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Title: Cole Haan K3 Hand Stained Cover Review
Post by: AshMP on September 15, 2010, 05:08:21 pm
I gave myself a full day of enjoyment before I decided to pen this review so I could share my feelings and thoughts on this case...

Back when I ordered my K3 I was resigned to the fact that I was going to buy the Octovo Vintage Leather cover when it came available.  It was an amazing case, few flaws and fit my personal style.  Unfortunately, for whatever reason, Octovo has been dragging on releasing the products and my level of patience finally expired.

I resisted buying a "filler" case when I ordered the K3...for me, I felt that spending an additional $40-$60 on something I'd only temporarily use seemed like a waste.  I would much prefer to spend the money on items that will have longevity--a cozie/sleeve, new reading light, books or whatever.  So, I did the whole naked thing.  That is certainly not an option for me.  I feared for my Kindle's safety every moment of use and refused to bring it outside of the bedroom--forget about the house, which essentially cut my Kindle time down to a quarter. 

I knew I needed something, but with the limited amount of options, I was frustrated.  I finally decided to splurge on the $99.00 Cole Haan cover via Amazon.  I ordered this case in Chocolate brown, thinking it was as close to vintage-y as the current selection allowed.

Upfront, I have to say, the case beautiful.  Buttery soft, slouchy, with a beautiful faint pebbling to the leather. The leather itself has a great luster to it.  You can tell it is hand stained due to the inconsistency in color which gives the cover a marbled feel, this is a feature I'm betting is more evident in the lighter colors.  Honestly, it's a bit on the bulky side of things, probably cut a tad wider and taller than needed...but it's not a distracting size and excess girth isn't uncomfortable in hand due to the give of the slouchy leather.  I used a MEdge for my K2 for a while, and it's not quite as cumbersome as that was, but thicker than the Octo was. 

The cover itself has an old journal, time loved feel.  It's not in the coloring or consistency of the leather that this feeling vibes from like with the Octo...it's the construction.  In the Amazon reviews, many commented on the lack of structure, how it felt smushy...and that is exactly why this case smacks of that time loved feel.  It's broken in.  Unlike with M-Edge, or even Octo and I'm sure many other options, the structuring material is absent (or minimal) in this cover.  This makes it perfect for bending backwards when reading.  I don't mind it so much because I've ordered a cozy I lusted after, which will provide the purse protection the soft leather doesn't offer.  However, this lack of security could be an issue if things "press" you Kindle...keys, pens, coins, wallets or whatever.  Just something to think about.

Another reason to love the Cole Haan is in the details.  There is no sealant.  The case is leather wrapped and stitched as opposed to being butted up and sealed together.  This is nice if you plan to keep the case for the duration of you Kindle (I do!)...sealant often peels off over time when it's used a lot and bent...the leather wrapping with negate that from happening.  Definite plus in my book.

It operated using a hinge system...so I'll have to be careful, but my Octo worked the same way...

Overall, a solid 8.5/10 for me.  A good case, worth the money if you're looking for simple and classic. 
Title: Re: Cole Haan K3 Hand Stained Cover Review
Post by: AshMP on February 18, 2011, 08:58:08 am
I felt a great responsibility to update this review in light of my recent revelations about this case...I wrote about it in glowing terms, but things have since changed...

1. This case does the weird "color transfer" thing on the white Kindles.  The inner pocket leaves a murky, pinkish (my case was brown, so that's probably subjective) discoloration on the keys.  A Magic Eraser does remove this...but if you're a perfectionist when it comes to your beloved, that's something to definitely consider.

2. This is a HUGE DEAL BREAKER and something for everyone to really consider before buying.  if you like your Kindle to work, this is NOT the case for you.  The Cole Haan case falls into the grouping of cases that harm the K3 thanks to the hinge system.  I went through 3 Kindles before discovering, thanks to CS, that the case was culprit, not the device itself.  This case had my Kindle doing weird resets, freezing, locking, forgetting the place in my book and the battery life was laughable. 

For $99.00 you can do much better when it comes to function but not exactly form.  The quality, not withstanding the color transfer, is beyond reproach.  After months of using the case it was still perfect...the leather was soft, smoochy and very delicious.  The case, even with daily use, never broke down...I feel that it would have honestly lasted the life of my Kindle--and probably still kept ticking. 

It's a huge disappointment to have to replace something that you love.  I have switched gears toward Noreve now.  The Cole Haan, from a functional standpoint, does not work and I would caution anyone looking to buy it...unless you're all about esthetics, this isn't the one for you.

Amazon, shockingly, is still selling the case online.  I was generously given a full refund for the purchase price of the cover.  Buyer beware, look to other cases.

Title: Re: Cole Haan K3 Hand Stained Cover Review
Post by: rahrah12 on April 21, 2011, 07:48:33 pm
I have had and used this case since Christmas and have not had any problems with my Kindle failing.  No resets, no freezing, not one single problem.

I was hesitant to use a case on my Kindle because I liked the slim/sleek feel of the naked Kindle.  I had a specific type of Kindle that I wanted and this one fit that perfectly. I absolutely love this case and it was exactly what I was looking for and wanted.   It is a little pricey but I got it directly from the Cole Haan store at a slight discount. 

I have heard people complain about that hinge system (on other covers) and got a little worried...maybe I got lucky.  I don't know if the cases through Amazon are any different (I can't see why they would be) but this is a really nice case for me.