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Writers' Cafe / Re: Talk about frustrating (Bookbub related)
« on: March 15, 2018, 10:59:46 am »
Good point, I didn't think to check my emails. It turns out I didn't get any email for any price change, and in the past it seems they only send me a notice when I publish something? Not sure, I would have thought price changes required republishing, and thus a new email sent out. I made the submission for changes about a week ago, maybe 8 days, and they were all made but the Apple one. No emails came  ::)

Writers' Cafe / Talk about frustrating (Bookbub related)
« on: March 15, 2018, 06:53:25 am »
Got an email from Bookbub this morning that my APPLE link wasn't active at the right price. This is coming an hour or so before the Bookbub Ad goes out. I go check the Draft2Digital, confused, and see that all is okay--Draf2Digital says that the price is published at 99 cents. I then click through and come to iTunes, where the price has never changed. Talk about maddening. I tried frantically, contacting Apple and Draft2Digital to correct this before the Bookbub went out, but it was too late. That's a big loss of money, APPLE ranks second in sales for me with BB ads, after Amazon. I guess lesson I learn here is always to check the links manually despite what Draft might tell me.  :(

Writers' Cafe / Re: How early before Bookbub can I discount?
« on: February 23, 2018, 07:31:02 am »
Awesome! Thanks

Writers' Cafe / How early before Bookbub can I discount?
« on: February 23, 2018, 05:22:59 am »
I have paid for a March 15th Bookbub promotion in their mystery list. ENT accepted the same book afterwards for a March 7th promotion. The book hasn't yet been reduced to 99 cents from 5.99. Does anyone know if lowering the book price for the ENT promotion (a week early before the Bookbub ad) and just keeping it there until the BB ad would cause any issues with Bookbub running my ad? Thanks for any experience with this!

Seems to be working now for me!

Writers' Cafe / Re: Bookbub Cover Change Allowed?
« on: April 01, 2017, 10:07:00 am »
Okay, thanks for the advice  :D I will stick with my current cover since it's probably too late at this point (April 4th promotion date!) I wait until the last minute with everything!

Writers' Cafe / Bookbub Cover Change Allowed?
« on: March 30, 2017, 08:09:32 pm »
Does anyone know if I can change my Bookbub chosen book's cover before the deal goes live? Would I have to run this by Bookbub? My plan is of course to slap on a more catchy, and overall better cover, I just am curious if anyone has done this before. Basically they picked my book on its current cover, and I want to put a new one on before the deal goes live. Would I need their permission? Definitely don't want to adversely affect my promotion going smoothly. Thanks!

Writers' Cafe / Re: Advice Needed for WIP!
« on: March 08, 2017, 07:00:09 am »
There are a lot of ideas here for to pick through! Thanks for all the suggestions. It's enough to mesh with what I was already thinking and really get me going. The stories were really helpful too, thanks to everyone who dropped me a reply.   ;D

Writers' Cafe / Advice Needed for WIP!
« on: March 07, 2017, 05:50:44 pm »
Hey all!

While I don't post as often as I once did, I still think of this place as an invaluable resource for all things writing.

So I'm currently one year post-signing with a great literary agent. I just received a new round of edits back, and wanted advice on a few things, for those of you with the experience:

I am writing a scientist character and need to "make the scientist's voice more clear and formal." It is supposed to stand as a contrast to the main character, a 17 year old girl. I'm curious what comes to mind when you would think of tackling that? It's in first-person perspective, and the scientist is writing logs or journal entries. I think of getting rid of contractions and using bigger, more complex sentences with higher-level vocabulary, but can anyone think of anything else?

Another point I need to revise: building character. This one has so much to it, and I understand a lot of the ways it can happen, but I have to flesh out a few characters, and provide a bit more motivation to one. Anyone have any techniques they think of when it comes to "building" and "developing" a character more in a later draft?

Thanks. As always, everything I hear will be useful to me in going forward.  :)

I made the fixes on Page 1! Thanks for letting me know--not sure how the turds took over all the other badges! ??? ??? ???

Thanks Bdwilson for posting them again! Glad to see this thread is still alive and so many are still rocking their badges! I'll have to check for any new ones!

I had a Bookbub in October, for a book that sold 1-2 copies *a month* on Amazon. It's an omnibus and I find these don't sell on Amazon. All my other omnibus versions are only available on non-Amazon outlets. Amazon readers want the individual books.

Anyway, it went up to 40 in the overall store, sold 3000 copies on the day. The next day was 800 and the day after 230 and I thought here we go, back to the dungeon where you belong.

Then to my surprise it went back up and continued to sell 250 copies a day average. I sold 11,000 copies of it in October, and about 4000 copies of it in December and also in January.

But I've since decided enough. There is only so much time I'm willing to sell a box set for 99c, so I put it back up to $6.99, and it's still selling 20-30 copies a day.

That's really awesome that you've kept up the sales. I am happy to gain visibility and more reviews by keeping a lower price point. There's always that thought in the back of your head like--hey this book might catch on via word of mouth and continue selling really.

I had a BookBub the same day as you. My book (a trilogy) is hanging just outside the top 1000. It's still $0.99.

Three points:

1) I had the deal expiration date on 1/15 on BookBub's website, so that helped with traffic.
2) Basically no sales from the other retailers beyond a 3 - 5 days after the ad (maybe 5 copies a day?)
3) I had a BookBarbarian ad yesterday. No other ads (FB/promo sites in the interim).

All that being said, over the past few weeks, I've been hanging around 3,000 (around 1,000 now) for a few weeks. A lot of that is due to the price, but selling 80 copies a day isn't bad. The money at $0.99 is...decidedly unimpressive, however. Beforehand, the book had a ranking in the many hundreds of thousands; it might've sold 5 copies in the preceding quarter.

I dunno how "sticky" that will be. But another data point gives me some hope:

Had a BookBub on a different book from a different author at the end of August (boxed set, wide). Kept it at $0.99. Before it might've sold a copy every couple days, so a rank somewhere in the 100,000 range. With no additional advertising after the ad, it sold a steady ~20 - 25 copies a day for the next four months. Dropped to around 10 - 15 the past month and a half. That's been good for a ~20k ranking at the moment. Again, money not so good - it's been $0.99 the whole time - but there's sell-through to the second box and the other books, so not so bad. Kind of my lead-in for the series, since it gets more sales than the permafree Book 1 does downloads.


Great idea extending out the deal date. I decided to stay at 99 cents to gather reviews and visibility so that would have helped me. I'll keep it in mind for the future!

I think The Spaceship Next Door might qualify. I had a BB promo for it back in May, and it went from 5 copies a day to 50-75 a day. (Note: it was discounted to $0.99 for only one day, during the promo, and raised to full price of $5.99 the day after.) It started to taper off a little by November, to 15-25 copies a day, but I put it up for another BB promo in December.

Rank has gone over 10,000 on Amazon several times, but as you can imagine I'm less preoccupied with rank when it's selling well at full price.

That's pretty awesome that you got the tail to last until you could submit and run another BB. That's really awesome, congrats!

I had a Bookbub on Jan. 8th. It's been a long time since I've had a book get "sticky" and stay with a good ranking if it otherwise came from a really poor ranking. Two days in a row I've seen my story bounce back down, and I'm hoping it will stick. Usually, at least in recent memory, Bookbub ads lead to a high ranking and then gradually slide back to where they were.

So question in point--anyone seen their book with a terrible ranking go up and stay after that in the top 10,000 ranking or under for a long time? I understand this could be due to getting lucky with also-bought section, etc. It's been 15 days since my BB and I'm still hanging at 8k--coming from 200,000. I have seen it dip to 10 then bump back to 8k the past few days. I'm hoping that's a goof sign of stickiness given usually the trend is to gradually lose ranking.

This will be my last update, as sales are slowing down to around 40 a day:

1 week later, total books sold: 3,808

Thanks! Up to 3,462. I have no idea how many books it takes to make a bestseller list, and which days are counted, given my book started selling on this past Sunday. Anyone know about total sales needed for a shot at bestseller and what days the sales are required to come on?

As of this morning, including all channels, I'm at 3,247 sales for Neighborhood Watch. The sales have slowed down, but as far as breaking even--the cost of the Ad was $1,024, and I've already made back more than that by over a hundred dollars. This is not including of course the other books that may have been bought by the visibility, the additions to my mailing list, and also (hopefully) the new reviews that should appear. Everything from this point forward is profit, and the book's still ranked in the top 3 or 400 so I'd say it's money well spent.

Update: 2,896 sales so far, not including any that might have come from Google (I haven't checked there and I don't know how often they update anyway)
               813 came from Draft2Digital, the rest from Amazon

Lowest I got on the Amazon paid store was #100 I believe, and now it's started to slightly rise. The Nook store has the book at 5 overall, and still in the 60s on iBooks. Hoping the ENT today works to slow the fall, and hopefully there will be second day sales from BB ad.

Phoenix--I don't see my book on any bestseller list on iTunes? I checked their top 100 and definitely didn't see it? But on Amazon I've gotten down to 109. If you could tell me where to look on iTunes that'd be awesome!  ::) ::)

So the Bookbub went live at 11am EST. As of now, 7:40 EST, I'm at 1600 total sales on Amazon. The book is ranked #151. No sales yet appearing on Draft2Digital. Hopefully that's an error and it's not just that no one bought the book on iTunes or Nook (that would be pretty horrible).

The sale was advertised today on KBT, BargainBooksy, and Bookbub. Hoping the sales continue all night and are delayed, as Bookbub alone projected sales of around 2600. Tomorrow I have an ENT deal for the book, and then no more advertising for this week.

Will continue to update as results come in!

Update: managed to book ENT and KBT on the same day, January 8th. Any other promotions worth pursuing besides these three?

I was accepted for my seventh overall Bookbub, and this is the first time I've been accepted for their pricey Crime Fiction category. The ad runs Jan. 8th, which is on a Sunday I believe. It's $1,024 for the ad (that's international). Since it's a standalone mystery book, I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to maximize profit. Usually I'm promoting book 1 of a series. Anyone have any tips on marketing (inside the ebook, or in addition to the BB ad itself) a standalone? I have links in the backmatter, but just one general link to my website where all my books are listed. I'm thinking I should make the Amazon version of the book maybe directly link to Amazon. Usually I make way more than I buy in for with BB, but with a standalone, I hope to just break even. When I went to pay, they projected sales of 2,600, which I thought was interesting since I'd never seen BB project sales for their ads before.

Also, the book is called Neighborhood Watch, if you're interested in checking out its cover and layout and blurb and providing feedback based on that. Thanks!

Writers' Cafe / Re: Anyone ever had trouble getting a book "permafreed"?
« on: December 16, 2016, 06:26:12 am »
The fastest way is to make sure you're book is free on Google. Google affects Amazon books fastest IMO. Then, every day, resubmit your lower price to your book page using Google, and others if you have them. Do it often. In a week or so it should change to free.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Full-Timers, a moment of your time please!
« on: December 14, 2016, 06:54:36 pm »
I've also looked into different states and their costs of living. I'm in NJ, where property tax is ridiculous (my house, at 4,800 per year, is considered very low property taxes). I was recently looking at South Carolina, where my GF is from, and the biggest houses seemed to be only about 1,000 per year. Talk about wanting to relocate for the sake of writing full-time!

Writers' Cafe / Re: Full-Timers, a moment of your time please!
« on: December 13, 2016, 06:07:38 pm »
I think a more relevant question would be: What is your cost of living and do you write full-time? If someone has a spouse who can manage the main bills, and they have the option of cutting down and just scraping by, that's one way to write full-time. It's quite different from someone who is responsible for all the bills associated with living. Then, there's the different kind of living situations--an apartment with roommates, or owning a house and having a car payment and everything you'd still have with a salaried job. What you might really want to know is how much people average per year, and then see if that fits your situation.

Yeah, I don't know if they've stopped wanting to rep my work. I don't have any evidence of that other than the recent no replies. In previous communications, there has always been a lot of enthusiasm on their part. And yes, there's a 30 day contract break period. I am going to try to stop thinking about it and just hope for the best. If, after the holidays, I try again and still get no reply, I have to then make a move. I have basically put my self-publishing career on hold to a large extent to work on this project. If anything, this board has given me some calm again. Some of you have reached out via PM, and I appreciate it. We take our writing so personal sometimes, and I know we need each other to not get bent out of shape, especially when we don't have all the information.  :o

Just to update--I ended up, because I was feeling like I must be crazy, sending a text to my agent. My agent had, in our initial phone call, said I could reach out whenever, including text. That was last February and I hadn't ever used the number. I sent the text and still no reply. That was yesterday in the middle of the day. I feel like, now that it's the weekend, I have to block this out of my mind. It's so frustrating because all I'm looking for is a reply of just a few words, telling me A) things are busy, B) we are stale on your project and want out of it, or C) some other reason. I feel like I don't know what to do with my frustration, but I've reached out 3 times, and that's got to be enough. Two emails and a text. Last contact with me Oct. 25th. I checked in Nov. 22nd last, and since then haven't heard a thing. Ugh. I guess I need to just learn to block this out of my mind. I can't help but think it means they've grown stale on the project and are avoiding telling me--but if that's the case, I had a lot of interest from other agents and I'd like to move on with my life. This forum has served as a venting board for me before. And it's served to bring me to the point where I am today. If I have learned anything, I control my own writing destiny. If I don't write, I don't get anywhere. If I keep writing, and practice what I've learned here, I will succeed. But, this is all very new to me. Having such high hopes for almost a year in a process and then sudden silence is beyond frustrating.

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