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Title: Excellent Animated Cover-Reveal Trailers and Promotional Book Trailers
Post by: Redsapphire on April 12, 2016, 02:51:25 am
Hello, Authors,
Have you noticed that practically all the news that is news is shared through video? When it comes to sharing your book,  taking advantage of this hot-and-trending practice is not something you want to miss out on, and with Book Trailer Services, there's no need to.   

Lizabeth Scott, author of Sweet Destiny  (http://amzn.to/1TOo327) said this about her 30-sec promotional trailer: "I've had more clicks from the trailer than I have from print ads." When a book trailer is present, the desire  to click on it is pretty irresistible. In this ever expanding show-instead-of-tell environment, a well-crafted book trailer is easily worth more than a thousand words. And often viewers would just as soon watch an animated version of what your story is about as read the blurb.

Book Trailer Services offers a variety of trailer products and can work with you to create one to meet your needs. Take a look at some of our creations uploaded to YouTube: https://youtu.be/AFA5tsS0WSE  https://youtu.be/DAdivQng5os   https://youtu.be/WgDAI3PI6Wc .

If you're planning on a cover-reveal, use one of our 30-seconds-or-less cover-reveal trailers that currently costs only $12 and allows you to share a few lines of what your book is about. These trailers are designed to keep the focus on your cover. Here are some examples: Cover-Reveal Trailers  (http://self-publishingandread.weebly.com/sample-a-trailer.html).

Visit our website to learn more. Book Trailer Service (http://www.booktrailerservices.com/index.html).

Feel free to ask any questions.  Thanks for stopping by.