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Nestled in the beautiful hill country of Texas lies the Asher family ranch named Whispering Winds which had been handed down the maternal generation line. It had been the heart and soul of Laura Asher, the proud matriarch. When Laura succumbs from an earth shattering terminal illness, Brooke Asher is beyond devastated by the loss of her beloved mother. In the depths of her despair, she has lost all perspective in her life's path and withdraws completely from everything dear to her except her love for Whispering Winds. She breaks off her engagement to longtime love of her life, Chris Shepherd, whom she had been with since her early youth. However, she dismissed all feelings that brought joy to her life now enfolded in a deep depression.

Everything changes when Brooke meets super college football jock Matt McGarrett who literally rocks her world. A relationship with a dynamic, sexy, roguish football player initiates a wild roller coaster ride which awakens her zest for living. She follows Matt into his career as a drafted professional football player which introduces her to a life most girls could only dream about.

As the relationship with Matt turns serious, a conflict between an intense romance and deep seated emotional obstacles emerge. As Brooke's mind begins to clear, the dilemma of where her heart lies begins to surface. Does she prefer the spontaneity and intoxicating excitement of an American icon Matt McGarrett is destined to be or the sedate, uncomplicated life of her enduring cowboy that only Chris Shepherd provides?

Twists and turns are rampant in this romantic triangle which makes her decision mind boggling. She loves both men without question in different ways yet all consuming. Both men offer a distinct attraction; Matt with his intensity and intrigue and Chris with his safe and secure devotion. Thus begins her journey, remembering her mother's words that love will always find its way.

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