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Title: Greetings from a poet!
Post by: poetryebook on May 22, 2020, 06:50:19 pm

Hello everyone!

This is my obligatory introductory thread about, oh, seven years after I joined. I made an account back in 2013, and have used this site to advertise my books in the past.

Iím a poet who has self-published over a dozen volumes of poetry. I recently served a stint as poet laureate of my town, and spent most of the past five years going to open mics and reading my work live on stage.

With the coronavirus shutting down performance venues, Iíve started looking more closely at reviving at my online presence again, getting back to promoting ebooks, and blogging poems. I havenít posted much, as I tend to lurk and read, but Iíve found the resources on this forum to be very helpful.

As a reader, I use the Kindle app on my iPad, though my spouse has a Kindle and enjoys it thoroughly. I enjoy reading non-fiction books to learn about history and sociology, and of course, books of poetry for more bite sized portions.

Have a lovely weekend!  8)