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Belinda, accepted and thank you.  My name is Trish Lamoree and you can look up my work on Amazon to check me out.  I may not be able to go into the projects going on in the background and I may still flop flat on my face, so I can't make guarrantees or drop names.  That's mostly because I don't want to scam anyone or give false hope.

And regarding your covers, I also apologize.  Writers and artists work for pennies on the dollar and out of  the love in our hearts.  Your artwork is very good.  It takes me a good two days to create a bookcover.  It takes me four weeks to write a book.  If we put that into percentages, the bookcovers of my books are 10% of my books (oversimplifying but you know...).  Therefore to logistically afford $100 for a book cover, I would need to make $1000 on a book and I'm lucky to make that on a single book in a whole year (oh no, I broke the "don't admit how many sales you made" rule  :o ).  Even with a totally exceptional bookcover, if you were to take 10% of my royalties instead of money up front, you'd make even less than you do now and it would take a year to make it. 

Still, I remember how much I needed hope a few years ago.  Research will uncover scams.  It's hard to follow up on every one of them, but we have to.  I'm kinda glad you brought up the points you did because it gave me a chance to prove that I'm not one of those scams.  The main thing to look for in those scams is the slick tongue and the open palm (they will always ask you for money at some point - or they will ask you to sign a contract without giving you any money).  Did your friends run into a scam that didn't ask for money?  They just asked for copyright?  That's low and I'd like to see that scam because there's always something somewhere that exposes the truth and I can find it.

I don't select authors on a past merit basis because some of the best authors I know are the ones who haven't made the full leap into a complete book.  And some authors who can write a 120,000 word book, couldn't write a something less than 2 pages long to save their lives.  LOL.  And still I've already invited the author friends from my past dealings ... the ones I know are good and the ones I could find after being on a two year writing break (I'm still looking for the some of them).

That said, some of the best friends I've met have been ones I fought with or beside on day one.  I've written over 1200 words in this topic.  In fact, I'm right now trying to figure out how to twist it into a warped interview story for the book........  :-*

Might I suggest posting some of these assignments at a site like Textbroker? If you assign orders to the higher levels there, you will get quality work for a reasonable price. Most writers there understand that they are giving up copyright and have no problems with it.

Thanks.  I won't post there until next week.  I promised I'd give you guys the first shot and I stick to that. =)  I got my start here and I'm paying back.  :P

Let me get this straight.  I have a job that takes less than 2 hours to complete (1200 words is less than 2 pages - not anthology material which other authors know), could pay cash if your talented enough, might get a new author's name in a nationwide bestselling series, and I'm exploitational because you want independent authors keep the copyright on something that would otherwise moulder on the shelf with your $100-$600 bookcover as a coaster or better, get stuffed into this supposed 6 page anthology that might, if successful sell two dozen copies a year, the royalties (maybe ten dollars if you're lucky since it's a 6 page book) you can split lovingly or haggle to split with your co-authors.  Seriously, I have done this (not the haggling since I've been with some classy authors), and it's not the fun and games that you think.  

I'm self-published too.  I was selling in Kindle when no one knew it was here.  I know what publicity means to a new author and I think I know that better than someone exploiting authors with a book cover service that charges $600 for a book cover.  Where do you think struggling authors get $600 for a book that's not even published and why aren't you asking for royalties instead of accepting the flat fee for the artwork?  Books sell on Oprah not Kindle.  As authors out there reading this post, who are you going to believe?  A fellow author or an artist who wants your money.  Now maybe if you sold your artwork for a share of the royalties, you'd have some perspective of what we make on Kindle if we're not already well-known by the public.  But you don't.

I almost pulled this post.  Then I read a letter from my partner that says he wants another book and has lined up <bleep> to write it with me, if only there were five of me to write all these books.  Instead, I run into haters in my old hometown where I was hoping to find kindred.  If you want in, send a story.  If not, go ahead waste all our time by posting your bitter misunderstanding of how to fight for the rights of authors.  When your Kindle sales don't add up at the end of the month, think of what a shot in the arm you'd get to your sales by being able to say you were published in a best-selling book.

I stand for integrity.  I am going to fight for authors who get in with me now.  And I'm not going to shut up and walk away because you doubt my intentions.  My intentions are pure, my reputation on this board is untarnished.  I will not walk away from my fellow authors.  Can't you see that it's negative energy like this that holds you back from opportunity?  I was there too.  I doubted every hand held out.  I refuse to be oppressed by doubt any more.

In answer to your questions, yes, you give up copyrights to a two page story in return for cash and exposure.  What kind of brick of gold do you think you can write in 2 pages that isn't worth that price or that (as another poster mentioned - thank you) that you couldn't rewrite slightly if you need those 2 pages so much?  The reason the first deal did not have a cash payout is that it has more exposure potential.  The first project has a max of 20 stories told by others.  The rest is written by a PhD and me.  I don't need your stories for that project so I won't pay as much but I thought it might be cute and I like to give back to my hometown.

***Blush**** While I was writing this - five people posted and I've got to say I feel a little better.  Thank you for putting it in perspective.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Author Opportunity
« on: June 20, 2013, 07:54:14 pm »
Hi Vera... um... shhhh. ;)

Belinda... thanks for the laugh.  Please remember, we need hopeful stories, not bitter ones.  Thanks. LOL. ps.  Nice graphics. I did my own bookcovers.

I can write a short story in two hours, no publish or promoting work and the possibility of getting linked with a big brand... that's $75/hr. (or nothing if you don't make it)  If I could do it all, I would.  ::)

I'm an old geezer for this board and was around when it first started.  I remember what it was like in the beginning with the struggle and... oh, well, I won't go into my stuff as you probably aren't that interested.  But if you're like me when I got started, you need contacts, credits, and some favors or income, if possible.  Suffice it to say that I've been there and done that and loved it and hated it.... now I need a little help that can help you and I'm giggling like a little girl to be able to come back here (where I started) and offer it up.  

I've fallen into a few projects that I can't do on my own.  They're too big.  I need more writers.  I know that Kindleboards writers are some of the more determined, hungriest and most diligent writers around.   I will not ask you to buy, market, or otherwise publish anything.  I will not steal your work and call it my own.  You will be required to give up copyright of the story but you will be compensated for it.

To be clear, I need 70-200 short stories from varied authors.  1200 words of less, first person where it is either your story or introducing a friend's story.  It should be uplifting or moving, motivational or hillarious.  Dry humor is fine, bitter is not.  Heart-felt is good, my-church-is-better-than-yours is not.  No fiction.

Subject/Project One: Employment Interviews.  Give me your funniest, stupidest, most moving, most successful, and/or just plain amazing interview stories from the perspective of the boss preferably, but I'd also take a few from the interviewee if it's really good.  I need less than 20 of these.  If you give me a story I can use, I'll give you a free copy of the finished book, you'll be able to link your name to the book, and you'll be listed as a contributing author.    

Subject/Project Two: Unemployed But Fighting Back/Unemployed and It's the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me/Unemployed and Making It -- Again, funny, stupid, moving, inspirational or amazing about your experience or the experience of a person that inspired you not to give up.  These need to be hopeful.  If you're accepted, you will get $150 cash plus 5 copies of the book when it is published.  I need 70-100 of these.

Subject/Project Three:  The Boss.  Stories exclusively from the Boss's perspective about life as the BOSS (Manager, CEO etc.).  Again, funny, stupid, moving, inspirational or amazing about your experience or the experience of a person who was a great boss dealing with employees.  These need to be about heart more than stupidity.  I will accept a few that are Thanks for Being the Boss Who Saved My Life/What an Inspiring Boss/The Boss I Never Got to Say Thank You To stories.  If you're accepted, you will get $150 cash plus 5 copies of the book when it is published.  I need 70-100 of these.

Believe it or not, there's an even bigger project for which these are a test.  I'll publish between 20-250 short stories over the next 6 months to a year in 3-10 different books.  That's a given.  Impress me and I may have an even bigger project for 1-2 special writers.  I will reiterate that I will not ever try to sell you anything and if I use your work, you will be compensated (I only say this because there were a lot of little shark people out there trying to milk my last 10 cents off of me when I was getting started and it sucks).

I'll open this up to other authors later at submissions(at)vipblackcardpublishing(dot)com, but for you folks, send it to my personal email at trishlamoree(at)hotmail(dot)com.  If you get it in by Friday, you'll get a headstart (as I'll be opening submissions to others after that).  Need to research us?  Email me for what I can't put here.  Discretion is key.  Multiple submissions accepted from the same author but only if you mention that you came from Kindleboards.  Don't be greedy, please pass this along.  I want my fellow authors to be from word-of-mouth to keep my slush pile down.  Thanks.  Bump this because we need LOTS of authors and Ed, if you don't send me a story personally, I'll come and whack you with a stupid stick.

Hugs all,

The Book Bazaar / Children's Picture Books
« on: April 23, 2012, 08:43:52 am »
Where Wishes Come True is FREE Monday (today) in order to celebrate the release of two new picture books.  And to all those who bought it in black and white, you can upgrade your version of Where Wishes Come True to a Full color version for new Kindles and phone apps!!!

You dream of me,
And Iíll dream of you.
Weíll meet in the place,
Where wishes come true.

A Children's picture book designed for the Kindle with sweet pictures and original illustrations. 16 Print pages and a sweet poem to help put any child to sleep. As of April 2012, now in full color for newer Kindles, Kindle PC and IPhone Kindle App.

The waves go up.
The waves come down.
The tide goes in and out.
The ocean can be a magical place
to laugh and dream about.

Take your toddler on a magical journey to the ocean and back. Twenty-six full color, high-quality photographs of children at the beach covering 27 pages in all. Still beautiful in black and white for classic kindles.

I canít say rhinoceros just now.
Iím just a kid. Thatís what they say.
I canít spell hippopotamus just now.
But thatís okay. I can practice.
Maybe I will be a teacher someday.

27 Full color, professional photos illustrate this introduction into many things that a child can hope to be. Most of all, it encourages kids to reach high and dream big dreams. Building on the knowledge that most young children don't understand negatives, this picture book encourages them to explore what they can do even when adults tell them they can't do it "just now."

The Book Bazaar / Re: Chasing Illusions by Trish Lamoree
« on: February 02, 2012, 08:57:43 pm »
Notice to readers...

Chasing Illusions is now a new edition, filled with more than twice the content as before.  No long a series of short stories, Chasing Illusions will now take you on a full journey with the Crow.  Download and read the new and improved Chasing Illusions.

The Book Bazaar / Re: New! PSI Consulting 5 -- Love's First Kiss $2.99
« on: August 24, 2011, 10:34:51 am »
Always a pleasure to hear from you Ann. =)

The Book Bazaar / Re: New! PSI Consulting 5 -- Love's First Kiss $2.99
« on: August 22, 2011, 05:17:46 pm »
Thanks for the congrats... =)

BTW, in your post (right above the links to the other books) it says, "Love's First Kiss is Book 2 of the PSI Consulting Series." Is this an error? Shouldn't it say book 5?

Yep -- that was a typo -- thanks!  Fixed it!

The Book Bazaar / New! PSI Consulting 5 -- Love's First Kiss $2.99
« on: August 22, 2011, 01:48:33 pm »
Love's First Kiss by Trish Lamoree
 - PSI Consulting 5 for $2.99

Rianna and Damian have been trying to open a portal back into the Weaver's world for months, but for all their newfound powers, they've failed. As PSI Consulting's newest and now only client, Damian has their full attention, except for the wedding.

Four Men Walk into a Strip Club...

Marcus has been looking forward to taking Rianna away from all this magic stuff for a real quiet honeymoon. All Marcus has to do is survive Jordan's idea of a bachelor party and get to the church on time.

Book 5 of the PSI Consulting series takes us deeper into Damian's world, the Weaver's world.

Love's First Kiss is Book 5 of the PSI Consulting Series.  (Book1: Painting the Roses Red, Book 2: Never Smile at a Crocodile, Book 3: Poor Unfortunate Souls, Book 4: Court of Miracles, Book 4.5: Once Upon a November (a short story contained within a FREE Anthology called Cross Council and PSIgns 3 in 1 is a compilation of Books 1-3 at a discount price available only to ebook readers!)  

Author Info: Join Me on Facebook.  Send a text for email.  Post comments or questions here.  I love to talk to readers and other writers.

Wow!  I'm so glad you folks liked the surprise!  Love's First Kiss will publish within a few days.  I pushed the publish button.  We're just waiting on amazon now. =)

Not Quite Kindle / Re: Another truly random question
« on: August 21, 2011, 06:59:40 pm »
Does your chewing gum lose its flavor on the bedpost over night?

Not Quite Kindle / Re: INFINITY Game - Word Association
« on: August 21, 2011, 06:57:18 pm »

Not Quite Kindle / Re: Let us Play Change One word Game
« on: August 21, 2011, 06:56:44 pm »
shabby chic

Not Quite Kindle / Re: New Game: Birds of a Feather
« on: August 21, 2011, 06:56:01 pm »

Is that what I've been doing?  Staring too long??  :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

Not Quite Kindle / Re: Another truly random question
« on: August 21, 2011, 10:57:54 am »
Did you say lazier or crazier?

Not Quite Kindle / Re: Let us Play Change One word Game
« on: August 21, 2011, 10:56:34 am »
talk softly

Not Quite Kindle / Re: INFINITY Game - Word Association
« on: August 21, 2011, 10:56:01 am »

Maureen's too modest to tell y'all but she's got a short story in a FREE for Kindle anthology.... Cross Council....

I will hit the publish button next week for PSI Consulting 5 -- Love's First Kiss, but I wanted to give folks a chance to get a copy of the short story first (as it's a bit of a surprise and it would ruin the surprise if you read it after Love's First Kiss).  LOL.

Hugs all.... you're the best!!

As an FYI to my readers and fans...  Brendan Carroll, Maureen Miller and I have published an anthology of short stories that highlight our work.  Please go check out Cross Council!!  It's currently FREE on Smashwords.  Our gift to you, our readers.

Once Upon a November (PSI Consulting 4.5) is hidden in Cross Council but you won't want to miss it because PSI Consulting 5 is coming out in a week or so!

It's Thanksgiving at the Lair, otherwise known as the underground hide-out of the PSI Consulting crew.  They've been coming out about their psychic abilities and pondering jumping across dimensions.  Fun times, but Tiara's mother has dropped in for a surprise visit.  They've faced down insanity and a madman.  They should be able to handle the boss's mother-in-law... if they can manage to tuck all the "magic" into the closet for the visit!!

Not Quite Kindle / Re: The Random Statement Thread
« on: August 18, 2011, 05:50:36 pm »
I would enjoy having my garden visited by plants!!

Not Quite Kindle / Re: INFINITY Game - Word Association
« on: August 18, 2011, 05:48:57 pm »

Not Quite Kindle / Re: New Game: Birds of a Feather
« on: August 18, 2011, 05:47:19 pm »

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