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Writers' Cafe / Psychological thriller blurb help, please!
« on: January 04, 2019, 07:14:13 am »
Hi all.
Wondering if people could look at this for me. The first book in my thriller series Imperfect Memories is not selling well. I have decided to rework the blurb before I run some new ads and I was hoping for some feedback before I put it up. A couple of questions: Is it too short. Does it need more specifics. I am open to any thoughts. Thanks in advanced.

After losing her husband and daughter in a bombing, Nina Rogers thinks she might also be losing her mind. The thing is, up until now, she’s had a near perfect mind. She has a condition known as hyperthymesia. She recalls every day of her life. At least she did. It appears the tragedy has unraveled something in her. As her memory begins to deteriorate, she decides to talk to the man who killed her family. That’s when she realizes they have something very important in common.

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