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Kindle Accessories / Re: Kindle Covers by Clevelandgirlie
« on: December 08, 2012, 09:39:11 pm »
Hi Sea! Yes, I have been MIA for awhile :). Hope all is well with you and Katniss! I do love that cute little lobster. She really makes some cute stuff. I love how she uses natural things like cuts,of bark from fallen branches from her tree for buttons. So hard to decide, but I am looking to get one for my nook with the light.

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Kindle Accessories / Re: Kindle Covers by Clevelandgirlie
« on: December 06, 2012, 01:32:15 pm »
As I was doing some Christmas shopping browsing online, I found myself looking over Clevelandgirlie's newest works of art on Etsy - she has some really cool textiles up right now, and I'm really loving the wool ones too - I hadn't seen those before. I have been so happy with the kindle and nook covers I ordered from her a couple years ago, and I still find myself just turning these over and over in my hand admiring the beautiful craftsmanship and loving the fabrics and fasteners she chooses. Besides the fact I started shopping for myself :^D, it made me realize what a nice gift it would be for someone who recently purchased or is getting a new device for Christmas this year since I'm still so enjoying them 2 years later. My nook cover she custom made to be a perfect fit for my nook in its cover when she didn't have one listed - I had just emailed her the measurements. Just wanted to share just in case anyone else is on the hunt for a unique gift for someone !

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Kindle Accessories / Re: The CoylCushion
« on: August 11, 2011, 08:11:21 pm »
Well, Neo, I'm still regularly looking at your fabric for a future purchase, so consider us even. :D

Kindle Accessories / Re: The CoylCushion
« on: August 11, 2011, 04:42:31 pm »
Oooh, how exciting - this one is mine!!! Alice, it turned out even more beautiful than I had hoped. Thank you so much - I look forward to receiving and using my 3rd CoylCushion!

The shark embroidery one is awesome - lucky you who is receiving that one!

Two new CoylCushions I mailed out today. One is a new fabric that I will be placing on my web site along with several others that I will be receiving tomorrow.

Kindle Accessories / Re: The CoylCushion
« on: August 09, 2011, 10:31:26 am »
Here are 2 of my beautiful custom CoylCushions I received yesterday. I've just had under 24 hours with them, and I don't know what I did without them. I love these batiks I found at Jo-Ann Fabrics, and Alice got them to me so quickly. Thanks again, Alice!

The green is the Oversized (which I got for large hardbacks mainly, but it works well for everyone else), and the stars is the phone size. Looking forward to my regular sized one, and I'll definitely be back for more.  :D

Kindle Accessories / Re: The CoylCushion
« on: August 05, 2011, 09:39:31 pm »
Just coming out of board hibernation  ;D to say that I have 3 cushions on order with Alice and can't wait to get them! Thanks again for all your help with my order, Alice.

Kindle Accessories / Re: New Joe V. Leather Book Style Cover
« on: August 05, 2011, 09:37:58 pm »
I really love the rustic look of these covers and sleeves! Right up my alley, beautiful work.

Question on the nano watchband - can you tell me how small the band will go? Thanks!

I had my makeover today at the Chanel national MUA event at my local Macy's, and it was a lot of fun! For once I left a makeover without looking like a clown. :D My MUA was really helpful to keep my look very natural since I don't like to wear too much makeup. She suggested some really nice shades that I would have never picked out myself, but I ended up loving the look.

One in particular was the new Rouge Coco Shine lipstick in Boy. I would have never picked this shade out for myself, thinking it would be too light and pink on me since I usually go for more rosey-beiges. She paired it with Tulip lip liner, which is very close to my lip color, and also a match to the lipstick. It's a very pretty combo and great for spring and summer! The lipstick itself feels so creamy and emollient, yet it is very long lasting. The picture takes you to a review and swatches, though the color looks very different on me than it does on the model!

Ooh, those sheets sound so nice! I really love t-shirt sheets, but you all make the sateen sound wonderful, so I may have to try a set of each.  ;D

I always seem to wear the same rings, earrings, and necklace day to day so I usually don't put them away in this every night, but for the rest of my jewelry, I keep them in an older version of the Gold & Silver Safekeeper Jewelry Case by Lori Greiner. The one I have also has one side with hooks to hang necklaces which then drapes into a pocket. It doesn't look like this one has that feature, but the zip pockets work just as nicely. Maybe even nicer since you can keep everything completely separated.


I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend! And congrats to everyone who has THE BEAST flying on the way to them. You will not know what you did without it! The good news for anyone considering the LY brushes - mine arrived in a week, so if you end up on caving on those too, the wait isn't quite as long, at least that's how it worked out for me (my CB took 2 weeks and 1 day to southern CA). The gravitational pull towards the CB after looking at the blog pictures is truly undeniable. ;D

Oh, I remember Buff Puffs too! I used the thin disposable ones that came in a 30 pack dispenser, something like that. One of my cats loved them too and liked to dig out my discarded ones out of the trash and bat them all over the house lol.

I want to say that I think I prefer to sweep but that's just because the brush that I have now is so small and flat that sweeping is practically the only option.  I love my Kabuki brush for mineral makeup and I love how quickly I can swirl it on, so I would probably love to swirl my Chanel VA too.

Decisions, decisions.  :)

Hi SN - from the sounds of it, I think you would fall in love with the LY34  ;D - I still find myself using a sweep motion, and often from one side of my face to the next along the jawline and around, so for me it makes it easier to change directions on a whim and then stop to swirl or continue sweeping. And since I've been accustomed to using a brush and mineral foundation for so many years, my wrist is used to going 'that way', so I think that is why I find the LY34 a little faster for my routine. But I certainly have been making sure my CB gets plenty of attention. :D

Hi crebel! - I use my face wash (Purity) to wash my brushes around once a week too. For the other days, I use the Sephora antibacterial daily brush cleaner that Neo had recommended. It really is a great spray! In fact, I love it so much, I got a backup in my latest Sephora order.

Hi Hudsonam! - I still use my S&S, but like Neo, not as an everyday bag. I like using it when I know I'm going somewhere for a wait, and I need to bring a bunch of time fillers with me. I haven't tried my LY34 with minerals, since I haven't touched it since I got my Chanel VLA! But I think it would be nice for it.

I had been using minerals from various companies for the past 13 years, but for about half that time I have used and loved Alima Pure Satin Matte foundation. I found it through a Bare Escentuals forum which some members started using after having problems (like itching) with BE. I'd still happily use it if for some reason I did not use my VLA on some days (hasn't happened yet, though lol). I use their #21 Buff Brush with the foundation. It isn't really supposed to be for the foundation (they have a #25 for that), but I just liked it better. Many people adore their #25. I think with either you get a very nice sheer blend. Right now is a very good time to look at their brushes - 20% off till the 25th!

I've never found a liquid foundation that I liked, until this VLA. I would try them - the last one was actually a Chanel about 5 years ago - but I always went back to minerals within a week. The VLA is a keeper!

Yay Jen!! You will love the CB. Any hesitation you may have had will go *poof* after you feel it for the first time. Cobbie, congrats on getting yours at last! It really is a monster, and it makes the name Big Fat Foundation brush really appropriate. lol. So glad you had better luck with the BBlender!

I must report back that I tried my UD sharpener for the first time this afternoon ... one I saw the results on one, I grabbed my box of eyeliners (various stages of needing sharpening - many stubs, which I could not throw out but which I left for a brand new sharpened one lol) - and I sharpened each and every one of them. That sharpener is amazing and it was very satisfying getting them all with perfect tips! :D

SN - if you like to apply your foundation with side to side sweeps, you will love the Coco Beau. If you like to do more circular motions or have a broader stroke, you may like the LY34 better. I like both obviously  ;D but I lean more towards the LY34 - I like how I can dip the tip of the brush into my pea size dot of foundation, swipe on, and then blend in with the tip of the brush in broad sweeps or circles. I use it a lot like I would putting on a mineral foundation, but it's with liquid.

Asphodel - I don't know if I would like using the CB brush with mineral foundation, but the LY34 would probably be wonderful with it, since the pixiwoo sisters I think use it mostly with their bronzer.  ;D

Neo - you will love the Ly02 for travel. ;D

My favorite plum liners are UD's Crash and Rockstar! If you like gel liners, Bobbi Brown and Mac both have nice plum/violets, though in my personal experience it seemed like Mac's seemed to stay moister in the pot longer.


(Of course, it will be IMPOSSIBLE to go to Ulta and ONLY purchase the sharpener... sigh)

Funny you should say that, Zsu Zsu  ;D because I was on my way back here to share these brushes sold at Ulta:

They are by Samantha Chapman, who is one of the lovely pixiwoo sisters of the LY34 frenzy fame  :D. I went a little crazy buying them online at launch last month, because they appeared there before they started showing up in stores, and not all stores got them. They have already sold out completely at least once, and I don't see all they offer up on Ulta right now (or the Real Techniques site, for that matter).

Anyway, they are very nice quality SUPER SOFT taklon brushes, especially for the price! The handles are color coded according to usage. 

Unfortunately, the foundation brushes are very small, even next to my original foundation brush. Next to the CB and LY, they are positively dwarfed. But they would be nice for travel if you needed something very compact, or a concealer brush. The other ones are fantastic, though. My favorite ones are the multifunction (pink handled), which comes in the travel essentials set. I actually ended up with two of these because they sent me another instead of the blush brush I ordered. It works great as a blush brush, though. I also like the large powder (gold handled), and lately I've been using the detailer brush from the purple handle set as a concealer brush.

The site above has great videos showing off the brushes. The set organizers are nice because they stand up like an easel when opened.  I was able to use an online coupon (I think for $3.50 off) on them, so the coupons that usually exclude prestige cosmetics might work. 

Here's the product page on Ulta:

ZsuZsu, I got the Urban Decay pencil sharpener at the same time I got my first UD 24/7 Glide on pencils (a total impulse buy, but they were so cute in purple  ::)), and they work very well. I actually just sharpened Rockstar a couple of days ago, and got a nice, fine AND smooth tip back. Maybe worth a try?

Trying Oil Slick today, and I'm very happy with my purchase: again, not much of the sparkles to be seen, but it's just a nice, softer and more casual black than Zero. Perfect for a day off  ;D

Zsu Zsu, I wanted to add a vote for the UD sharpener! I received mine today, and it really is super cute. My tired and broken (literally - the shreddings tray broke off sometime last year :D) Laura Geller one really needed replacing, and it wasn't doing a very nice point on my UDs either for awhile - probably is just really dull now. I discovered through a review that there is a little cleaning tool under the lid. Even knowing this, I had to look twice under there before I figured out where it was - I would have never known there was such a thing included otherwise. Neo, that is great to hear that it does such a great job! I have a couple that really need a good sharpening, all ready to go.  ;D

Asphodel - what'd you think of applying the primer with your brush? I feel like it is giving me a really good thorough coverage with less product (although I get that feeling really from my moisturizer - I don't think I can use any less of the dot of primer than I already do :D!) I know what you mean about the Meteorites jumpers - I do that all the time, and have to grab them before my cat notices lol.  I hope you can find it works well for you after trying again! The Chanel duo is gorgeous! I say go for it. ;D I'm always drawn to those colors too.

mom2karen - congrats on your Fitbit! I unfortunately have been very bad about wearing mine, but I think I wore it for a good straight year practically nonstop. It does really help you keep moving - it makes you want to make over your 10,000+ steps or get that flower gif to grow tall! ;D

There is I'm sure no need to apply moisturizer and primer with a brush, but it gives me those extra couple minutes with my beloved LY34 (or CB BFF or LY02 ... whichever one I'm using that day ;D). The foundation brush reviewer said she uses her foundation brush to first apply moisturizer or primer so that the brush doesn't absorb as much foundation, so Neo, yes, I'm using the same brush :). Since I've only tried this one time with the moisturizer & primer, I can't say for sure if it really helps reduce absorption, but like Neo, I don't find that with the synthetic brushes that much foundation is absorbed anyway. And like Neo :D I wash the brushes daily with her recommended anti-bacterial daily Sephora brush cleaner and then thoroughly wash with purity once a week. I may up that to 2 if I continue using it for the moisturizer.

Neo, so glad you got your last list goodies from Sephora! On the last day of the coupon, no less. Good job. :D

Victoria - I love your bunny slippers!! Thanks for the book rec!

Jen - Oh, I love my Vitamix and green smoothies! I haven't read back pages so I didn't know there was a recent Vitamix discussion and about green smoothies! I have that book as well as her Green For Life book. Both my DH and I have a green smoothie at least a couple of times a week, though I must admit I have not branched out much on them and only have used the Going Green Smoothie recipe since it tastes exactly like Green Machine, which I drank a lot before my Vitamix. I'll change it up sometimes with some protein powder or blueberries, but mostly I just keep those ingredients around (also sometimes switching the spinach with kale, since the books mention switching your greens). My other most favorite Vitamix recipe is the sweet potato soup recipe. So delicious!

Cobbie - that is too bad about your experience with the beautyblender! I actually have noticed that happening before too, so for my concealer I usually just lightly tap, while when I used it with my mist foundation I would do the roll. And come to think of it, I don't usually use it damp, unless it's not yet dry from its last washing. But that's mainly because I haven't looked at the directions for a really long time.  :D

Skyblue - I was perfectly happy with my mineral foundation I've been using for YEARS till the VLA came along!  :D

I have always used my fingers for primer and it does a great job that way! But after rereading the LY34 review again after I posted it, I decided to try using my LY34 for both my moisturizer and primer as the blogger said she does. And you know what, I liked the way that worked! So I think I'm going to be using my brush for those two things before foundation for awhile now.  :)

Edited to add: I dot my moisturizer and primer on with my fingers before I blend it in with the brush.

I have and love Beautyblenders! I used to use it with mist foundation. I still use it daily, but mainly to blend in concealer and also blend out eye makeup or blush goof ups.

Someone Nameless - I know it will sound weird, but both Julip and I have noticed this: we actually use LESS product with the big brushes!!! So I feel like I'm actually saving money after having invested in the Coco Beau  :)

It's true, it's true! What Neo said. :D I think it was one of the first things we both noticed, about saving product. The LY34 is the same way too. It felt so wasteful that first time using the brush when I ended up with leftover VLA, aka liquid gold lol. I do want to add too that if you prefer or like to swirl buff your foundation on as opposed to the back/forth motion of the paddle brush, you would really love the Louise Young 34 - I do love both brushes, but I tend to use the LY more because for me personally, I find it a little faster. It's swirl buff, swirl buff, swirl buff DONE. In theory anyway - the brush feels soooo good that I tend to use it longer. ;D If you prefer the paddle, you will adore the Coco Beau!


I'm still resisting the coco beau brush but I really want it!  Allright Neo and julip, tell me why it's so much better

Jen - good luck tomorrow at the chiro! I hope you are much much better soon. And good luck also finding the Mac case - it really is super cute!

As for the CB BFF brush, just take a look at this blog and brush porn, which ultimately led me to hit the button on it, just days after splurging on LY brushes. LOL

Coco Beau BFF Brush Review

And while I'm at it, here is the original page where I first learned of the Louise Young brushes, AND about the wonderful Pixiwoo sisters, who are the ones that made the LY34 so popular!
Synthetic Foundation Brush review

Neo - I want a Raymond too! Can you tell him he has to go on tour?  ;D I love it that he has fallen for the LY34 - it really is an amazing brush!! I'm glad you found such a great product that has finally made that brush a must have.  :D  I can't wait for your review when you go pick up the bronzer. Thanks for the review on the Chanel powder too - I have an appt with a national Chanel MU artist next week, so I'm definitely going to pick it up, and probably going to cave on the travel brush too, even though I don't need one :D. And that polish!!! The darkest I've ever gone with polish is a gorgeous LE iridescent chocolate brown from Mac (from several years ago) - I usually go for very light and natural hues, but I was really drawn to that black pearl when I was at the counter for my VLA.  They do so well with metallic iridescent polishes - I used the whole bottle up of a white one they had several years ago! I don't even remember now if they sold it in the US - the only place I could find it was on ebay, after it had been discontinued.

Thanks for the reviews, Victoria! That's too bad about the size issue for the case - I wish Sephora would offer better photos and descriptions for their products. Thanks for mentioning it fits your Mia though - that would be a really cute travel case for it. I had actually looked at those very bags, but I ended up going with the set of 3 Tokidoki Robbery cases since I've been eying that print since it came out ... I purchased hoping the smallest size would be good for my Mally+sponge, but I will not surprised if it is larger than I am picturing. I'm sure I'll find some good use out of them, though. Especially since today at the cosmetic outlet store, I found a perfect little zip pouch by Mac for the Mally+sponge! Sorry for the awful phone pics, but I just wanted to share the size. There is a little slip pocket inside which the sponge fits nicely into. If you can get past the orange clashing with the pink :D, and you have a Cosmetic Company Store at an outlet near you, it is worth a look for $12. I may be able to slip a small lipstick in there too, but it is pretty much a custom fit with no extra room, at least height wise.

Neo - thanks for the info on the Meteorites compact! As much as I love my other Meteorites, it sounds like the Chanel might be more of what I'm looking for. I have a little travel powder brush I got a long time ago that retracts into the handle, so maybe that would be a good companion for it. I'll let you be the one to buy both to test and report back, thank you very much! :D  I look forward to the recap of your visit to Raymond ;D. I was looking at the Black Pearl polish too - it really is a gorgeous one!!

Welcome, Alley Gator! I'm sure we will have many cosmetic questions for you. I don't know how far you went back, but some of us have recently gotten very hooked on the Vitalumiere Aqua, thanks to a mention of it by Addielove and a usage review by Neo! :D  I'll save you some time reading back and let you know that your purchase list must include a Clarisonic and a Tassi hair holder, as well as a Stitch & Swatch bag. :D

Hi Asphodel! Yay about your Meteorites - which one did you get? I might use my Meteorites differently from other people, but I usually use mine just to lightly highlight forehead, nose, cheekbones. I usually apply it before my blush, because it seems to me I can see the 'glow' more that way. I use a separate finishing powder (right now just using BB yellow pressed) to set my concealer after foundation.) I think some of them have more 'glow' then the others - my 02 loose seems to be the most matte of the ones to my eye. I think many people use it as a finishing powder, though, so I think you can pretty much use it any way that seems to work best for you!


Julip, I ordered the LY brush organizer. Does that mean I need to get the LY34 brush to fit it? When I have the CB en route? Again, welcome back. Now go away! ;D

Yay Cobbie! You will love the brush roll. It is excellent quality faux leather, really soft. I am seriously the wrong person to find anything wrong with ordering the LY34 with CB en route - I ordered my CB just about 2 days after my LYs lol. But it felt sooo good being able to close out all the tabs I continually had open that showed - CB review/close up 'porn' shots, CB site, currency exchange site. LOL. And your hair product routine sounds great! I had tried and liked Fresh products years ago. I may have to try them again. Thanks for sharing your list!

Addielove - so you enabled everyone on the VLA and you haven't tried the samples yet?? For shame! lol. I bungeed many many years ago and was attached at the hips, so it was a little saner to me than being attached at the feet. I don't have plans to skydive anytime soon because I'm worried I'd back out lol but everytime I see it I want to! My newest thing I want to do is go to Auckland and base jump off the 1,076 foot Sky Tower that they featured on The Biggest Loser last week (the jump itself is from 630 feet up - it's a controlled base jump, more like a bungee but no spring-back. I have no desire to do a real base jump!). Did anyone else see that? It looked like so much fun. Click here for SkyJump videos

Neo - sorry :D, but I did try to talk you out of the LY02, didn't I? But now that I've had it for a a couple of weeks, I just can't ignore how nice it is.  ;D Yay about your Sephora order!! Mine is supposed to arrive on Friday, so no long wait over the weekend since it takes a week to get to me here! I'm so glad to hear you are loving the palette! That's too bad about the sponge, but thanks for reporting back. I was thinking of the pressed Meteorites again today too ... I just don't know if the 03 is going to work for me or if the Chanel pressed would be better for my coloring, so I need to make it down to the counter to try it out! Did they have the pressed Meteorites in stock yet at your local Sephora?

Speaking of the Mally Defender (which Neo also enabled me on when she innocently mentioned it to me!), I saw a little Kipling pouch today that I think would have been really good for the sponge (in center zip section), and even space for the compact and a lipstick, in a small package. It has a single zip that closes the entire thing, with one interior zip for the middle section inside. I should have gotten it since it was around $15 at the military exchange, whereas I see it is $28 normally. It is a very nice small size, but I was hoping I could find it in black instead of the 2 colors it had there! The interior is like in cosmetic cases that makes it easy to wipe out.

Edited to add: Ahhh, they have black (and other good colors!) on Amazon:

Hi Neo, Someone Nameless/Kindle Gracie (when did you change your name? :D), Cobbie, and Skyblue!

Skyblue - lol I don't know why I love brushes so much when I really don't wear much makeup, but whenever I get a new foundation (which hasn't been for a long time - been using the same thing for 5+ years until Neo via Addielove had to hook me on the Chanel!!) I like to get a new brush for it. And since I wash the foundation brush more than any of my others, I figured it was a worthy investment. ;D  And if anyone is on the fence on the Vitalumiere Aqua ... I have never liked liquid foundation, but I really really love this one - feels just like nothing but moisturizer on my face!

Someone Nameless and Cobbie - my brush organizer is actually the one from Louise Young! It's a very nice soft, faux leather. I am really glad I got it! It is here:

and there are also brush sets with it included. The one side has a snapped flap, so you can slip a few things in there like eyeliner brushes or other slim items. The only problem is the Coco Beau handle is just too chunky for the largest slot, but the LY34 of course fits in there perfectly.

Also SN - thanks for mentioning that The Help is coming out as a movie! I had no idea - I loved that book! How cool that it was filmed in your hometown.

Jen - I'm sorry to hear you've hurt your back! Best wishes for feeling much much better soon!

Thanks for the nice welcome back wishes :). The more my Spring Fever kicks in, the more time I spend away from the computer, but I will try to check back in much more regularly! Though I'm sure my wallet is grateful lol!

Just refreshed and see a post from Addielove! Hi Addielove! Yes, it certainly does sound like you are responsible for unleashing Vitalumiere Aqua on this thread. You know very well a small mention is all it takes here. LOL  Happy late birthday, and I hope you have perfect weather for skydiving - I've always wanted to do that! I have had a fear of heights all my life, but that hasn't stopped me from bungee jumping and going on a zip line (which was about the most fun thing I've ever done!!). Have you gone before, and is it a tandem jump?

Hi everyone! I know I've been MIA, but I wanted to share some brush pictures for anyone thinking about the Louise Young or Coco Beau brushes that Neo mentioned recently!  I've been using the LY ones for a couple of weeks now and the CB one for about a week, and I must say they are so worth the price and really are Holy Grail brushes!  I also have to mention that the CB customer service is impeccable - I got a little impatient after not receiving the brush after almost 2 weeks (my LY ones only took a week, and they are both shipped from the UK), and they got back to me asap with tracking information. Wouldn't you know, the brush showed up the day after.  :D 

Another note is while the price on the website for the CB says 29.75 BPs, the site automatically registered me and gave me a temporary password, and knocked the price down to 24.79 BPs ... so every little bit helps! I don't know if it automatically registers everyone, but if you go to Paypal and it still shows the 29.75 price, try registering and see if it discounts the price.

So anyway, here they are. I love each for individual reasons, but if I could just have one, I would have to choose the Louise Young LY34. I think it is because I've been using mineral foundation for so many years and have become accustomed to the swirl-buff application technique, which you can do with the LY34 so quickly and efficiently, and it just seems easier on my wrist since that is how I've been doing it for so long. And really, it is like a massage for the face with that wonderful brush! The CB really is the same way too, feeling so soft and comforting, so I am really glad to have that one too and use it just about as much as the LY34. I use the CB brush more in a back and forth fashion like with a traditional foundation brush. The LY02 traditional foundation brush is awesome as well, and while I was thinking with the other 2 that I really didn't need the traditional one, every time I use it I marvel at how much nicer it is than my old one I've had forever (the light brown handled one). So, I have to say I highly recommend all 3 depending on your personal preferences lol.

I also have to mention that while I may have been the one to mention these brushes to Neo, it really comes back to her fault for me finding them in the first place  :D because she told me about the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation, which led me to do a google search for the best foundation brushes after I got hooked on it, even after being perfectly happy with my mineral foundation!! So, whoever it was who first mentioned the VLA here is at fault too just as much as Neo.  ;D

Photobucket doesn't seem to be working at the moment, so I'm using tinypic:

L-R: my old foundation brush (traditional size), Coco Beau, Louise Young LY02, LY34

Here the CB and LY34 are side by side for size comparison:

And here they are from the side, so you can see how thick they are! The LY34 is round when sitting, but when in use it flattens and spreads so nicely that it is like having a luxurious paddle brush that is just a little thicker. Even though it is quite large, it still offers a very controlled and focused application! In this pic, the CB is back in the 2nd from left position. The LY02 is just a little thicker than a traditional paddle brush, and has that nice soft taper that both the CB and LY34 has too.

Jen - so glad to hear you ordered an S&S bag, but sorry to hear it didn't arrive as ordered! I'm sure she'll make it right - she is so wonderful to deal with.

For anyone as hooked on Alima Pure foundation as I am, or for anyone who has been wanting to try it, now is the time to stock up or order! All foundation is 20% for 2 weeks, so plenty if time to order samples if you need to and still get the sale price on the full sizes.

Alima Pure Foundation Sale

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