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Writers' Cafe / Re: Multiple Authors and Publishing Companies
« on: June 16, 2020, 10:20:29 pm »
Create one Kindle Direct Publishing account. As you upload all your books to that one account, you'll have the chance to designate different pen names to each book. No one but you can see that all the pen names are managed by the same person through a single KDP account. Next, create an Author Central account. You can have up to three pen names on your Author Central account. Again, there'll be no visible connection between the pen names. Only you and Amazon will know, unless you choose to tell people.

This is what I needed. Thank you.

Writers' Cafe / Multiple Authors and Publishing Companies
« on: June 16, 2020, 07:45:44 am »
If I write in 3 different genres such as horror, non-fiction tech, and children's books will it be difficult to hide my identity on these on one Kindle account so no one can tell if you're the same person running all three? I heard that you can have 3 different author pages on the author central but when I last looked there was nowhere to set this up.


Writers' Cafe / Re: Book Ownership and Copyright Issues
« on: May 14, 2020, 03:34:20 pm »
This happened to me as well and there was no real answer from amazon. I already had sales and reviews on the book, but I couldn't republish it for some reason after they cleared it. I had to give up all of the reviews and put it up for sale again, which I did but in an anthology this time.

For me personally, it is possible it was seen on my website and at the time I was using a different pen name so it is possible their AI had confused the two. Did you do a search on google to see if it was copied anywhere?

I'm a new author in print through a publisher and Kindle. I also publish my own work on kindle and on my podcast.

What is considered a sale here? I don't know (yet) how many copies of the work in the work through the publisher as it is new. I do know how many KU downloads and actual sales I've had. I also know how many downloads I get on the podcast. I'm assuming I cannot use the podcast number in the sales figure :) Are KU downloads considered sales?


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