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Title: Author profile in exchange for backlink :)
Post by: PublishingWithLove.com on May 06, 2019, 11:57:29 am
Some definitions....

nofollow = a link google doesn't count for SEO purposes  :(

dofollow = a link google does count for SEO purposes  :)

More dofollow links from relevant websites means a higher ranking in Google search, generally.

If you have a website or non-social media webpage (because social media only uses nofollow links), I will create an author profile on my website (very new, but gaining views daily) with a dofollow link to your author website, which will help make your website go up in google's rankings. I will write the author profile myself, around 500 pages based on your catalog, unless you want to write your own. In exchange you can just link to any webpage on my website in any blog post/webpage, as long as it's a permanent link because if the link goes away it kills all benefit. It can literally just be a little mention at the start middle or end, I know author's are busy so I won't be picky.

This is a win-win, both of our SEO scores go up, and I will also write a pretty good author profile as well that will stay on my website forever, or until the link to my website is deleted, which will be monitored with sken.io since I already have an account with them.

My website is really new, two months old, but it's gaining quite a bit of traffic and as it grows the SEO value of the author profile, and the links to your author website grows as well. I won't mention the author profile is in exchange for a backlink, and your author profile will be mixed in with hundreds of other author profiles that weren't in exchange for a backlink.

PM me or contact me on [email protected]