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I went through and supported a bunch of new ones :-) Good luck everyone!

Got yours, Alex. Here's mine, if you didn't already hit it:

Already got it :-)

I could use some help, folks.

But you knew that, already.

I could also use some help on this HeadTalker.

got yours too!


I've gone back and supported those that are still live :-)

I've got a couple new ones, in preparation of my newest release / celebration. If you have a couple minutes to click, I'd appreciate it!

Writers' Cafe / Re: Post-book drop?
« on: April 13, 2017, 03:14:26 pm »
I'm glad to know that's a *thing* others experience too. It takes me way to long to get back to writing after finishing a novel. I'm slowly getting better about it. In fact, I'm not allowing myself any time off between my current book and the next one.

With my current WIP, I'm procrastinating soooo bad right now on these last 1000 words... just to avoid the post-whatevers. Seriously, I could have been done days ago. But when I'm done comes the editing and worrying. And the stressing about formatting. And getting the paperback set up. And lining up promotion. And what if I do all that and it flops? Ugh.

So instead of facing all of that, I'm on here :-)

I do have a feeling yours is a combo of that and the possible job change. That's a lot of chaos to wrestle into submission. I'd be tempted to delay the stress (i.e.procrastinate) if I could a bit longer.  ;D

Writers' Cafe / Re: Flummoxed by Amazon Associate's Rules for Websites
« on: April 08, 2017, 05:34:59 pm »
Yes, Alex, I had my very first affiliates account shut down because I missed one email, too, about a new legal thing I had to add to my site. It's also frustrating because according to their instructions, they only look at your site once you've made a sale - which means you have to apparently go to all the trouble to put up the links and wait and see if Amazon approves. (And then, they don't send you the money you've already made and just keep it, apparently). If they don't approve, they simply send you a "you've been terminated" email and then you have to take all the links down again and reapply. FYI, I decided to remove all Amazon reviews from my website and not even try with the API. I'll let you know if they accept me this time. I'm thinking I have a greater chance of winning the lottery.  :(

You might be right. I don't have to right now for re-applying and linking all over again for a snowball's chance :-) maybe at some point when I'm not working under two deadlines, while caring for a sick family member, I'll get around to it. Hope it works out better for you this time around!

Writers' Cafe / Re: Flummoxed by Amazon Associate's Rules for Websites
« on: April 07, 2017, 03:55:50 pm »
I'm right there with you on the frustration, though mine is a little different, OP.

I had an associates account for YEARS, then missed one email asking me to click a box somewhere and they shut down my account. Not for anything I did, per sea, only for not responding to some massive email they sent everyone.

So, months later I finally get around to re-applying. Updated my links all over the place to include the new code, even made a few sales commissions in the first few days. And bam-- they canceled my account saying that my site has too much "product" content. Well, duh. I'm a d*mn author and you know, I'd like to sell my books. I have a books page, a blog page, and about me page, etc.-- several of those pages don't have a single affiliate link on them. I try to keep it visually clean. 

I could see if my site was just a random collection of other peoples products for sale, but what I was linking too was all my own stuff.

And the worst part, they just shut you down without allowing for a back and forth conversation. So now ALL of those links aren't doing me a bit of good, and if I try to re-apply and re-do the links the chances are high that it will just be more of the same.

I have to say, the program sure has changed from when I was affiliated before. And not in a good way.

I don't write romance, but the MC in my current series is bi. I don't make a big deal about it, and don't mention it in the blurb. Through two books, no reviewer has mentioned that she went to bed with a man in the first book and a woman in the second.

My experience mirrors yours in this regard. I even removed my lgbt/bi keyword because it seemed to pigeon-hole the book into lesbian romance almost exclusively. My characters sexuality is not the basis for the plots, the story itself is. She doesn't do romances. lol

I pulled the keyword and have been marketing it in the "norm" general cats. No one has complained yet.

Well, there was that one "this author should die" review and given the personal nature of the attack, I assume that she felt horribly offended by a character that appreciates the finer points of both sexes  :o

Writers' Cafe / Re: PA
« on: April 04, 2017, 07:02:38 am »
Following, as I'm interested on what others have to say too :-)

Hi Guys, any help supporting this Headtalker would be really appreciated. I'll be going back through the thread to support as well.



supported :)


I have a campaign, and could use some help, and I'm going through to click on open campaigns. Thank you.

Supported you on headtalker! Good luck with the release!

I'm still trying to figure this out :-) but I've supported the ones that are still active to lend my 1200 twitter followers to the effort. My campaign is still pending, so I'm guessing that I have to wait to share it?

ETA: nevermind, it's live now  ;D

I like the new cover imagery a lot better. I'm not digging the typeface though... it doesn't match the tone of the blurb or the cover image and I think it takes away from the image.

Personally, I'd go with your name up top, in a very simple, large font. Possible fading, wide kerning on the letters. I'd likely make it all caps too, to fit in with the two initials in caps. If the author name text was done differently, and placed somewhere else, I might like the title text better.

I love the reworked blurb. Your novel sounds like something I'd like to read:-)

Writers' Cafe / Re: AMS Ads Learning
« on: March 18, 2017, 02:30:57 pm »
I have to ask, how wide did you have to go on keywords to get 67,000 impressions? I started my campaign 2 days before you did, and as of today I only have about 16,000 impressions with 16 clicks.

I know that's a good conversion rate, and I spent a fair bit of time targeting to get that effect, but I'm not really getting enough volume to consider this a success.

In case it matters, my data is split between two campaigns, with one being two days newer than the other. Even so, the numbers seem consistent between the two. The newer campaign is seeing about 1/2 -2/3 of the impressions and clicks that the first campaign has.

Ad #1 has 72 keywords that I started with. I've turned off a bunch of under-performing ones though.
Ad #2 has 65 keywords, with a bunch also turned off.

I tried to drill-down my keywords to a concise set, but weirdly enough about half of my good keywords are very generic. I'd say about half of my clicks & impressions have come through words that the Zon suggested initially, like "Fiction" or "Vampires". I haven't found much luck targeting specific book titles in keywords, series titles are only marginally better. The author's names (of similar, better selling books) seem to be working far better for me.

As an example, Ad#1 has netted me over 8k impressions on the word "fiction" with with 22 clicks. That roughly 1 click for every 364 impressions. Also for this ad, an authors name with a very similar series as mine has received over 7k impressions and 10 clicks. That's 1 click for every 700 impressions. So not as "impressive" as the fiction click rate, but I can't turn that many viewers down in the niche I want to be in.

I "paused" keywords that were getting little to no impressions with no clicks, figuring that having them compete for my daily budget could potentially be holding back other, more profitable keywords.

I'll admit, I'm figuring this out on the fly though. If I see that a keyword is getting clicks, especially at a lower ratio than others, I'll increase the bid price to help boost it. If I see that a "good" keyword has an average CPC that is very close to my max bid, I'll increase my bid as well. I seem to be noticing that keywords that are performing well for me are typically showing an average CPC about 10-cents lower than my max bid. So if I see one getting a good click ratio but not much traffic, I up the bid to roughly 10-cents more than the avg. CPC and they seem to start performing even better. Does that make sense?

Overall, I have keywords with a max bit of $0.10 at the low end, all the way up to one or two with a $0.45 bid. (Those are much more competitive, but performing well for me.)

I am spending way too much time fiddling with bids and keywords than I probably should be. I'm trying to remind myself that if I change too many things at once, I won't be able to tell which of those changes caused things to go worse, or better.  :)

Writers' Cafe / Re: AMS Ads Learning
« on: March 17, 2017, 03:05:15 pm »
I just wanted to chime in with my experience with AMS so far. I started one campaign for a first-in-series book on 3/10, and a second campaign two days later. (same book, different ad text and slightly different key words)

I've had a total of around 67000 impressions, with only 100 clicks... No sales according to the AMS dashboard.

BUT... I've had enough KU page reads (on the book in question and the next book in the series) that as of today, I've at least covered my expenses so far. Total spent to date is around $20, spread over two campaigns. Even if I lose a few bucks, it's been worth it so far because that book has gone from high 100's down to 20's in the overall store. This is important for a few reasons... One, I'm going to try for a BookBub shortly, and the lower ranking might help with that. Two, I'll be putting the third book in the series up in the next week or so for pre-order, and the lower ranking might help push sales to that one as well.

The way I see it, I'm paying for visibility right now and the page reads are a bonus.  I should also point out that I *think* I know why I'm getting all KU reads and no sales. I can see that this book is priced $1 - 2 higher than all of the books showing in the Also Boughts and all of the books showing in the ads right below that.  I intend to lower the price on the book to better fit the market, I just don't want to do it before I apply to Bookbub.

Anyway, I wanted to thank everyone for sharing on this thread... without the information posted here I'd probably be loosing my *ss instead of breaking even :-)

Writers' Cafe / Re: Help a Newbie Blurb Like a Pro? (urban fantasy)
« on: March 10, 2017, 06:54:39 am »
Glad to help! Good luck!

Writers' Cafe / Re: Help a Newbie Blurb Like a Pro? (urban fantasy)
« on: March 09, 2017, 06:28:26 pm »
See, now I'm torn.

I also think 3rd person blurbs are more professional, but the 1st person blurb made me want to really read the book. The MC reminds me a lot of my MC Claire, if she'd traded her fangs for fur  ;D so if you can find a way to meld the two version (3rd person, but with that snark) I think you'd have a winner.

Oh, and I agree about the b*lls bit as the others have stated. Took me right out of things for a minute. Of course, I'd likely sub in something similar, yet feminine (crotch? lol) and keep it if I could.

Good luck either way!

Writers' Cafe / Re: Title help for new mystery
« on: March 06, 2017, 08:53:18 pm »
Dead on the Vine
Blood on the Rose
Rose Red and Dead
Roses are Dead
A Murder of Roses

Idk. It's late and I'm beat. Hope you find a title that suits it perfectly!

Writers' Cafe / Re: Using a real setting in your books...
« on: March 03, 2017, 09:41:25 am »
The popular All Souls Trilogy (A Discovery of Witches - Deborah Harkness) has several scenes in the same library and it plays a critical role in setting up her plot, so you should be fine :-)

Writers' Cafe / Re: Incognito is becoming popular
« on: April 14, 2015, 09:50:16 pm »
While I understand the (very) valid reasons why a large chunk of authors here decided to pull books out of their signatures, it still makes me sad. I used to click and buy books that I'd noticed here, especially if if the poster said something funny, snarky or witty. Now a lot less clickin' is going on :-)

Sorry, I had to test the autoresponder myself, since I couldn't remember exactly how it worked :-)

My "thanks for signing up, here's your free ebook" email has two links embedded in it. One for the mobi file and one for the epub. So readers get to choose which version they need.

Hope that helps!

I use mailchimp and I set up an autoresponder that goes out to any new (confirmed) subscriber. In that email, they get the link to download the free book (which I uploaded to mailchimp for that purpose.)

I don't remember the exact steps, but I remember it being fairly easy to do. Hope that helps!

$1.69     :P

Writers' Cafe / Re: No sexy times for my Dragon
« on: March 31, 2015, 09:46:16 pm »
I'll admit when I read the thread title I was expecting something very different.  :P

I'm a bit disappointed.  ;D

Glad I'm not the only perv :-) Unless you weren't thinking like I was. In that case, don't mind me over here... I'll just belt up this trench coat of mine and be on my way.  :o

Writers' Cafe / Tues freak out - countdown running on its own?
« on: March 31, 2015, 12:52:33 pm »
So I posted a few days ago that I tried to set up a countdown deal on book 1 in my series - multiple attempts were unsuccessful. I even checked to be sure none of them went through and they didn't. Noticed yesterday that sales had halted on the book, which is odd, so today I checked the book's Ammy page and there's a countdown deal running!

Nothing I showing on my kdp deals page- I didn't line up any promo obviously, and apparently it's been running a few day because the price is already back up to $1.99. Arrgg.

Anyone else had this happen?

Btw, tried to post about this earlier and the forum ate my post.

Technology -2
Karen- 0

Ignore typos- on my phone :-(

March has been very good to me...  I made 4x what I earned in Feb or Jan, and up until this month, those two were my best months ever.

Now I'm just waiting for inevitable spring decline of sales to knock me off my high-horse :-)

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