140 pages). The best way to describe it simply is. Fast paced, Mystery, Action, Gore, Suspense and Unpredictable.

Here's the blurb:
London is silent. Severed bodies lie amongst the rubble. What once was a lively city is a now a murderous grave, enclosed in smoke and ash. The cause of the destruction is unknown. Left haunted and terrified, survivor Tom Williams confronts the brutal, mutilated streets as he fights to uncover the truth. Could he be humanities last hope to restore normality?

It's available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Best available prices are on Amazon available as eBook for $1.89 and Barnes and Noble paperback for $4.04.

I would really appreciate some reviews from you authors out there. I'm willing to learn and improve as a writer. So please review my book people.


Title: Re: New author. New book. Endurance by T. J. Blake.
Post by: Betsy the Quilter on April 07, 2013, 09:48:48 am

Welcome to the Book Bazaar and congratulations on your new book!

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Title: Good opening to a book to drag people in?
Post by: TJBlake on September 23, 2013, 12:53:05 am
We all know promoting can be one hell of a task and I have adopted to displaying the opening of my new re-released novel Endurance (Not the one in my signature, I've re-released it). So below is the opening I have been showing people as a teaser for my novel. Hope you all enjoy and may even want to read  :D

"A man sat slumped with his back against the wall, injured and staring at the last flickering light, at a vandalised station on the London Underground; the bricks and tiles scattered across the floor. The bloodstained walls have made it unrecognisable. No one else was around.  He sat in the corner of the stop, deeply hidden within the shadows. The entrance was barricaded with collapsed concrete and bricks. Specks of dust floated down from the ceiling onto the ground and covered the man in a sheen of white. Complete silence was occasionally interrupted by loud screams from above, mostly from women and children. As the screaming stopped, murmuring and deep roars began. The sounds were not completely clear, but resembled a heavy smoker clearing his throat."

Endurance by T. J. Blake available on Amazon

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