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It's been months since I updated this thread! Holy smokes!  :P :P

Anyway, I've added a few new venues (with discounted pricing, of course):

Reader Army


...both cater to romance authors only at this time but plan to eventually spread out into other genres.

The biggest update is probably Book Rank's new service/option: Exclusive Private Newsletter Buys (Romance only -- for now!).

AFAIK, no one else is offering anything like this and it is only available to Book Rank clients. :)

These Newsletter Buys allow clients to get a newsletter swap-like experience without having to actually swap with another author. Basically, it allows Book Rank clients to purchase ad placements in similar author's newsletters. Right now I've got about 20 romance authors on board (Steamy Contemporary Romance, New Adult Romance, Paranormal Romance, and Science Fiction Romance) and participating as providers. I have a feeling that number may grow and I'll probably need more eventually to meet the demand. The participating authors all have newsletters with at least 1,000 subscribers though many have lists over 10k or even 25k. Many of them are well-known bestselling authors as well.

I've also kept differing budgets in mind as not everyone can or wants to spend the same amount. There are four tiers, ranging in price from $100 - $600.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the Exclusive Private Newsletter Buy service, selectable options are available in both the regular Book Rank "We Build It" service and the "You Build It" (aka Promo Stacker) service.

Been way too long since I bumped this thread.

Absolutely! You (or anyone else) can always hit me up here in the thread or just send an email to [email protected] and I'll do everything I can to help.  ;D

I have a question, for some of the venues that promote through newsletters or other "closed" venues, how does the author verify that the promotion was done and done during the time period required?

It's pretty easy to verify - the author just needs to sign up at the venues with their email and they should also get the newsletter, just like the readers do. Then on the day of the promotion, they'll see the ad when it lands in their inbox.

Also, most (but not all) venues have a website, so the author should also be able to visit those sites on their promotion day to see the advertisement running there, too.

Excited to hear of a one-stop promo source! Strongly considering for my new release next month...but first I could use some advice. In your experience, which book is better to do the promotion on for Book 2 in a series?

Discount and promote only the 1st book? Only the new book? Give away book 1 instead?

Having trouble deciding which might work better. Hoping you have heard some feedback from others over the years...:)

Most authors seem to go with promoting the first book and sometimes using it as a temporary loss-leader (free) to drive sales to the series and help push the second (or third, or fourth) book's launch. IME, that's been the most successful way to do it.

If things are going well you can always do a small promotion campaign for book 2 right on the heels of the previous advertising.

Sounds good but definitely not affordable. Best of luck with your business, Edita


The amount you pay is very close to the same cost as booking the promotions yourself. So you pay only marginally more and someone else does all the work (which can sometimes take hours) for you. And the larger the order, the smaller that margin gets.

There are pre-priced campaigns which range from $200 - $2500, which should fit just about any budget. Or, you can build your own campaign and choose however many venues you want with the Promo Stacker.

I'm not really sure how it isn't affordable if you are planning on doing any sort of advertising?

Just a quick note- things have been steadily picking up over at Book Rank since around the beginning of April and now I'm at a point where I'm honestly just swamped.

So I'm asking anyone who is planning to place an order to please please try to do so at least 2 weeks in advance (or more) if at all possible. With the way things are right now it might be two or three days before I'm able to get started on your order and I don't want even a minor delay on my end to affect the quality of your campaign. A little bit of buffer between when your order is placed and when promotions will start can make a big difference.

Thanks to all and stay safe!  :)

I couldn't think of anything witty for this bump

 :o Don't let a little pandemic get you down. Folks who #stayathome need entertainment, after all, and Ebooks are a fantastic deal when it comes to to amount of money spent for the amount of enjoyment a person can get.

So, might as well try to make the bestseller charts while you are isolated! Let's get people talking about your book (from a respectful 6+ foot social distance, that is).

Got a new release that needs some promotional love? Or maybe an older title you want to advertise instead? Whatever you need, I got you covered! Now that I'm locked down here at home I have nothing else to do but handle your orders. Lay 'em on me!

P.S. thanks and love to all of you and I'll be thinking of you during this difficult time! Hang in there! xoxoxo


Writers' Cafe / Re: Online and Cookie Marketing?
« on: February 17, 2020, 07:36:19 pm »
If you are looking at a "regular" website (not, say, Amazon or Facebook or something similar) then those ads are maybe Google ads.

I don't really recommend them as they are not nearly as targeted as AMS, Facebook, or reader/subscriber-based venue ads.

Some people find them useful, but in my experience the CPC is higher so you pay more for each click and the conversions are not as good as other methods. Basically, with Google Ads you are more targeting keywords vs. targeting groups and interests.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Rate My New Sweet Romance Cover! (feedback welcome)
« on: February 17, 2020, 07:30:25 pm »
Nails the "Sweet Romance" look 100%.

It's almost TOO sweet, but then again that's probably just me because I'm a dirty boy. :)

Great job and good luck!

Writers' Cafe / Re: Fussy Librarian: Free ebook promos for new customers
« on: February 17, 2020, 07:27:57 pm »
I'm KU and .99 cents. Do I stand a chance at all of selling a book, using Fussy Librarian? I'm not joking. Straight-across-the-board free books are beating me out of attention. I'm trad published, so I can't manipulate much as far as changing anything up--like cover, blurb, prices, freebies and such things. Thanks.

Shouldn't your traditional publisher be handling all the promotion and marketing for you? That's typically part of the deal, especially if they are controlling your pricing, blurbs, covers, etc. After all, they have just as much incentive to push copies of the book as you.

But I digress.

Free books will always be popular. Free, in general, is more popular across the board compared to paid...well, anything, probably.

How well your book performs at any venue, Fussy or otherwise, is mostly determined by your book's:

-Tropes & Plot

If all those things are on point, you will sell copies.


I'm almost finished with the 2020 update of my Promo Stacker venue list.  8)

Several not-so-great venues have been removed and I've added a few new promising and recommended venues already.

Before I wrap it up though, I'm looking for any more recommendations about venues you found helpful, "worth it", etc.

Let me know if you have any book promotion venues that you'd like to see added (and possibly get discounts on!)


Writers' Cafe / Re: Fussy Librarian: Free ebook promos for new customers
« on: January 29, 2020, 08:16:46 pm »
I use Fussy all the time for client promotions (both on free and non-free titles). They provide real results, respond quickly, and they are very easy to work with!

If you have a free title and you want to promote it you shouldn't even think twice about taking them up on this offer.

Time for a bump!

I'm sure I've commented in this thread somewhere before, but my most recent promo just finished, and I thought I'd give a shoutout, because quite honestly, I don't think it could have gone much better.

The book is two years old--the promo was literally for its two year publishing anniversary. It's also the first in a just-completed nine book series. All that being the case, it seemed like the perfect time to run a free promo. My niche is on the small side, and I rarely expect enormous numbers, so I opted for the silver promo package. I trusted Ram to know which promo places to choose better than me, because I rarely (read: never) run them on my own.

The net result? I peaked at #42 in the free store, #1 in two of my categories and #3 in paranormal romance, and gave away more than six thousand books in five days. The second in series is already seeing a bump in sales from the readthrough, and January looks like it's going to be a great month.

Thanks Ram!

Glad to hear it, Sam B!

Thanks for being a client and here's to many more great promos in the future. :)

Your site is not coming up as secure "https." Should not input cc info in an unsecured form.

The site itself is just a regular website but you don't have to enter any information on the regular website at all.

The forms are handled via Jotforms. All the forms are secured https forms.

A questions about your services. Do you create and manage the Facebook ads in your silver package, etc?

Usually, what I'll do for Silver+ packages is to spend around 70-80% of the budget on venues/newsletters and 10-20% of the budget on a Facebook ads campaign.

So for a $400 Silver package, that would mean a small-ish $40-80 campaign. And yes, I create the ad and deliver it through my own Facebook Ads account. If you have your own copy you'd prefer I use I can do that, too.

Sometimes if I'm able to get a really awesome string of venues that are normally hard to get I will put all the budget towards newsletter ads, though. I do this only if I'm pretty sure the newsletter ads I'm able to get will outperform FB ads.

And of course if a client requests "no Facebook ads" I allocate those funds into newsletter venues.

Doin' the Bump-ty Bump!  8)

I haven't had enough coffee to come up with anything witty today but here's a bump anyway.

Giving this baby a bump because it's been awhile.  8)

Another Update:

I've added the much-recommended KU Addicts Express to my Romance and Non-romance venue lists.

As usual, clients get a nice discount. ;)

Quick Update:

I've now added Kindle Nation Daily to my romance venue list and made them a preferred venue for both my romance and non-romance lists. This means clients get a fairly substantial (around ~20%) discount on any orders I place for them there!

With these kinds of discounts available with my service, it makes more sense to let me book these promotion for you than to do it yourself. Seriously. It's actually cheaper for most of my clients just to let me do it for them, and they don't have to do any of the work!

Is your service only for new releases?

Your book doesn't need to be a new release to qualify. In fact, lots of authors use the service to handle regular, recurring promotions on their backlist titles as well as on their newly-released and upcoming titles.

Just a quick update since I haven't done one in a while:

I've now added Book Gorilla as a preferred venue, which means authors get a discount when booking a promotion there through my services.

Authors will save $10 on the cost of a regular 99c promotion there and $20 off the cost of a promotion on books priced from $1.00-$2.99. You're welcome! :)


I'm in the process now of looking into new venues to add to my list. Are there any really good places YOU'VE found out there to promote your books? I'm not looking for the next Bookbub (though that would be great), but if you know any sites/facebook pages/newsletters/etc. that gave you a positive result after you bought from them, I'd be really happy to hear all about it.


Booked a promotion for book 1 in my steampunk series at 99c when book 2 came out. Wow! It was a crazy week watching all the books fly off the shelves (digitally speaking). This has been my most successful promotion yet, way beyond anything I've done myself, and I love that I didn't have to do any of the work. I will definitely be using this service again.

Biggest moment was seeing my book at #2 in LGBT Sci-fi for several days. The best part: #1 was the 50th anniversary edition of The Left Hand of Darkness. Ursula K. Le Guin is my idol and just being on the same page as one of her most important books was a lifetime achievement.

I actually had several people asking me what kinds of promos I was doing, so I guess I got their attention. I sent them all your way, Ram. Thanks for an awesome week!

So happy to hear about your success, ks! I'm looking forward to working with you again in the future. :)

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