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Writers' Cafe / Re: Is Columbus Day Affecting Your Sales At All?
« on: October 07, 2018, 06:20:02 am »
Here in the Northeast US, it’s a big outdoor/travel weekend—though the foliage is somewhat disappointing this year. Doesn’t seem to be a big book-buying weekend and Amazon glitches aren’t helping

Writers' Cafe / Re: BookCon?
« on: June 04, 2017, 03:50:54 pm »
Glad you enjoyed it, Ken. I was there Friday, but I've gone in past years and this one seemed disappointing to me; I felt this definite vibe of subdued gloom. Not from the indies but the trad publishers, who definitely did not seem to be celebrating. On the plus side, great to see so many independents and self-lubbers there! Now I know the industry is definitely changing

Writers' Cafe / Re: Kindle Pages Read Tanking To Zero Last Few Days
« on: February 09, 2017, 01:41:09 pm »
Yeah! I just started my first-ever AMS keyword ads two weeks ago and the first week was great, hundreds of pages read and sales every day. Then after the weekend, and...boom! Nothing! Now some well-being soul will come on and say that's how it goes sometimes. Still seems kind of fishy to me, though. Maybe one of those 6-day delays in reporting, I'm hoping...

Writers' Cafe / Re: Bargain Book Promotion
« on: February 08, 2017, 07:56:04 am »
Was going to check this out but the link just brings me to Fiver and went I search for uncarved there are no results.

Yep--same here.

Writers' Cafe / Re: First KDP Countdown! Eek!
« on: February 06, 2017, 02:38:00 pm »
me too! I'm running my first Countdown deal later this month and I'm crazy nervous about it. Also unnerving is when a promo site I want to get onto asks 'are your dates flexible?' And I want to say NO but think I should say yes to get the deal! Aargh!

Writers' Cafe / Re: Netgalley Review
« on: February 03, 2017, 06:29:21 pm »
Congratulations! That review may yet show up on Goodreads or Amazon--I've had a few that weren't posted until a few weeks later, for whatever reason. I also have some great reviews that have only been on NetGalley, and it's a little frustrating. But unless the reviewer indicates they'd be willing to be contacted by the author, don't think there's much you can do. But if you already got one five-star on NG, more reviews are sure to follow!

Writers' Cafe / Re: My AMS Ads Learning
« on: January 22, 2017, 05:25:59 am »
Thanks for posting Harald! I just started my very first AMS 'keyword' campaign and feeling clueless. Guess I should be thinking up more keywords!

Writers' Cafe / Re: Any other authors experiencing a December sales slump?
« on: December 19, 2016, 05:27:51 am »
I've put off all my promos till January, based on last December's abysmal sales...yeah, this December doesn't seem to be much better! I think there's the inevitable drop-off from Kindle no longer being the new thing, plus all the competition we've got out there. Let's hope for a turnaround in 2017!

I plan on increasing my price to 2.99 in January Joynell. I don't have anything out that can help sell WLBM so I figured I'd attempt to go for volume in the first month.

So far it's not working.

. I feel December lately is a difficult time for sales--that's why I went on vacation and put off the promotions till January. I have my ARCs out and that's enough for me. But I'm in an undefined kind of genre so for me it's more of a slow build. Five years ago, when I was releasing The Raven Girl, December was a terrific month for selling, my best ever. But times have changed...

Quietly pleased with yesterday's launch of A House Of Mirrors. 2 sales (I think in the UK) before the KS email went out, and 5 US ones afterwards. I've launched at $2.99 so impressed that people have gone for it. According to my Booklinker dashboard, 72 people clicked the link yesterday; 43 US, 25 UK.
2 reviews up already, 1 UK, 1 US (thanks to the ARCs) - both 5 stars!
I also spent time yesterday adding the book shortlink to all my previous books, and put the first chapter in the back of my 99p offering, which does quite well on sales and KU.
Might try a promo or two now - thanks Bill and everyone else who's posted what they've used, I have a big list to work through!

That's great Liz! And love those ARCs--I actually got a great four-star (on Goodreads) my first day out. From a complete stranger, LOL! But I'm convinced it resulted from my Scout campaign since it had only been on NetGalley a few days. Otherwise the KS thing wasn't much benefit at all...

So good to see Liz and Jenny here! It's like an old school reunion!

OK, I finally took the plunge and hit 'publish'--Wives of the Saints is now live on Amazon! And the boring old aqua rectangle cover is gone as you can see below (what was I thinking?!) Who doesn't like flowers and candy? Not sorry I did the Kindle Scout thing, but we'll see if there are any benefits from it after all. Am eagerly following the progress of fellow KS refugees here.

Good luck Carey and other launchers! I'll be joining you soon...I hope. My kindle version of Wives of the Saints is ready to go for Dec. 1 but getting the print version out has been bumpier: the CreateSpace process is so primitive (supposedly no updates because of plans to merge it into KDP) and full of glitches, and having an ear infection with vertigo has not helped! Then I choose Cyber Monday to upload it. I ordered a proof but God only knows what it's going to look like! But I'll get there...

On a completely different note, KS seems to have had no impact on my preorder number. Currently sitting at 3! Which is way better than none but still not stellar!

Sent from my SM-G800F using Tapatalk

Was wondering how that would play out. Oh well, guess it's better than no sales...

Hi Lori. There is no explicit sex in my book, Wives of the Saints, but my characters talk a lot about it! The whole point of the book is that these poor folks consider themselves devout Catholics but are quite messed up when it comes to sex in general, as is the case with many of us misinformed older ones... It is humorous, not poking fun at the Church at all, just gently laughing at some the absurd notions we've grown up with. And you know, it's hard to get all that into a blurb without making it sound like either a Christian novel or Erotica! And it's neither, really, just about the 'ever after' part of marriage.
I do indeed have a new cover--I'll post a pic soon. The first thing I'm doing is posting on NetGalley, because I'm looking for some traditional 'longform' reviews like I got for my last book. Some writers have had bad experiences with NG and it's true, the reviewers are tough, because many are professionals. But a good review from them carries a lot of weight. Next up is Booklife and trying to get a review in Publisher's Weekly--that's very hard but not impossible. Because my book's a little unusual, I focus most of my initial marketing at garnering reviews, and hope the sales will follow. If not, then it's time for the freebies and other tricks. But I'm rooting for you and everyone else on this thread--let's show those dimwits at KS what they missed out on!

oh, and I wanted to congratulate Kay, too. Ten five-star reviews! wow!

Thanks, Bill. I couldn't find anything there, so I rechecked my PayPal account and found that I wasn't charged. So, I tried it again and this time it worked.

Got 10 sales on my novel on this first day of release, and my freebie went like hot cakes. Close to 100. I joined a local fb page where I live, and they know my books take place in our hometown area. However, I think half of the book sales went to my blog followers. I've been talking about this book to them for a looong time now. The ones who bought it told me in my comments. I did find a stranger who bought it and mentioned me on twitter. She found me on Kindle Scout and said she'd been waiting for it to come out. That was pretty cool to have someone I never met online or otherwise look forward to reading it.
Congratulations,Lori! Just checked out your book on Amazon, it looks great. Pretty cool ranking too--I have NEVER sold even one book on my first day out so I'm impressed that you sold 10. I will be watching your progress since your book's similar to mine in a way--mine, with luck, should be out Dec. 1st, then we can compare notes!

No, actually there are a few others, and my skin is pretty thick. It was the logistics--a two-star review as the only review at a point when I was doing a lot of promotion--that worried. Indeed, it did lower both sales and KU reads for a couple of days, so I may have been right to worry, but now that it has been joined by a five star, the book is moving again. Yesterday, as I've said, was a good day for sales, and today is a particularly good day for KU reads, even though mine usually drop on Sunday.
That first review is the scariest!

I'm pretty sure if your self-pubbed book became a big hit, agents would come a-calling.

Go Bill! I feel you will do very well with Different Lee in the months to come. And that's the beauty of self-publishing: There is always the possibility of success, even months after publication. I don't think we should beat ourselves up too much over promotion: you do the best you can and hope for the best. And I think we're all doing our best!

Lori, you may do just fine with your day. This year could be completely different than last in terms of sales: who really knows? Go for it!

Regarding Thanksgiving and Black Friday--and look! My multicolored face is finally gone!--I actually released a book last year at this time, Liz, just before our Thanksgiving in the US, and it went over like a lead balloon--even friends and family weren't buying it! So I'm holding off until Dec. 1st, for both the print and Kindle versions. Gives me time to remake the cover and celebrate the holidays. Cyber Monday  (the 28th) might be a good time for some books, but not mine, I don't think. Best of luck! And now that I've updated my profile picture, time to work on that signature line...

Just popping in to say hi - can I join your club pleeease? ;-)
Welcome, Liz!

Writers' Cafe / Re: Kindle Scout experiences & Nomination Requests (MERGED)
« on: November 17, 2016, 07:19:59 am »
Woke up to the 'no' email this morning :-(
Oh well, here's to another book out before Christmas!
So sorry Liz! I was sure that the reason my book was rejected was so they could pick yours! But come join us on the Rejectees thread, it's as friendly and fun as this one!

Bummer. Not that it's any consolation, but it took them all of one business day to turn mine down (I waited over a weekend). So, you're probably right about them almost selecting it.

Keep in touch and have a nice time in Nashville with your daughter. That's my second choice of a city I'd like to live in.
what's your first? As for Nashville, I'm excited because I've never been there! Daughter just moved there so I have to check it out. Lori, we should do some kind of blog exchange since as I recall, we have similar subject matter in our books, older women, marriage, possible affairs...Anyone else doing "Boomer Lit"--let me know!

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