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Title: Egads...this final stage is killing me...4 chapters, but deciding the order...
Post by: SawyerPentecost on March 29, 2014, 03:27:03 pm
My book switches pov between 4 separate groups over the course of the book, until in the last 5 chapters, the characters gradually merge into one group, before the final battle. It's getting really hard for me to organize the order that the groups merge, due to the nature of some reveals, and the way i want to ramp up the tension.

Now add in the fact that some of the characters, who had not manifested their powers yet, are beginning to do so. So there is a battle about to be waged, along with psychological babysitting of the newly-powered people, as well as three different people vying for leadership. Oh and let's not forget the grizzled career black ops soldier sent to contain them, who has decided to help out. Can he be trusted? Wait...there's a blurb in here somewhere, I know it!

Wish me luck.